Part 10: Desire
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Author's Note: Somewhat dub-con sex scene ahead!!



And there he was at the door. I could just barely see Lucious over the bedframe. Was I dreaming?

“Just the man I wanted to see,” Chris said.

“What is going on?” Lucious asked.

Finally, Chris's body weight shifted as he slid off the bed. I could breath again. I could... move?

I wiggled my toes inside my shoes and it felt damn good. I twitched my forearm and a tear came to my eye. I was finally getting my movement back, but very slowly.

“Lucious, what a surprise...” Chris's voice echoed.

“You.. have drank.. from him?” Lucious choked. “Impossible!”

Chris faced him, they stood as if they were about to charge straight at each other. I wouldn't be surprised if Lucious did.

“Impossible?” Chris said. “Oh no, no. True, a vampyre should not drain the blood of another. But, my dear Lucious, you've forgotten who your talking to. Years of experiments have led me to several medical discoveries.”

Lucious stood. Anger fueled in his eyes.

“How could you?”

“Following in your footsteps, my friend.” Chris smiled. “And, yes, he tastes absolutely wonderful.” Chris took a couple of steps closer to Lucious. “However, I need you now…”

Chris spread his arms out wide, like an invitation. But Lucious wouldn't dare fall for that trick. Unless..

Suddenly, Lucious grabbed his throat. I had seen this before. Chris had some type of power over him. A power greater than anything I'd ever known.

“Stop doing this, Chris!” Lucious sputtered.

“If only you would come on your own, Lucious. I would not have to resort to this.” Chris said.

Lucious loosened his grip. His arms came down to his sides and he lowered his head. Chris remained steady although Lucious began to walk to him on his own.

Finally, as Lucious came into Chris's possession, Chris wrapped his arms around his torso.

“That wasn't so hard now, was it?” Chris whispered, yet I could hear clearly. “Now, I need you to do something for me which I cannot.”

“What?” Lucious wondered, angrily.

“I know you love him. You love, a greater love than I could ever know.” Chris began. “You see, I feel him, I really do. But I kiss him, I get nothing. I drink from him, I get nothing... Now I know. Maybe it is that I cannot love the way you do.”

Lucious sighed. “What do you want me to do about it?”

“Turn around. Look at him.”

They turned and Chris looked at me while Lucious turned his head away. I kept my eyes focused on the door, never moving since this whole dispute. I could not let them know that I was beginning to recover.

“He's alive, I assure you. But, he's... lets say, he's high. He won't move, he won't speak. I have done this not only for him but for you.” Chris rattled on. “What I want you to do is to make love to him.”

Lucious froze. His eyes staring blank into the wall ahead of him. “I... can't,” he said.

“If you do not, I'll kill him right now.” Chris threatened, his voice lowered as if he did not want me to hear.

Lucious looked at me just then. I'd almost expected his eyes to well up, tears start running down his cheeks. Though he fought the urge. His eyes burned into me, a sobering look.


“Wonderful!” Chris quickly let him go and walked over to the side of the bed. “But I will watch... as always, Lucious.”

Lucious stepped toward me. Chris took the opportunity to turn around and wipe the blood from his lips before sitting in his seat.

“You remind me...” I heard Lucious say. “Of someone. Someone I'm sure you loved at one time.”

“Think that is true, Lucious? Do you really think I loved her?” Chris wondered. “I could have cared less for that bitch! Now shut your mouth and do as you are told.”

Lucious stood eyeing me and I moved my eyes to look at him.


I did not move.

He looked up at Chris, who sat impatiently. Finally, his arms came around his shirt bottom and he slipped his tank top off, throwing it to the floor.

Then, his knee came sinking into the bed next to me as he bent down. I moved my arm slightly down to my side.

“I know you're there,” he whispered. “And I'm so damn sorry for everything.”

I did not speak.

“Damn it, Mikael!” he wailed.

“Shh.” Came from my mouth.

Lucious leaned up and looked at me in shock. Silence.

I could always be mad at him tomorrow. I knew Chris, he didn't make empty threats. If this did not happen, I could find tomorrow in a casket underground.

I sat up a bit to reach out to Lucious, pulling him back down to me. My muscles hurt, my joints popped but I was desperate.

Before Lucious could make another sound, I pressed my lips up against his. His eyes brightened, his body became stiff. I tightened my grasp on his shoulder, embracing his lips even more.

We could both forget that Chris was behind us, watching our every move. But with every movement, he would sigh or take a breath into his lungs with anticipation. I knew this was difficult for Lucious. I could only close my eyes and daydream. Dream about the waterfalls... about how Lucious's wet skin sparkled under the clear running water.

We released our kiss after several minutes. I opened my eyes to him, confused and taken back by what just happened. I slid my fingers to his face. I caressed his cheek in my hand. Speaking was still difficult. My voice would rattle if I tried. So this was the best I could manage to calm his nerves.

His eyes relaxed as he fell into my hand. I could feel his heartbeat, fast and unsteady.

“I'm so sorry,” he whispered.

I shook my head. His hand came up to mine, and he nuzzled his face into my fingers. He moved, his lips close to mine. I could feel his hand run down my thigh.

