Fighting Kurama
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The chains slowly started to disappear. Kurama saw that I was not sealing him and started laughing. The chain finally disappeared. Kurama immediately pounced towards me. 

"You are the dumbest human I have seen till now, you should have sealed me when you had the chance, now die you stupid brat." 

I was ready to dodge his attacks but, looks like my parents were right. I was indeed underestimating Kurama too much. I had no chance to dodge the attack. I was forced to block it. I produced 10 chains from my torso. I formed a ball from the chains around my body to protect myself. 

Kuruma hit the chains with his full power and sent me flying. But all the damage was absorbed by the chains so I was safe.

I had placed various seals in my clothes and at the sleeve near my palm I had sealed various weapons and one of them was a sword, a sword that got when I visited the land of Iron.

I took out the sword from the seal and applied chakra to it. But by the time I did that Kurama was already in front of my face. He attacked me with his massive paw and tried to cut me again. I caught his paw using my chains to slow down the attack and I also used my swords to block the attacks. 

But I was hit pretty badly. I pushed very far by that attack and I also spat a little bit of blood. He was about to attack me again, but this time I created a massive gravitational pull force behind him. He was running towards me but suddenly he felt a huge force pulling him backward. I could control whether I was affected by the force or not so this time I chose not to be affected by the force. 

I could see that Kurama was having a hard time moving forward because of the force. I looked at Kurama and smiled. "Looks like it's my turn to attack you now Kurama." Kurama looked at me and Roared. I created a few clones and all of them created a Rasenshuriken at the same time and attacked Kurama. 

Kurama tried to block the Rasenshurikens using his tails. But I sent my chains to bind him. All the Rasenshurikens hit Kurama in the face. He went flying back because of the gravity and was hanging on the air. I also could fly now using gravity just like third tsuchikage onoki.

I started to fly towards him. But when I reached near him he fired a tailed beast bomb at me. The attack was fast enough to escape the pull of gravity and come towards me. I coated my body with black colored lightning. Which increased my speed, strength, and defense all by a very big margin. 

Because of the increased speed provided by Lighting chakra mode I was barely able to escape from the attack. 

And you guessed it I learned this from the scroll that I stole from the Raikage's release. And to learn this technique, there was a very high requirement and that was having a nearly perfect affinity with a lighting element. And guess what that stingy God had given me a lightning affinity and how could a God-given ability not be perfect.

And that was the reason why only the 3rd Raikage and Darui could use black lightning. Kakashi was also not able to use black lightning. But he could use Lighting release chakra mode. And because of which he had gotten significantly stronger. 

This time I used my chains and I formed a lot of barriers between them just to make sure that he could not attack me anymore.

I went near him and looked him in the eye. "Calm down Kurama I don't want to hurt you neither do I want to use you as a weapon.

" We can just be friends and help each other out. I would have liked to set you free so that you could roam the world freely. But if I do that then you will be hunted down by humans for sure. I will leave you alone for now and think about what I have said properly. I will not seal you for now because I know it makes you feel uncomfortable but if you try something funny then don't blame me anymore."

I left my consciousness after all that. Back in the real world, Kakashi was waiting for me. I opened my eyes. 

Kakashi also looked at me. "So did you succeed?" 

"I managed to beat him in a fight but I don't think he thinks of me as his friend." 

"Can't you control his power without being his friend? Like other jinchuriki" 

"I can but I don't want to."

Kakashi let out a sigh. "You are very wired."

I laughed. "I know."

After that day, I visited Kurama only after a week. In those one week he never once tried to take control of me and I was very surprised by that. 

I went flew near him and stood straight in front of his eyes. 

"I have a deal for you Kurama." He just pretended to sleep. 

"I can let you out of in the world so stop pretending you dumb fox."

Kurama opened both his eyes and stared at me "Just tell me what you want and don't waste my time you brat."

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