154. End of the Civil War
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The group continues the journey.


Izuna spots the enemy ninjas hiding in ambush.

"We are there. I can see them in a distance."

Ao informs Fuji and the group as he monitors his surroundings with the Byakugan.

"It's time for payback. We will eradicate the tumour of Kiri… once and for all." Fuji signals the hidden anbu members.

Whoosh… whoosh…

The Anbu Members make some hand signs.

'Co-operation Ninjutsu: Demonic Illusion: Steaming Mirage Mirror Genjutsu'

The group of shinobi slams their hands on the ground. Multiple water vapours in the atmosphere coalesce in front of them.

The water mirrors reflect light and create a wide area of Genjutsu in the area.

The group slowly approaches the ambush spot.


"They are here. It's time to finish off what we started earlier."

Akifumi notices Fuji's group and signals his subordinates to finish them off with a cutthroat gesture.

Swish… Swish…

The shinobis on Akifumi's side throws multiple kunai with paper bombs towards Fuji's group.


The paper bombs explode on top of Fuji's group in an enormous explosion.

Haha… Haha…

Akifumi grins in laughter.

"Now… add the finishing touches… in case… someone survived."

"Yes… Akifumi-sama."

Anbu members make multiple hand signs.

"Water Style: Water Bullet Barrage"

They shoot multiple water bullets in rapid succession inside the dust cloud. The barrage continues for a few minutes before they finish their assault.

Whoosh… Whoosh…

One of the Anbu members who appears to be the leader of the group jumps inside the dust cloud.

'Watch out for any survivors and finish them off.'

He makes some hand gestures towards the rest of the group.

Multiple anbu members take out their kunai and blades and enter inside the Mist cloud created by their earlier technique.

"They fell for our trap."

Ao reports to Fuji. Elder Genji nods his head.

"This technique was created by the Second Mizukage… and it was one of his signature technique. Lord Gengetsu would summon his clam and create a mist field in the area to create a mirage of himself.

Later… he passed this technique to his aides while modifying it according to the group."

Elder Genji explains the origin of the technique.

"This technique works similar to a mirage in a desert. The oasis in the desert appears closer than its actual distance. So… using the countless water droplets in the atmosphere as a medium… the technique projects an illusion of us… at a faraway distance… while we are away from that place.

Lord Second was invincible with this technique. Even the Second Tsuchikage was helpless against this technique. Sadly… these shinobis aren't on his level yet… and it requires a large amount of chakra to constantly maintain this illusion."

Fuji signals to his Anbu group.

"Clean them up… also capture their leader."

Whoosh… whoosh…

The Anbu members of Fuji's group enter into the illusion.

Slash… slash…

One by one they start to slaughter the enemy anbu group who are trapped inside the genjutsu.

'The war is pretty much over at this point. What I am most interested in is the aftermath of this civil war… I wonder if there are some surprises hidden somewhere in Kiri.'

Izuna raises his eyebrow as he looks at the slaughter of the enemy anbu group.

'No matter which nation… blood is shed everywhere. Peace is a pipeline dream in this world. You need great power to achieve true peace… but again that will make it the rule of a tyrant who orders the rest of the world from the top of the world. Kaguya failed to achieve peace using such way.'

Izuna shakes his head while thinking of such a notion.

'There is no such things as eternal conflicts only eternal benefits.'

He comes to an understanding of the true nature of this world as something clicks in his mind.

'Thinking of which… what was the real reason behind the betrayal of Kaguya… why she backstabed Isshiki?... Guess… there is only one way to find it out.'



Akifumi frowns as he watches the group of his anbu enter inside the fog but not exiting it out.

"What's going on?... what is taking them so long… I wanted to see the dead bodies of the Fuji Terumi and that traitor Genji who betrayed us and joined hands with the Middle Faction."

He waves his hand and sends another group of anbu members inside the fog.

After waiting for a while… there is no sign of his anbu group anywhere.

A frown appears on his face.

"These damn idiots. I have to take the command in my own hands."

Akifumi walks in front of the Mist. He makes multiple hand signs.

