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I scratched my head. "I wanted to earn Kurama's respect and I want to become his friend." 

Kushina furrowed her brows. "And who is Kurama?" 

"Its the name of the nine tails. I saw about him in my dream, he is not that cruel as you guys think. He hates us because we have imprisoned him and used him as a weapon for many years." 

Minato laughed a little. "Aren't you a friendly kid even willing to be friends with the 9 tails." 

Kushina glared at Minato. "Don't joke about serious stuff!" She looked back at me. "And you young man, who told you that's a good idea. If your dad had not placed a seal on you and we could not come to help you, then you would be in a lot of trouble right now." 

"But mom I am strong, I would have been fine." 

Minato laughed and patted my head. "It's good to be confident in yourself but, you have to be realistic the nine tail is very strong. You are underestimating him too much."

I shook my head. "No, it's you guys who are underestimating me too much."

Kushina was about to say something but I interrupted her. I looked at her with puppy eyes. "Trust me, mom, please just give me a chance to prove myself." When she saw my puppy eyes jutsu she had no chance of winning. 

She let out a sigh. "Ok, but if I think you are in danger even for a second I will immediately stop you." 

I smiled and hugged Kushina. "You are the best mom." Minato looked at me and asked, "So, what do you want to do to prove yourself?" 

"I-I want to fight Kurama." 

Kushina punched me in the head. "You are not fighting Nine tails! Do something else to prove that you are strong enough to deal with Kurama."

I thought about what to do for a second and I smiled after that. "Ok, look at this and tell me what I think about it." I created ten golden-colored very long chains from my torso and started moving them around and formed a circular cage using the chains. I created a barrier between the chains. Now no one can enter or leave the chains."

Kushina and Minato both were very surprised when they saw the chains. 

"You guys are surprised by just that, look over here." I created a clone and sent a clone away from me. Both me and my clone created a giant Rasenshuriken in both of our hands and threw the Rasenshuriken at the barrier formed by Adamantine Sealing Chains. The chains suffered some damage because of Rasenshuriken but they restored themselves using my chakra.

Kushina came near me and touched the chain she widened her eye when she touched the chains. "How can you use Adamantine Sealing Chains to such a high level?"

Minato had a huge smile on his face. "And how did you add chakra transformation to Rasengan."

I had a proud smile on my face. "An ancestor of the Uzumaki clan taught me." 

Minato raised his eyebrow a little. "Where and how did you meet him exactly?" 

I took a deep breath and said "Lot has happened since you died, so let me explain everything to you."

Then I started explaining all the things to them. I told the same thing I told Itachi and Shisui regarding why I knew and acted the way I acted. I also told them how Hokage attacked me and also attacked Kumo due to which world war about to start. And I also told that an ancestor of the Uzumaki clan gave me a lot of knowledge about fuinjutsu. 

Kushina pulled me to a hug. She hugged me so sobbed a little."I am sorry, you suffered so much because we were not there for you. When you needed us the most." 

I hugged her back. "I don't blame you, mom, and dad. I know that I only survived because you guys sacrificed yourself to protect me." 

Kushina wiped away her tears. "Thank you for becoming such an understanding son." 

Minato came near me and hugged me for a moment. He carefully looked at my face. "You might be angry at the villagers and Hokage for what he did to you, but take this as the only request your and will ever make. Don't blame leaf for what they did to you and don't take revenge on them." 

I nodded my head. "I promise I won't take revenge on the leaf. Now I also have one request." 

Minato tilted his head to the side a little. "What kind of requests do you want me to fulfill." 

I replied, "I want to learn flying thunder God."

Minato laughed out loud. "If it's only this much then I can easily help you." 

Then Minato taught me some basics of how to use flying thunder God and after we finished Minato and Kushina looked at each other. Minato said, "The chakra I had sealed inside you is starting to fade away so both Kushina and I are leaving for now."

"The both of us believe that you can deal Nine tails by yourself. I know you will be a great ninja. Best of luck and take care of yourself."

I hugged them for the last time and cried a little bit, even though they were not my real parents I felt very sad for some reason.

They slowly faded away. After they left I went to my conciseness where Kurama was sealed. The chains Kushina used to seal him were slowly disappearing. He was ready to attack me as soon as the chains disappeared.

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