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When itachi and the other returned to the village they immediately went to their respective clan to report everything they knew to their respective clan leader. Kane and Nico went to the Hyuga clan and asked to meet Hiashi immediately. Soon Hiashi called them to his room and asked what was going on.

Then Kane said "The hokage launched a secret attack on kumogakure and Raikage probably knows it. In the process, the leaf shinobi killed many of the kumo shinobi but all of them also got killed in the process. Except for a single shinobi and that shinobi is kakashi."

"Kakashi was fighting naruto but in the process, he was attacked by the jinchuriki of the two tails. But naruto managed to save him and escape from the village. We met naruto and kakashi naruto was running away from the kumo at that point."

Then Kane and Nico started explaining why the Naruto left the village. Haishi didn't believe what naruto said completely but he believed that naruto would not harm the village. Then Hiashi asked, "So where is naruto currently?"

To which Nico replied "We are not entirely sure about that. Kakashi decided to stay with naruto to protect him. They said that they would not stay in the same place but instead, they would wander around in different places and avoid the major villages."

Hiashi said "The Raikage probably knows that the one who attacked them is the leaf, and I am sure about this. And we also know the behavior of the Raikage. I can tell that war is upon us. This has grown into something much bigger than I expected it to be. I really need to prepare for war now." 

Itachi and Shisui also told the whole thing to Fugaku. Fugaku was also surprised by what he heard. He also had a similar reaction to that of Hiashi. Then he looked at Itachi and Shisui and said "Prepare yourself for war boys hokage has really screwed up this time and the whole world will suffer because of it."

Fugaku had been planning a coup d'état but now looked like his plans would have to be put on hold for a while because if he decreased the fighting power of the village then they would all be killed by the enemy village.

Back at kumogakure Mabui, Darui and Raikage were in the office reading the letter sent by the Hokage. Mabui said, "So they do admit sending ninjas to our village. But why did they send so many of them and why was their jinchuriki fighting one of them something is definitely wrong with this whole thing."

Darui said, "The good thing is that they agree to renegotiate with us so let's set up a date and place to talk with them." Raikage then said, "Ok let's do that." Let's set up a meeting at the land of bears. It is in the middle of the two villages so they would also probably agree with that."

Then Raikage wrote a letter to Hiruzen saying that they would do hold the meeting in 10 days at the land of bears. Then Raikage started to prepare his ninjas for war by stocking up on food and medical supplies as well as various gears.

Back at Konoha, Danzo and Hokage both were busy with preparing for the war. And today Kohara and Homura told Hokage and Danzo to free some of their time because they decided to call the different clan heads of the Leaf village for a meeting. They sent an invitation to all the major clans in the villages asking them to come to the meeting for some discussion.

A total of seven clans were called to the meeting. They were Aburame, Akamichi, Hyuga, Uchiha, Nara, Inuzuka, and Yamanaka clans were called to the meeting. All the clan heads who were invited to the meeting reached there on time.

At the meeting room, there was a huge table, and Hokage, Danzo, Kohara, and Homura were seated near each other at one end of the table and the rest of them sat where ever they liked. Fugaku pretended like he didn't know what was going on and said in a jokingly manner "Why have you called such a huge meeting out of the blue did someone declare war on us or what."

Hiashi laughed and said "What are you saying Fugaku why would anyone wage a war against us when they know we have such huge fighting power. We even have the 9 tails the strongest tailed beast on our side." 

The hokage and the council members immediately figured out that both Fugaku and Hiashi already knew what was going on. The head of the Nara clan Shikaku also understood that someone had probably declared war on them and they had also probably lost their jinchuriki.

But the remaining four clan heads just thought it was wired that Fugaku and Hiashi were joking with each other but they didn't think that someone actually did what they said. Hokage and the council members were now under the pressure because they didn't know how much truth Hiashi and Fugaku knew. 

And if they told a lie and Fugaku and Hiashi knew that it was a lie then they would make the already bad situation worse. There was a little awkward silence after what Fugaku and Hiashi said because no one knew what to say. 

Then Hiruzen sighed and said, "Looks like two of you have already figured out what's going on no need to pretend anymore." Fugaku immediately said, "What are you talking about Hokage sama how can we figure out what's going on when no one tells us what is happening in the world."

Then Hiashi said again "Only if someone told us before making an important decision like trying to kidnap and brainwash the jinchuriki of the village or if our shinobi are sent to attack another hidden village then maybe we might have known what was going on in the village."

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