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Hidan frowned when he heard me. "So you have heard about Akatsuki huh, you little shit. Now tell me one more thing, where is the Nine tails right now?" 

"He did something I told him not to do so I sealed him back inside me." 

"So you are the jinchuriki of nine tails?" Kakuzu said. 

"Yes, having a tailed beast sealed inside you does in fact make you a Jinchuriki. You are a very clever person aren't you Kakuzu."


Hidan looked at Kakuzu and laughed. Kakuzu looked at the laughing Hidan "Shut up before I decide to kill you."    

Come and try me bitch let's see who dies first."

Onoki sighed when he saw those two arguing. He looked back at me. "So what is the Jinchuriki of nine tails doing near our Village? Are you sent here by the Hokage to attack Iwa?"

"Nothing we are just strolling around, and no I am not sent here by the hokage to attack you guys." 

"Then why are you here if you are not sent here by the hokage to attack our village?" 

"Are you guys dumb? I just told you we are just strolling around." 

Hidan stopped arguing with Kakuzu and started rushing towards us. "It doesn't matter if you don't want to tell us the outcome will be the same anyways and that is you both are going to die."


Kakashi looked at Hidan and walked towards him. "I will take care of him you handle the two of them and be especially careful of the tsuchikage he is very powerful despite his old age." 

I nodded my head. "Hidan is an immortal so just cut his head he will be useless and make sure you don't let him draw you blood."

I took out a sealing scroll and threw it in the air. A lot of Kunai came out of the scroll and landed in various places all those Kunai had my marking, so I could teleport to any of them if I wanted to. I rushed towards Kakuzu with a sword in one hand. 

Kakuzu also came towards me with a kunai in his hand. *Clang* his kunai and my sword connected. I smiled and started to increase the speed of my attacks. He was started to get a little pushed back by my attacks. The string on his stomach formed a spike and tried to pierce me, but I teleported behind him and stabbed one of his hearts. 

"You have to be more careful than that Kakuzu." 

When Onoki saw me teleport behind Kakuzu he immediately thought of one man and that was Minato Namikaze, the man who was single-handedly responsible for the defeat of Iwa in third shinobi world war. The more he looked at me more I reminded him of Minato. So he reached the conclusion that I had to die no matter what."

He created few stone clones and rushed towards me with his stone clones. Kakuzu also decided to be serious. He took off his jacket and revealed 4 different masks in his body and in the next second. Those masks start to separate from his body. All four masks now have their own body made out of string. 

They all started to attack me. The mask which had the ability to use wind style jutsu sent a wind blade towards me. I slashed my blade in the air and sent my own wind blade towards him. Our wind blades clashed in the air and nullified each other, but at the same time, five other attacks were about to hit me. The lightning, Fire, and Earth all three face masks had all sent attacks towards me, Kakuzu was trying to pierce my organs with his strings. Onoki used his Dust release to attack me while his clones were about to hit me with a lava release. 

I immediately teleported away from there and as soon as I did that all the attacks landed on the place where I was previously standing.  I smiled and looked at them. "Guess it's time to get a little serious." 

As soon as I said that I used the Black Lightning chakra mode. I covered my body with black lightning which increased all my physical capabilities by a lot. I rushed towards them again. All of them started to attack me again but I was able to dodge them. I teleported behind Kakuzu once again and pieced one of his hearts once again. But the moment I pierced his heart a particle style nearly hit me. Because I was using black lightning mode which had increased my reaction speed by a lot I was barely able to teleport away in time or else I might have been dead.

I threw the sword I was holding at a very high speed towards Onoki who was flying in the sky. Onoki dodged my sword but teleported to my sword I caught my sword with my one hand and created a big Rasengan at the other hand and attacked Onoki with my Rasengan. 

Onoki was sent flying and he spits a lot of blood but in the next second I felt my body getting heavier and heavier then I started falling straight down from the air. My body was very heavy but I could probably still move around because I had been training with gravity since a young age. Onoki stood up from the ground and laughed a little. 

"That's what you get for being a little overconfident brat. When you attacked me with your Rasengan I was able to touch you a little and that little touch was enough for me to increase the gravity on your body by several times making you incapable of moving." 

I started laughing loudly when I heard him.   Onoki got a little angry when I laughed. "What are you laughing at, brat."  I slowly stood up and looked in the eyes of Onoki. He was terrified that I could stand up even after the gravity of my body had been increased by so much "Let me show you what real gravity feels like."

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