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"I have created a new type of seal that lets you leave my body when I allow you to. You can stay outside my body for 3 hours a day. And after you leave my body you can move around and do whatever you want but you have to be within the radius of one kilometer from my body. 

"And if you are more than 1 km away from my main body than you will be put under a massive force of my gravity and tied by my Adamantine Sealing chain. And you will be forced back into my body. And I can also activate the seal whenever I wish."

Kurama looked displeased by what he heard. "So you want me to be your slave, a slave who can't defy you and has to follow all your orders." 

I shook my head. "No, I don't want you to become my slave. I want you to be free and this is the best I can offer you for now, because I don't trust you enough to let you completely free. Take it or leave it that's the best I can offer you." 

Kurama thought about it for a while. "Will you be able to change or remove the seal in the future?" 

"I created the seal, so obviously I will be able to remove and change it."

"Then I accept your offer." 

"Oh, I forgot to tell you one thing, you can't be in your giant form when you are in the outside world because that will attract a lot of unwanted attention. So I will also need to place this seal on you. It is basically a transformation technique put in a seal form. With this, you will be able to decrease your size to that of a normal size fox and also lets you return to your original size whenever you want."

"I refuse to decrease my size. I like the real size of my body and won't change it."

"Don't act like a spoiled brat you dumb fox!"

"Who are you calling a dumb fox, you idiotic brat!"

"Do you wanna get your ass kicked again you stupid fox!"

"Do you think I am scared of you? You got lucky last time let's go for round two."

Then the two of us started fighting. And after a few minutes, the winner was decided. I won the fight, but it was only because of two things, one my Adamantine sealing chain which is very strong and can seal the nine tails pretty effectively. And second, my gravity was also very effective and efficient against the nine tails.

After the fight, I was a little tired and wanted to go to sleep. "Look Kurama I am a little tired and don't want to waste my talking with you." I will come back tomorrow, prepare your answer by then."

I left my consciousness again and came back to the real world. I opened my eyes slowly and I could see Kakashi looking at me.

"Did you have some success today?" 

I shook my head. "No, instead we fought for a while. But he almost agreed next time I will succeed for sure." 

A day passed, and around the same time as yesterday, I re-entered my consciousness. 

"So, have you thought about my offer Kurama."

Kuruma stayed silent for a bit. The situation became a little awkward. Kurama finally broke the awkward silence. 

"Fine, I agree with you. Do what you want."

As soon as he said that a huge smile formed in my face. 

"I knew that you were not dumb and would soon agree with what I said. Now turn around I will place this seal on your back."

Kuruma slowly and unwillingly turned around. I started to place both the seals on his body. After a few minutes, I was done with placing those seals. 

I patted his back. "I am done with the seal, try out the transformation seal first just to make sure it works and also because we don't want to scare the crap out of someone."

Kuruma did what I said, and applied some of his chakras to the transformation seal.

After he did that a puff of smoke covered his whole body and in the next second he became a small fox that could fit in two of my hands. 

I looked at Kurama laughed. "Hahaha, I never knew the nine tails could look so cute." 

Kuruma got pissed off because of what I said. "If you laugh for a second more I will kill you right here and now." 

I started to laugh even more when a small cute fox started to threaten me. Kuruma pounced at me and started biting my hand.

"Ouch, stop biting my hand you stupid fox." After a little fighting, we were both ready to go out of my consciousness. Kuruma was looking forward to the day when he would be free for a long time now.

"I will try and send you out of my body now. You will feel some kind of force pulling outside don't resist it." 

Kurama nodded his head but didn't say anything. He was probably still having a bad time believing that he could now get out of my consciousness and move around a little bit."

Then I activated the seal in Kurama's body. As soon as I said that the chakra of the Kurama slowly started to get sucked out of Kurama and got sent to the outside world. Very massive amounts of chakra started to be sucked out by the seal. 

And in just a matter of seconds, a small Kurama was fully formed in the real world. After that, he took a deep breath and looked around. He ran away from me and said "I will be back in a while."

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