Killing Kakuzu
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“Let me show you what real gravity feels like.” Both Onoki and Kakuzu were standing near each other, so I created a massive gravitational pull force behind them in the air. Kakuzu along with his Masks made out of strings were easily pulled towards the point where I increased the gravity. The trees, stones, and rocks all started to fly towards the point.

Onoki tried to decrease the gravity on his body so that he would not be pulled to the point where I had increased the gravitational pull force. I also thought that he would succeed but surprisingly he could only decrease the earth’s gravity which was also acting on him. Since he decreased the earth’s gravity which was trying to pull him downwards he was easily pulled back to the point where I increased gravitational pull force.

Onoki was shocked when he found out I could also manipulate gravity and was terrified when he realized that I was way better than him at manipulating gravity. I want towards Kakuzu and Onoki, both of them were stuck at the air covered in rocks and dust. I looked at both of them and smiled. “Looks like you guys are a lot of pain, let me tell you a fun fact to cheer you up, you guys know your bodies are experiencing such huge amount of pressure that your body will slowly be ripped apart limb by limb and will be crushed like a bug and you will die in an hour if left under this pressure.”

Onoki asked “Ho… How did you do this? Why can’t I decrease the gravity you used on my body while you can decrease the gravity I used on your body?”   

I chuckled when I heard him “It’s very simple, it’s because I am better than you. I can increase or decrease the gravity of any point within the radius of 10 kilometers. I can decrease the gravity of someone or something by so much that the object would be easily able to float. And I can also increase it by so much that they would start to crumble because of its own weight just like your bodies right now.

“And even if the object escapes the range of 10 kilometers after I have already increased or decreased the gravity on them it doesn’t matter because until I change it back it will stay that way and to top it all off I can even control whether a person or a thing is affected by my gravity or not. For example, Kakashi is beating Hidan’s ass over their currently but none of them are affected by my gravity.

“And the best part is that’s not even the limit of my powers it is just how much I have been able to learn and control. If I train my gravity properly I could unlock a whole another level of power. The power of my gravity is the most broken ability in the world. Let me give you a little demonstration of my power just so you know how broken my ability really is.”

Hidan and Kakashi were fighting Kakashi were easily dominating the fight using his lightning chakra mode but since Hidan was an immortal he had not dealt any damage to him. Hidan was on the back foot trying to get away from Kakashi but I suddenly increased a lot of gravity beneath his feet and made it so that only he affected by the Gravity. He instantly fell on the ground and could not move properly. Kakashi easily cut his head after he fell down. 

Hidan was constantly cursing at Kakashi “I will kill you bastard you will die by my hand.”  Kakashi came towards me with a cursing head of Hidan and threw it to me. “Seal him or do something with him he won’t shut up and it's hurting my ears.”   

Sealing him away was easy for me with my vast knowledge of Fuinjutsu. So it only took me a minute for me to seal his head for good. I looked at Kakuzu and said, “I am sorry but you have to die Kakuzu.”  

I took out my sword and stabbed the remaining of his heart. I would have liked not to kill him but I knew for sure if I let him go now he would come back to cause more problems for me. He died after I stabbed all his hearts but the blood start to be sucked out of his body after I made the cut. In merely a few seconds all the blood from Kakuzu’s body was sucked out and he now looked like a dried-up dead body. 

I looked at Onoki. “Onoki give me a reason for me to spare you and your village.”   Onoki was about to say something but I noticed two people with a massive chakra pool coming towards us. 

I looked at Kakashi. “Two people are coming towards us, they both have a huge chakra pool they are probably the Jinchuriki of Four tails and five tails who have come here to help their Tsuchikage.”

Onoki panicked a little when he heard me. “I will do anything you want but please spare the village. I don’t want my village and its innocent people to die. You can kill me if you want to but my only request is that you spare my village.”

“Anything I want huh? That’s interesting; I will take you up in that offer but before that how about convincing those two to stop.” I said that and pointed at two men running towards us. I also released Onoki from the gravity pressure just so he could talk properly. 

He fell onto the ground and spit some blood. The two Jinchuriki saw that and were completely enraged.   

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