"Water Release: "Raging Torrent wave"

He slams his palms on the ground and releases a large torrent of water.

The torrent sweeps through the battlefield, clearing away the mist. Some subordinates get caught in the jutsu while others manage to avoid it.


A frown appears on Akifumi's face as he notices the dead bodies of his anbus.

"It was a trap…"

Akifumi jumps back and avoids a kunai thrown his way. He notices Fuji standing at a distance.

"Unforgivable… your sins are unforgivable… you ordered your man to kill so many of the elite shinobis of the Noble Faction."

Akifumi gnashes his teeth in rage.

"I have heard enough of your crap… it was your group who attacked us first… we only counterattacked."

Fuji clenches his fists in anger.

"What are you waiting for? Capture and tie him up." He signals the Anbu group.

Crack… Crack…

Akifumi cracks his neck.

"You are underestimating the power of my Mizu clan. My Grandfather Byakuren Mizu was the first Mizukage. He attained that position solely based on his strength, and I am not a pushover either."

Whoosh… whoosh…

Akifumi makes multiple hand signs and slams his palms on the ground.

"Water Release: A Thousand Feeding Sharks"

A giant fountain of water erupts from the ground. The water morphs into multiple water sharks which swarm towards the Anbu group.

The sharks swarm the already exhausted anbu members.


Fuji snorts and makes some hand signs.

"Fire Release: Searing Pulse Wave"

Fuji infuses large amounts of chakra and spits out a wave of flame… the waves pulses and explodes into more flames covering a large area.

Both the Water jutsu and the Fire jutsu cancel each other, creating an enormous amount of mist.

"Let me assist you... father…" Mei dashes towards the battlefield.

"There is no need for that." Izuna stops her.

"Why?..." A confused expression appears on her face.

Izuna points towards the anbu group as he whispers to her.

"These people obey your father because of his strength… but recently they doubted his capabilities when rumors of his health were spread through the Kirigakure.

To gain their respect and trust again… Fuji-san needs to showcase his strength to them."

"Indeed…" Elder Genji agrees with Izuna.

Clang… clang…

Multiple clashes occur inside the fog as Izuna calmly observes their fight.

'Fuji Terumi has an advantage in this fight… this Akifumi Mizu has greater reserves of chakra… but Fuji has more battle experience… unless Akifumi pulls out a hidden Technique from his ass… there is no way Fuji will lose this fight.

But… it is still a miracle… Fuji Terumi can fight in such a serious condition… I wonder how he survived this long.'

He notices a large lump of flesh clumped in Fuji's lungs.

'This is a strange disease… I have never seen before. Itachi's illness blocks his chakra pathway in the lungs… but in Fuji's case, it has become a part of his flesh. Maybe… I can study it to find a cure for Itachi's illness.'

Clang… clang…

Fuji and Akifumi engage each other for a while.


Akifumi jumps back and makes multiple hand signs.

"Mizu clan Secret Technique: Water Release: Endless Drizzle of Death"

He clasps his hands together.

Pitter… Patter…

Multiple water droplets coalesce behind Akifumi. Akifumi stretches out his palms and directs them towards Fuji.

Whoosh… whoosh…

The water droplets shoot towards Fuji at near-supersonic speeds.

Fuji makes multiple hand signs in a matter of seconds as he slams his palms on the ground.

"Lava Release: Smouldering Geyser of Flames"

Burble… Burble…

Multiple lava pits appear on the ground as various columns of lava erupt from them. The lava columns block the water bullet rain.


A large column of Lava erupts beneath Akifumi and scorches him.


Akifumi yells in agony and passes out.

Cough… Cough…

Fuji coughs a little and falls to the ground. Mei hurriedly supports him.

"It has been a while since I pushed myself this much."

Fuji turns towards the anbu group and signals them.

"Tie him up… we need to interrogate him."

The Anbu group captures Akifumi and Elder Genji places a sealing talisman to seal his chakra.

"Ao… search through his memories… we may find some clues about Wakan's death from him."

Ao nods his head and approaches Akifumi.

He makes a hand seal and places his hand on Akifumi's head.

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