The Manager Shows off his Knowledge
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They got off the train with otherwise, no problems. For once, Juuto was glad that they finally seemed to be free of that drama of enemies showing up to try to kill Rame. With how often he had been put in danger, it was a welcome change of pace. Even if those responsible were now his friends.

“Well I don’t know all about this Robodam stuff, so I guess we’ll leave our world resident to handle this.” Asaga proclaimed as they got out onto the public roads. The man didn’t even bother to plan out what they were going to do, let alone even how to get to their destination.

“What? Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” Juuto would’ve preferred to gotten some heads up on that matter before they even got on the train. He wasn’t a fan of having to think on his feet, but that seemed to be the matter. “Never mind, good thing I’ve got GPS.” Unfortunately, he didn’t know how to get there, since it had been a while since he was in Tokyo. Thankfully, he had something everyone else here didn’t have. Modern technology. “Now, just follow me.”

Then they went on their way, following the man as a group. Towards the back of this posse they had formed was Rame. She had been keeping her distance from him, and it clearly showed.

“Can’t believe he lied to me.” She muttered to Mifuru, who had been staying her her side the entire time. “If we ever go back to Enatis, I’m throwing him in our dungeon.”

“I’ll be sure to warm the lava pits for him.” Her retainer responded, fully supporting the idea. “But, perhaps this is the opportunity you’ve been looking for?”

“Well, it’s not like I’m prepared for it.” She hastily replied, flustered at the idea of having to put herself out there for him. After all, the demon lord was not known for apologizing for anything or to anyone. Even if she felt she was in the wrong, she’d rather kill the person than admit fault.

Of course, she wasn’t going to kill Juuto, but that was a thing in the past.

“Anyway, even if you choose not to worry about it today. I’d still recommend the course of action to try and enjoy the outing.”

“Yeah, hopefully they’ve got some free food there.” Without any money, the pair had been absurdly frugal in surviving at home. The pair had been subsisting on bean sprouts and bread crumbs for a while, so Rame’s stomach was feeling quite empty nowadays. But the one thing she missed most had to be the hot dogs sold at the store. It felt like torture to not have had one in the past week.

“Wow, this building’s got a lot bigger compared to the last time I was here.” Juuto commented as they arrived. The park had some new additions added onto it over the past years, one of the more obvious features would be the mech standing in front of the entrance.

“What is that?” Everyone got a bit frightened by seeing what seemed to be a giant monster. Akitomo most of all as he cowardly hid behind Marie in fear.

“Relax, it’s not dangerous.” Juuto explained to them what it was and why it was here. The popular franchise was known for it’s elaborate designs for what were called mechs, which to them made no sense. None of them understood how humans could be capable of building giant men for them to control.

“Wow, you humans can build some powerful stuff.” Mifuru commented. If the demon armies had to contend with that, then the war would’ve been over ages ago.

“Well, we can’t, but us humans sure can dream.” Juuto wished he could ride in a real life mech. That’d be fun, as long as he wasn’t forced to do it to fight off some alien invasion. Though compared to a lot of people he knew, the man had been through enough experience that a life-and-death situation was something he could handle. “Now come on, let’s head inside.”

The group went up to the entrance and gave their tickets so they could get inside. Once in there, it seemed there was a lot of people who were also enjoying the attractions and rides, along with all the fans of the series gushing about how cool some things were in person. “I’d stay away from the fanboys as a recommendation.” He told the group. While he wasn’t against people loving stuff like this, he was concerned about everyone getting weirded out by those who were obsessed with Robodam. Something just told him that people from Enatis likely didn’t understand how some people come to their hobbies, and didn’t feel like explaining it to them either.

The man decided that going to the new stuff together as a group was the best course of action. Since he hadn’t been around in ages, it certainly would be a joy for him. Plus, they’d also need a lot of his help in understanding most of it, so it was nice he’d be able to show off a bit to them.

“Wow, when I know they aren’t going to kill me. These things look really cool.” Akitomo was enamored with seeing all these models of mechs lined up as if they were in a museum. “People get in them to use them?”

“Well, that’s how it goes in the anime.” Juuto answered. “And then they pilot them to fight against their enemies during war.”

“Wow, that sounds dangerous.” Marie commented. She knew of mages who could conjure up golems, and that would certainly be a safer way to do battle with giants. However, she did understand they did not have magic, so controls would require something a bit more direct.

“Would you like to ride one?” He asked Akitomo as the boy stood still, staring at one of the mechs.

“T-totally not.” The boy, now embarrassed from seeming to amazed at something crossed his arms and tried to act tough. “I can see a lot of children like these things, and I am totally not a child.” They were surrounded by many people, a lot of adult with their kids who were not much shorter than the boy.

“I’m surprised you even have that kind of concept in your mind.” Apparently kids between their worlds weren’t so different after all. “But there’s nothing wrong with wanting to ride one of these things. I’m older than you, and I’d love to give it a shot.”

“Really?” He asked, a bit unsure as if he was about to be made fun of if he agreed. “You do?”

“Oh yeah, when I was a kid, I wanted to grow up to be one of these pilots.” He answered. Of course, he knew now as an adult that dream was impossible. Though with all the recent building of the mechs in real form these days thanks to the popularity of the series. There could be hope in the future he’d at least be able to pretend he was in one. “Wow, I really lost my ambition growing up.” He muttered to himself, realizing how content he was to be a manager at an 8-Twelve.

“Well, I guess it would be cool if I got to pilot one of these things.” He admitted.

“I’m surprised with your abilities that you’re still able to want do something like that.” The main reason for why Akitomo didn’t want to show a sign of weakness spoke up. It was true that when at full power, he could probably topple a Robodam. So there really was no reason to have to ride one of these to look cool and it would less effective.

“Really?” Juuto looked at the woman not amused as the boy’s face turned bright red. “I was just trying to get him to open up a little.”

“Well, it’s funny to see him all flustered.” She giggled. Though she ended up erasing his efforts, it was nice to see those two back to normal. Even though he barely knew them, he did like that side to their relationship.

After some exploring, the group had mainly covered a lot of the new things the park had to offer. It seemed they spent more time on making the place look cool and gave visitors a closer representation of actually living in the universe of Robodam.

“Looks like we’re still about halfway through our day.” Juuto commented as they got to the center of the park. There were dozens of people walking about everyone that made it difficult to determine where to go next. “What should we do next?”

“Let’s split up!” Asaga commented. This was the final part of his plan that needed to go by perfectly in order to finally get them right where he wanted.

“I can live with that.” Marie wasn’t a part of the planning, but what she said first help lead them in the right direction. “I was interested in that bit with those training platforms.”

“Ah shucks, I was thinking of the same thing.” The farmer said. Whether he only took this as an opportunity or that was the truth was unclear to Juuto. “Then, let’s go there together.”

“I did want to go look at the so-called rides they have around here.” Said Mifuru. She could tell where this was going, so she was willing to help out Asaga in this plan, despite wishing to throw him into a lava pit. “Now come, join me Akitomo.”

“What? I didn’t agree to this.” The boy was the only one who came close to wreaking these plans. Thankfully, the retainer was having none of it. “N-no, don’t just pull me along. I don’t want to join a mutt like you!” He yelled as she picked him up and carried him away on her shoulder. “Wait, please no. I want to go with Juuto.”

“Well anyway, see ya.” Asaga said as they were left alone from those two. With that, Marie and him left to head towards a building that showed off what appearing to be training on the inside. Now it was just Juuto and Rame left alone.