Fighting 2 jinchuriki
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Onoki saw Roshi the jinchuriki of four tails and Han the jinchuriki of five tails were about to attack me and he panicked. "Stop don't attack him!"  

But both Han and Roshi didn't listen to him because they were enraged by the fact that someone had come to their village and had attacked and injured their Tsuchikage. 

Roshi was not playing around he instantly went into Lava release chakra mode, and Han started producing steam to increase his physical strength and both of them rushed towards me. They both were a very capable taijutsu fighter especially Han. His whole fighting style revolved around taijutsu. 

I created 10 clones and sent them to stall Roshi, while I fought with Han. 

"Sensei, keep an eye on Onoki I while I fight the two of them I don't want him to interfere on our fight, " 

I told my clones to maintain their distance and fight from far away against Han because his Lava release chakra mode could harm the clones even if he only came near them. 

I went towards Han. When I reached near him he sent a kick towards my direction. He had used a significant amount of steam while throwing that kick so I knew that kick was very powerful for sure. I took my sword and I slashed it towards his leg. I used the blunt side of my sword because I didn't want to seriously hurt or kill him. 

I decreased the gravity on my sword so that the speed of my attack would increase and I increased the gravity on his leg so that it would slow down, and when his leg and my sword were about to make contact I decreased the gravity on his leg which decreased his power and I increased the gravity on my sword which increased my power. 

By doing this I made his attacks slower and less powerful and I made my attacks faster and more powerful.

When our attacks finally collided the bones in his leg were broken. He started screaming in pain. I increased the Gravity on his body just so he couldn't move. I created a giant Rasenshuriken and threw it towards Roshi who was fighting my clones. Roshi tried to dodge the attack but I increased the gravity on his body to make sure he could not dodge this attack. He used a lot of chakras and created a giant molten Rock from his mouth and sent it towards the Rasenshuriken.

The Rasenshuriken and the molten rock collided in the air and created an explosion. The 10 of my clones used this opportunity and created a big Rasengan and rushed towards Roshi. Roshi couldn't react because he had to defend against a giant a Rasenshuriken and on top of that his body was experiencing a lot of pressure due to increased gravity. 

All of my 10 clones attack landed on him at the same time. He spat a ton of blood when he was hit by the 10 big Rasengan. He fell to the ground. And at that moment I produced my Adamantine Sealing Chains. I used 5 chains on Roshi and 5 chains on Han to make sure that they would not be able to do anything. I dragged them on the ground with my chains and went towards Kakashi and Onoki. 

Onoki saw what I was able to do and now was terrified of me he thought I was some kind of monster. I was able to beat two highly skilled Jinchuriki in less than two minutes he had never heard of someone being able to do that. My power reminded him of Madara Uchiha who had left a deep impression of himself in Onoki due to his strength.

I looked at the terrified face of Onoki. "Hey, don't be so scared after all we have a deal, don't we? If you do what I say I will leave you and your village alive." 

Onoki nodded his head. "Yes, we indeed have a deal let's go to the village so we can talk about it there, they are also pretty injured and they need some medical attention." 

I nodded my head and started walking towards the Iwa village but before I left I sealed the body of both Kakuzu and Hidan so that no one could reanimate them. After that I looked at a tree in the far distance and smiled then I continued walking, and the reason I did this was because Zetsu was over there spying on us. Zetsu panicked when I looked at him and smiled.

He immediately went into the ground and went towards the headquarters of Akatsuki. Tobi, Nagato, and Konan were at the office talking about how they should capture various tailed beasts. This time Tobi approached Nagato a lot earlier then he had originally planned because of the war and was easily manipulating him. Suddenly Zetsu came out of the ground. 

"We have a big problem in our hands."      Nagato looked at Zetsu. "What is it?" "Kakuzu is dead and Hidan is good as dead." "Who killed them? Tsuchikage would not do that as he has partnered with us for a long time and he wouldn't want to go after us for no reason just before the war and I think Kakuzu and Hidan would be able to escape easily even if Tsuchikage tried something."

"It's not Tsuchikage, it's the Jinchuriki of the Nine tails."

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