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“What was the Jinchuriki of the nine tails doing there? And Tobi didn’t you say that he was a little kid or did you get the wrong information?” Nagato asked.   

“I am not wrong I know for sure that the nine tails was sealed inside a newborn child nearly nine years ago”   

“Tobi is right, I never said that the jinchuriki was a grown man he was just a small kid.”

“But how could a small kid be so strong that he can defeat two Kakuzu and Hidan is he able to perfectly control the Nine tails?” asked Konan. 

Zetsu shook his head. “I don't know, but here is the most terrifying thing; he didn’t use the power of nine tails at all. He was able to kill the two of them beat the third Tsuchikage, beat the Jinchuriki of Four tails and the Jinchuriki of Five tails all without using a single bit of chakra from Nine tails.”

Everyone in the room was completely shocked when they heard what Zetsu said. 

“WHAT? He also fought against Onoki, and the two other Jinchuriki from Iwa as well as Kazuku and Hidan all alone.” Nagato asked.   

“Well not exactly all alone he had a little help from another shinobi, the other guy stalled Hidan a bit but even if Hidan was not stalled by the other guy I don’t think it would make a difference.”

“What are his strength and weakness?” Tobi asked.

“Let me tell you his strengths, he seems to have some sort of Kekkei Genkai where he can freely manipulate gravity and that makes him nearly unbeatable in taijutsu and that alone is enough for him to be a Kage level shinobi but he can use Lightning Chakra mode just like the Raikage but he has black lightning and is even faster than Raikage and on top of that he can also use the Flying Thunder God, which might be one of the most useful jutsu of all time.

“He also used the Rasengan and something that looked like an advance version of Rasengan he was also able to use wind blade to counter Kakuzu’s own wind blade due to all this I can say he is also very skilled in terms of Ninjutsu.

“I don’t know this counts as Weakness or not but the only thing I can say is I didn’t see him using genjutsu which might mean that he is weak at genjutsu but to make it up for this weakness, he seemed very skilled with Fuinjutsu and Kenjutsu. He can also use Adamantine sealing chains, all I can say is he has nearly no weakness. We can only hope that he has not learned to control the nine tails yet because if he is able to control nine tails he can also break out of any genjutsu with his help. 

“And if that’s the situation I don’t think we can beat him unless all work together and attack him at the same time. And he was also able to sense me so his perception is among the best. So the chance of us ambushing him is also very low.”    

All of the Akatsuki members were quite for a while they all started to analyze what Zetsu told them and started to think of a way to beat me. 

Tobi asked, “Did he kill the Tsuchikage and the two Jinchuriki?”  

“No he didn’t Onoki asked him to spare the village and in exchange, he told the Jinchuriki of the nine tails that he would do anything that the Jinchuriki of the nine tails wanted.” 

“What is the Hokage thinking? Is he trying to bring Iwa on his side by showing them his power?” said Nagato in a confused tone.    

“Oh one more thing, when asked by Onoki if he was sent by the hokage to attack Iwa he replied that he was just strolling around and was not sent there by the Hokage, and I don’t think he was lying because he had no reason to lie.”

There was a long silence after that.   

“Zetsu didn’t you say that you could not find the jinchuriki of the nine tails in the Konoha. What if he never was in Konoha maybe he had left Konoha a long time ago and maybe Hiruzen was lying when said that a ninja had stolen their high-level techniques and they attacked the village to retrieve the techniques. Maybe it was a ninja who escaped more specifically the Jinchuriki of the village had escaped.”

Konan interrupted Tobi. “Tobi I think you are forgetting something If he escaped from the village 5 years ago that would mean he was only 3-4 years old at that time, do you think 3 years old could escape from Konoha?”

“Does that mean you think a normal 9-year-old kid beat 5 Kage level shinobi alone? He is clearly a special case.” Konan couldn’t say anything against that logic.

“And if my guess is correct then we can probably turn all five villages against him and take him down. Konoha will definitely want the nine tails back, Kumogakure would want to kill anyone who knows their secret technique, Iwa will also want revenge, after all, he beat the shit out of Tsuchikage and their Jinchuriki. 

The fourth Mizukage of Kirigakure is under our control and Sunagakure probably won’t help the Jinchuriki because they probably don’t want to go against other 4 villages and as long as they don’t help him he won’t stand a chance against the combined effort of the four villages and we will just steal the 9 tails after all the villages are done with him.”

Nagato nodded his head. “Let’s just hope that your guess is correct.”

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