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Famous Author
Apr 19, 2020

Famous Author
Joined: Apr 19, 2020
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I don't know why, but I really enjoy writing romances. A lot of which are harem.

I also write in these places if you're curious about when I'm not updating here:

Finally, my Discord:

thundorball · Sep 18, 2023

Are you going to be picking twin-x-twin back up?

bigbear51 · Author · Jun 20, 2022

Sadly due to things upcoming up in life I won't be able to release my Honeyfeed submission any time soon. So for now I'll be focusing on the Game Gyaru story since people seem to enjoy it. I'm sorry for anyone looking forward to the new story though

bigbear51 · Author · Jun 4, 2022

Sorry, it's taking me a bit longer than I expected to get to my Honeyfeed story. But don't worry to those who don't use that platform, I'll finally (when I should've done this months ago) start uploading my prior exclusive story that was on there for last years contest here in about 24 hours. So keep an eye out for that if you're interested.

bigbear51 · Author · May 28, 2022

Ahaha... I know I wanted to do more of what already exists, but then Honeyfeed announced their next contest. I had fun the first time, so I want to do again... So whatever new thing I'll do will be posted there, just a heads up.

HappyVainGlory · May 28, 2022

Thank you very much for the heads up that the contest is starting soon. Appreciate you.

T.K._Paradox · Feb 26, 2022

How come your story, 'The Yandere isn't into me.'

On here?

bigbear51 · Author · Feb 26, 2022

Just that I originally started publishing it before I even knew about this site. Plus if I were to do that, I'd have to go through and properly edit the first 40 or so chapters and I'm lazy about going back on that. 

bigbear51 · Author · Aug 9, 2021

It's finally happened, but I've officially joined the Honeyfeed contest. So if you're interested, go ahead and check out my new story, "Game Gyaru".
Tori_the_Birb · Aug 9, 2021

That's awesome, I should also start soon. I still am rewriting a bit in the draft but it should be okay soon. 

I'll be seeing you as a rival there, Bigbear-san. Best of luck.clear.png

bigbear51 · Author · Aug 9, 2021

@Tori_the_Birb That's wonderful to hear. I'm looking forward to what you've got in store for me. Good luck to you too. clear.png

bigbear51 · Author · Jul 25, 2021

I'm really sorry Tutoring fans, but I swear every time I plan on picking up on the story, something else comes up. So I'm nearly completed with my yandere story, which is great news. However, I plan on trying out for a contest on Honeyfeed, which is linked here:

bigbear51 · Author · Jul 25, 2021

So sadly I won't be getting to daily uploads to "Dating the Spoiled" anytime soon. However, I did also want to ask if anyone had story suggestions for me to try out on the contest. You can check the link for the themes it has to be if you want to make sure any ideas you came up with are actually allowed. 

bigbear51 · Author · Jul 6, 2021

If you like what I write, then I'll let everyone know that I'm currently finishing up one of the first stories I've ever written called "(Un) Fortunately the Yandere Isn't After me". However, it's currently being posted on other sites than this one for reasons I won't get into right now. All that matters is that I'm heading towards the conclusion, so if you like what I've made so far, go ahead and check it out through the links below

CadmarLegend · May 15, 2021

bigbear-san... you actually finish stories...? clear.png well, blob me astonished!

CadmarLegend · May 15, 2021

Well, I said I was gonna read Tutoring... my nickname for it.. .. but I fell into Summoner was lonely...

CadmarLegend · May 15, 2021

So hope you update it ...

bigbear51 · Author · May 15, 2021

@CadmarLegend Well, I do have an idea of finishing the storyline, but I'm not quite certain about how I'm going to find the time with all my other stuff going on. Since people have enjoyed it, I'm sure that any updates even if a little infrequent would be welcomed. 

CadmarLegend · May 18, 2021

Late reply, but they would~

bigbear51 · Author · Feb 2, 2021

Even when I appear to not be doing anything, I am writing for the other places I've been posting. Sorry for the inconvenience since I don't have a place where everything I've written isn't in one spot. 

Either way, I'll most likely enter the contest here and try to have a work with 40K words before I get back to my other works. So I'm sorry to those that wanted more of what's currently on here for what I'd say will be the month of February. 

Issei · Feb 2, 2021

Nah, it's nice that you got different stuff here and there! Though obviously, it would be better to have everything in one place for convenience and writing, but since you may have a copy of most of your books on your laptop that's good enough.

Thanks for the great reads you give!clear.png

bigbear51 · Author · Aug 15, 2020

I've got family coming in, so updates might potentially be inconsistent for next week.

Kekw · Aug 5, 2020

I like turtles clear.png

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    I don't know why, but I really enjoy writing romances. A lot of which are harem.

    I also write in these places if you're curious about when I'm not updating here:

    Finally, my Discord:

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