Mocking Raikage
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Konoha was strong but they didn't want to start a war with anyone or at least the Third Hokage didn't want to do that. And there was a good reason not to want that because in the most likely situation all the other villages would target them just like in the Third Shinobi World War. But the bad news was that Konoha wasn't as strong as they were back in Third Shinobi World War. 

They had lost many strong and capable Ninjas like Minato, Kushina, Sakumo, and many others. Orochimaru was now an enemy of the village while Tsunade was now scared of blood and she could not perform at her peak conditions. And they recently lost a Nine-tailed beast. And they also lost a lot of capable Shinobi during the process of retrieving it back. 

But despite all this weakness of Konoha. Just looking at the five ninjas who came to the meeting many villages would be intimidated. And the same thing happened to the shinobi of the Kumogakure. They were a little intimidated by the five of the Konoha who were all Kage level ninja. If any of the five Konoha Shinobi who were in the meeting were to become the Kage then no one would question their strength.

But only three people in the Kumogakure side who were in the meeting were Kage level and they were obviously A, Killer B, and Yugito-nii. You could argue that Darui is also a Kage level but it was very arguable at this point. And there was no question that Mabui was not Kage level. She was only in this meeting because of her brains if they tried to bring the most powerful people of Kumogakure then she would probably be replaced by C who was Darui's partner.

Then all 5 of them sat down. Hokage sat down in the middle while Jiraiya sat on the right side of him and Danzo sat on the left side and Hiashi sat next to Danzo and Fugaku sat next to Jiraiya. There was a bit of awkward silence after they sat down. 

Then Raikage said "Hiruzen so what are you willing to offer our village for entering our village and killing our Shinobi?" Hiruzen took out the letter given to him the Raikage and said "Let's look at the list of things you asked from us and see what we are willing to compensate you with." 

Before heading to the meeting all the higher-ups of Konoha had decided that starting a fourth shinobi world war was the better option then compensating the Kumo village because Kumo had given them ridiculous terms and even if the tried to renegotiate they would not get reasonable terms.

And if they fulfilled the term then they would lose a ton of power and the war would probably break out because the balance between the village would break. And in that war, Konoha would lose the remaining of its power and would probably stop to exist. And because of that all the clan heads and the shinobi academy started to train their clan members and their students accordingly.

Then Hokage started to read the letter written by Raikage. He said, "Your first condition was to give you five pairs of Sharingan." Right after Hokage said that Fugaku said "We Uchiha will not give you a single pair of eyes so we won't fulfill your this condition." 

After Fugaku stopped without giving anyone an opportunity to speak Hokage immediately said "That settles your first condition, now moving on to your second demand. You said you also want five pairs of Byakugan." This time Hiashi said in a mocking tone, "We Hyugas have also discussed this matter and decided that we will also not give you anything at all."

Raikage started to get a little angry but when he was about to say something Hiruzen interrupted him and said "Since your second condition was settled let's move on to your third condition. You said you wanted us to kill 100 of our own shinobi. This time Jiraiya said "No, that's also not happening either. The life of our shinobi is very precious and we will not let them die without any reason."

Hokage said again "Hope that answers your third condition, your fourth condition says that we should return the scroll we took from you." Danzo responded to that with "This one is easy, we don't have your scroll in the first place so we can't return it."

"Your fifth condition was that we should give you at least 5 'S' Rank ninjutsus that are exclusive to leaf. To answer your question let me just say that ninjutsu don't grow on trees and even if it did we wouldn't give you a single jutsu. Now let's take a look at your sixth and the final requests. You want us to give you 10 billion ryo.

"Well this one was possible but we had to take care of the family of Shinobis who died during their invasion of your village. So we don't have money left to pay you. And we don't want to pay you too. So overall we are willing to give you nothing to compensate."

Raikage couldn't take it anymore he slammed his hand in the table and instantly broke the table into pieces. He shouted "Hiruzen are you trying to anger me? Because if you are then your plan has worked flawlessly. Are you ready to start a war against us?" 

Hokage laughed and said, "A, you are forgetting one thing, we are the strongest village so the question should be are you ready to start a war with." Raikage was getting very angry Danzo saw this and said "What are you looking at Raikage? If you don't believe we are the strongest then we can crush you right here and now." 

The tension in the room increased by a lot. Mabui saw that situation was getting out of hand and if she didn't do anything then they might be crushed just like Danzo said. So she said, "Let's all calm down for a bit everyone. Let's solve this matter peacefully at least for now."

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