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"Hokage you know starting a war with us means basically starting the fourth shinobi world war right?" Danzo gave a smirk and said, "So what if we start a fourth shinobi world war." Mabui said, "I don't know if you are dumb or you think we are dumb, but I know for a fact that once the war breaks out all the village will definitely attack Konoha the so-called 'Strongest' village." 

"And we all know that Konoha doesn't have what it takes to defeat all the forces of different villages combined. You lost many capable shinobi in the last war and you are definitely weaker compared to your past self, think about it carefully."

Hokage asked " Do you mean we don't need to compensate you and you are fine with us not paying? Won't you start a war with us if we don't pay you?" Mabui sighed and said "What I am saying is that you should pay us and save yourself from your ultimate demise." 

Jiraiya said, "You are beautiful so it makes it harder for me to say, but I think we can crush your village even before the other villages have a chance to do anything. And I don't think the remaining village would want to fight us once they see how easily we crushed you ."

Jiraiya continued "You have brought both your jinchuriki here but do you know where our Jinchuriki is?" He smiled after he said that. Raikage shouted "Don't play games with me." and activated his Lightning chakra mode. Fugaku activated his Sharingan and Hiashi activated his byakugan. 

Mabui caught Raikage and whispered, "Our village is in danger you need to calm down." Raikage calmed down a little then Danzo said "Give us a reason why we should not crush you and your village right now." Raikage said, "Are you really that confident that you can beat us." Mabui was having a very hard time currently if she didn't do anything she thought Kumo would be destroyed.

Danzo laughed and said, "Who are you kidding A everyone in this room knows that if the 10 of us were to fight the five of you would always lose, and do you really think when five of you are here anyone in your village can withstand the power of the nine tails." 

Raikage was getting really angry, Mabui saw this and said "Danzo you are underestimating us too much, while it may be true that if we fight we might lose but there is no way in hell you will be able to catch us if we try and run. And you know the five of us can create a lot of trouble for your village "

Jiraiya smiled and said, "Then what do you suggest we do Mabui chan." Mabui looked at Raikage for a while and looked back at Hiruzen and said: "We will start a war, a fourth shinobi world war but only after five years, both our village need to prepare for war you know that you are not ready to face other villages all by yourself and we are also not ready to start a war yet." Mabui was really hoping that they would agree with her or else she didn't have any way to stop Kumo's destruction.

Then all of then started to discuss this matter for quite a while and after some time they all reached the conclusion that they would not start a war and would not fight each other for five years but after the five years have passed they are free to do whatever they like. 

Mabui finally felt a little relief after they agreed to only start a war after 5 years. Then Mabui asked Hokage to call back the jinchuriki of nine tails from their village. Hiruzen was happy to do so because I was not there after all.

Mabui also asked Hiruzen to return the scroll that I took from Raikage's office. Hokage had to place a seal on himself which would show if he was lying and had to prove to them that Konoha didn't have the scroll. 

After the meeting was over all of them returned back to their respective village. Four days passed now ninjas from both villages had reached their own villages. After Hokage and the others reached the village Jiraiya immediately said that he wanted to go and search for me and bring me back to the village.

But Hokage told him not to be impulsive for now because the other villages might act against them and in the absence of Jiraiya the village might not be safe. Jiraiya finally agreed when Hokage told him that I was really strong and I would be able to take care of myself.

Currently, I was with Kakashi in the outskirts of Land of the waterfall. I was focused on training my fuinjutsu last two weeks, and I have gotten quite good at it. Now I wanted to focus on ninjutsu. And I can't find a better teacher for myself then the copy ninja Kakashi even if I searched for my whole life. He is a ninja who learned over a thousand Jutsu after all.

I came out of the cave I was currently staying at Kakashi saw me and asked "Are you done with your training so quickly?" I nodded my head and said "Yea, I am done with my Fuinjutsu training for now. At least for now." Kakashi asked me again "So, what do you want to do next." 

"I need a little favor from you Kakashi Ni San," I said. Kakashi said, "What is it?" I replied, "I want you to train me." Kakashi was a little surprised at first but he nodded his head and said "What do you want to learn?" I was happy that he easily agreed to train me so I said "I want you to first teach me about nature transformation and I want to especially focus on my lighting transformation."

Kakashi asked, "Why do you want to focus more on Lighting transformation?" I replied three reasons, one I have a lightning affinity second you are also good with it and third is this." I showed the scroll I stole from the Raikage's office.

He took the scroll from my hand and looked at it. His eyes widened when he saw the content of the scroll. He asked, "Where did you find this?" I smiled and said, "I took it as a little gift from Raikage's office."

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