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This 'chapter' is a placeholder. It will be deleted when a real one is posted.


Heya, it's me, Sola, the author of Soul Venerable.

First of all, I would like to apologize for not being active lately. As you might know from my previous author notes, I am busy with irl stuff (pursuing education) which took my time, energy, and mental health1pls kill me. Anyway, I've been re-writing the first volume and there will be minor changes along the storyline. For old-time reader, it might feel like 'oh, I see, now it make sense'2, whereas new reader would feel less burdened with the early infodump. 

Just one teeny little problem though. The changes that I made in the first volume would change small details along the later volumes, and the small changes will eventually snowball. Aight, I might be exaggerating it a bit, my brain is not that big to make them snowball. In any case, the changes will accumulate and I will have to eventually adjust the plot and all so that they make more sense.  

Now then, about the poll.

Since I'll eventually update Soul Venerable according to the early chapter's edit, would it be better until I accumulate the updated version of ALL 107 chapters [Option 1], or should I just drop the current one and make a 'new' Soul Venerable in scribblehub which would be clean and streamlined [Option 2].

Pros of [Option 1]
+ Mass update once I finished them all.

Cons of [Option 1]
- Long wait time (estimated would take months, worse can take year before you see chapter 108 from me. There's a slight chance that I'd drop SV indefinitely and just write new series since I've been itching to write on Distorted Shadow or another one where I'm going to tell the story about Crimspur)


Pro of [Option 2]
+ Gradual update. If me and my dearest editor Engie is motivated, can produce 1-2 chapter a week. Basically, 'restarting' Soul Venerable from the beginning. 

Cons of [Option 2]
- It's like reading this shit again from the start, only with slightly different plot.


This is a serious poll, and I would like to hear your, my reader's, opinion. Personally, I've been wanting to maintain the current SV because of the statistics, but then again, this 107+ chapter contain 400k+ words. To wait for the accumulated edit for that amount of texts will take some time. I am unkomfortable in giving uncertainty to my readers. At the very least, I want to be transparent.

As for why I didn't even consider gradually editing this version of SV, is because the 'new' version have slightly different plot line. If I were to update up to chapter 9 then you read chapter 10, you'll be reading a messy pile of dung. In the first place, I cannot offer stable update time due to my thesis, so these two options are what I can offer you right now.

I am grateful for the continuous support and would like to hear your thoughts. If you have any, opinion, insight, critique, or simply want to rant, go ahead, I'm all ears3Rank 6 transformation-path killer move, [Immemorial Ten Thousand Ear Beast Metamorphosis]!

Edit 1: [Option 2] WILL NOT delete this version of SV. It will only put this version into 'dropped' category and will not receive any update whatsoever in the future.


  • [Option 1] Wait for accumulated mass update Votes: 1 5.3%
  • [Option 2] The current SV would be 'dropped', create a new SV Votes: 18 94.7%
Total voters: 19 · This poll was closed on Jan 1, 2023 01:52 PM.