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Now I won't bore you guys with useless stuff anymore and will just tell you why Kurama was about to fire a tailed beast bomb at me. I have been a little uncertain when it came to matters regarding Kurama. I have always been putting off facing him saying that I was not ready yet. 

A year ago I finally built enough courage and decided that I had enough strength to face him. I went to an open field and asked Kakashi to guard me and get ready to fight in case something went wrong. Then I went into my consciousness. When I entered my consciousness it was disgusting. It was like I entered a sewer. 

I walked a little forward and I could see a giant metal gate. And behind the gate was a giant nine tails fox. He was currently sleeping. I swallow a bit of saliva when I saw him. I had been preparing for this moment for four years now so I easily managed to calm down. I walked forward and went near the giant gate. 

Kurama opened one of its eyes when I reached there. Then he looked at me and stood up and said in a little angry tone "I was looking forward to meeting you brat." I replied "What a coincidence, I was also looking forward to meeting you Kurama."

Kurama became even angrier when I called him by his name. He said, "How do you know my name brat." I smiled and said, "You remember when I told itachi and others that I always see a dream about a kid who lives in another world." Kurama stayed silent for a bit and said "What does that have anything to do with me?"

I replied "It has a lot to do with you, you see in that world there were stories about you and this world. So I saw many things related to this world." I was technically telling the truth so Kurama couldn't tell I was lying or not. He asked me again "What else did you see?" 

I replied "I saw a fox who was lonely and was treated and used as a weapon by humans. I saw that you just wanted a friend or someone that you could trust." Kurama shouted, "Shut up brat before I decided to kill you." I laughed and said, "You don't have to be lonely anymore Kurama I can be your friend."

Kurama laughed and said "Don't try and trick me you little brat I can see through all your tricks. Do you think I will fall for your stupid tricks? Get out of here." I shook my head and said "I will give you some time to think this through. I will leave for now." 

And before I left I changed the scenario from the sewers to a big open field with a lot of trees in the background. I also removed the chains that were holding him. Now I could easily undo the seal that was sealing Kurama inside me. Kurama was surprised when I did that. I looked at him then I left my consciousness.

Then after nearly a week, I went back to my consciousness. I went near Kurama again and said "So, have you made up your mind Kurama?" Kurama clicked his tongue and said, "Don't annoy me you brat fuck off."

I laughed and said, "I don't want to." Kurama growled at me angrily then after sometimes he said "Well, if you really want to become my friend then why are you locking me inside a cage? Why don't you open the seal and let me free?" I knew that this question was coming. I had to fight him head-on and make him acknowledge me. 

I smiled and said, "Ohh, so if I open this seal then you will be my friend?" Kurama nodded his head and said, "Yes, of course." I shook my head and said "You know, you are a really bad liar Kurama. But if you really want this seal to be gone then I will remove it." 

I said that and placed my hand on the stomach and with one rotation of the hand, I removed all the seals that were sealing Kurama. As soon as I did that Kurama pounced towards me trying to Rip my head off. I was also ready to counter-attack. But a hand touched me on my shoulder and teleported me away from Kurama.

And at the same time, many chains came out of nowhere and held down Kurama. The person who teleported me was The Fourth Hokage and my father Namikaze Minato and the person who stopped the Kurama was former Jinchuriki of Kurama and my mother Uzumaki Kushina.

After that, the place in my consciousness changed. It looked like I was in the top of the clouds the view looked amazing from there. And in front of me were my parents. I ran towards them and hugged them both. 

Both Minato and Kushina came to my consciousness at the same time because Minato had placed a seal so that he would come to consciousness once the seal was broken to the point where eight tails were able to sprout from my body. And he had also placed a seal so that kushina could come and help me when I was trying to control Kurama's power.

And right now I undid the whole seal, so the seal had completely been removed so Minato came to help me seal Kurama back and I was also about to try and control Kurama's power so Kushina came to help me control Kurama's power. 

When I hugged them they both hugged me back and patted my back. Minato said, "How did you figure out we were your parents I don't think the third hokage told you this." I shook my head and said, "No, Kakashi sensei told me about you guys." 

Kushina then asked me "And why and how did you remove the seal?"

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