Our lips embraced again. I fell into his caress now, allowing him to lead me. His hand moving up my thigh to my waist and around to my abdomen. A quick snap, and the button on my jeans was undone. I moved to allow him to slip them from my waist and down my legs. They landed on the floor with a thud.

He let go of my hand and straightened his spine. He moved slowly, slipping his own pants from around his waist until they lay on the floor next to mine.

The entire time, Chris watched devotedly. A smile on his face.

Lucious crashed into my arms once more, our lips locked in haste and his exploring hand running circles around my hip. I felt my heart thump inside my chest. My lust, my desire, growing ever so quickly for his touch.

Soon, his wandering hand moved around to my waist. He wrapped his fingers around my length and began to stroke.

“Hey,” I overheard Chris's voice from behind. Then a shuffling, which sounded like a drawer opening and shutting. Then something thrown onto the bed.

Lucious looked down at a small plastic bottle. It was painted a dark blue with a white label covering the roundest part. Lucious looked back at him, and I could only imagine Chris's evil smile. Immediately, he let go of his grasp on me.

“You don't want to hurt him, now do you?” Chris's words rattled out.

Lucious's eyes dropped back to me. I looked up at him in concern. It would hurt no matter what precautions we took.

He picked up the bottle from where it landed, grip tight, and examined the label. I heard him take a deep, distressing breath before opening the top of the bottle. He dabbed a small, dime sized drop of the clear liquid onto his middle finger and tossed the bottle back onto the bed next to us.

My eyes slammed shut before his next move. His hand coming down between my legs, his finger pressed into my most private of places. I winced. I could not nearly describe the feeling. It was difficult to keep my breath steady with the pressure of his finger entering deep inside me.

He dawdled. His finger beginning to caress me. I hissed, whether from pain or pleasure, I wasn't sure. He slowly slid his finger in deeper, working the liquid further inside. And then his eyes caught mine.

Withdrawing his digit from my tightness, he grabbed for the bottle and dabbed another small drop onto his fingers and wiped the fluid onto his hardened cock. Immediately, he wrapped his arms around my torso again forcing me to sit up on him.

“Easy,” he whispered as I positioned myself on top of him.

I slammed my eyes as the pressure worsened. I, on my knees, came down slowly. My body began to shake, my bones practically snapping as I moved my legs and my arms. I reached around Lucious and held onto his neck as his entire length entered into me.

“Ahhhh,” I breathed, and he embraced me tighter.

“Shh,” he whispered into my ear.

Quickly, I found his lips. Our bodies moving in unison now. The pressure growing worse as he thrust into me.

My head began to spin. I tried to imagine it: Lucious standing in the crystal falls with me in his arms. The cool water running down our backs, wetting our hair in a messy tangle. Our lips pressed against each other's tightly. Our bodies movied together to the beat of a slow, quiet drum. The vision made me relax.

I must not have heard myself moaning in sweet, pure excitement. That is until I caught his silvery eyes watching me. They locked on, a sort of startled look on his face. I continued to kiss him. Deeply, sweetly, passionately.

“That's it,” Chris's voice came out, shattering my visualization. “Slowly now... this must be his first time.”

Our lips unlocked and I buried my head into his shoulder. In embarrassment? Maybe. But more likely I had forgotten Chris was even there. Could we enjoy such craving without his eyes watching us so closely?

Lucious continued to lead, thrusting himself inside me causing my breath to come out heavy into his shoulder. When he sped up, I shut my eyes tight and prepared for the shock. Slowly, the screaming pressure had died down, leaving me in absolute ecstasy.

Moans escaped my lungs, rattling my dry throat. Never had I been so close to him. Our bodies moving as one, our hearts beating the same tune.

I noted his lips darting along my neck. The wound, that which Chris had afflicted earlier, had all but healed. Dry blood forming lines to my collar was all that remained. They must have enticed Lucious. He kissed gently, then ran his tongue down my collar tasting the remains of my spilled blood.

Too much temptation... I felt his breath heavy, his mouth open. Practically sucking on my neck, drawing the blood up to the surface of the skin. Soon, a slight pin-poke of his fangs about to stab before he caught himself.

Quickly, he withdrew his head away from my neck.

“Mmm,” I heard Chris moan loudly, “You haven't lost your touch, Lucious. But you've never been this careful with any of the others.”

Immediately, Lucious's eyes focused on Chris. They burned with anger. Like a 'don't say that', type of stare. I heard his heart thump, his body begin to tremble.

“Have a taste, Lucious.” Chris chuckled. “Trust me, there's nothing to stop you.”

His eyes continued to burn. Continued to look out at Chris in fury.

“I will not!” Lucious said.

Chris sighed, “You cannot deny, his blood calls to you. Take him, Lucious! As with all the others...” I heard Chris shuffle in his seat. “So many have come and gone from these doors, and yet I have never seen you under such enchantment. We should have done this much sooner.”

Lucious quickly hid his face from Chris's view, burying his eyes under his and my falling hair.

I twitched, keeping my head buried on Lucious's shoulder, with my mind wondering as to Chris's words. I couldn't ask what it was all about, not like this, but I desperately wondered what happened in the three years we had been apart.

However, it could all wait... until tomorrow.