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Choza the head of Akimichi clan said "Well I am not, sure what's going on so instead of playing this game why don't you just tell us what's going on?" Fugaku smiled and said, "Yes, just tell us third Hokage what's going on why have you called this meeting." 

After that Hiruzen took a deep breath and said "I have not informed few things regarding the situation to you guys. In the past few months, I saw a few signs in our jinchuriki that made me think that he was not what he seemed to be. His behavior was different, he was too mature for his age."

"And I am not talking about kids maturing fast because of some dramatic childhood, for example, look at the book he wrote a few months back." He showed them the book I had written. He passed the book to all the seven clan heads present in the meeting.

All of their faces became a little red when they saw the book. *Ahem* the clan head of Yamanaka clan coughed a little and said "Well how do we know that he wrote the book himself and it was not written by someone else or completely made up."

"If you think that book was written by someone else and was just brought to me by naruto then you are wrong. He didn't meet or talk with anyone except the members of both Uchiha and Hyuga clan. And I don't think they wrote it so it's definitely naruto who wrote it."

"And if you think that I made up the book and framed naruto then just ask yourself why would I do that?" After Hiruzen said that Hiashi asked again "OK, I believe you when you say he wrote the book but that's not enough reason to try and brainwash him."

"That is indeed not enough but there is more." Then Hiruzen started to tell all the things naruto did like the way he talked and behave learning Rasengan on his own and many different things. 

Fugaku said, "With everything that you told us he sounds like a super genius and not someone who would harm the villagers." Hiruzen said, "He hated the villagers because of his childhood and I was scared to take the chance because he was growing up too fast and I thought he might have already made up his mind to take revenge."

"And worst-case scenario I even thought and still think that someone else has taken over the body of naruto." Fugaku scoffed and said, "And do you think he loves the village now, that you have hunted him like a dog."

Hiashi said, "Let's say what you said is true shouldn't you try and contact us or at least me because I have met the kid multiple times and I have a pretty good grasp of his mentality."

Hiruzen sighed and said, "I know that I have made mistakes but this is not a time to point fingers at each other but work and help one another because we are currently in great danger." 

Fugaku said, "I am willing to help the village as long as you step down from hokage." Shikaku Nara said "I don't think Hokage stepping down from the position is such a good idea.

If he steps down now then there will be a lot of problems and internal fighting regarding who will become the Fifth hokage and we have to avoid that at all costs."

Then after some discussion, they decided that Hiruzen would step down from the position of the hokage but only after the war was over. After that Hiruzen told them everything that happened and how he chased down naruto and how he ordered the anbu to attack the kumo. 

Then one of the clan heads said "So what happened to our Shinobi who were sent to kumogakure." Hokage sighed and said, "They all died, or at least that's what we think because no one has come to the village or have sent a message to us."

Then another clan head said, "Do we at least know the current location of the jinchuriki? And what have you planned to do with the jinchuriki?" Hokage replied, "No, we don't know his exact location and we decided to ignore him for now because it's not easy to just go and bring him back." 

Then one of the clan heads said "What did the Raikage say?" 

Hokage showed a letter written by Raikage and said "Well, this what he said." When Fugaku and Hiashi read the letter they immediately became angry and said "There is no way in hell I will agree with this shit." 

Hokage said "Calm down both of you we have also not agreed with this. I have asked for a meeting to renegotiate the terms just to buy time for us. I have sent a message to Jiraiya he will probably reach the village within a few days." 

"After he reaches the village we will go to the land of bears for a meeting. The number of people allowed on in the meeting is 5. Me along with Danzo, and Jiraiya will go and there are still two spots remaining. So if anyone among you wants to go let me know." 

Both Fugaku and Hiashi said "I want to go" at the same time. Everyone was expecting them to go because they were the clan heads two of the strongest clan in the leaf village. Hokage nodded his head and said, "Ok, then the five of us will go while several shinobi will be following us secretly in case they try anything fishy."

"The meeting is in eight days we will leave after four days so get ready to leave in four days." Hiashi and Fugaku nodded their head and after a few discussions the meeting finally came to an end." 

Two days passed and Jiraiya finally reached the village Hokage had told him there was an emergency in the village but he had not told him what the emergency was.

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