186. Girlfriend meets Parents
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A week later,

At Konoha Entrance,

Izuna stands at the entrance together with Kakashi and Might Guy.

Heave ho… heave-ho…

Guy is performing some push-ups as he waits for the guest. Kakashi is silently resting against the village wall as he is engrossed in the latest edition of the Icha Icha series.

"Guy… you should relax once in a while. Too much training will burden your body."

Izuna stares at Guy and remarks.

"This is the prime of my youth. How can I sit idly by and let my youthful energy to waste? Heave ho…"

Guy continues to perform his pushups.


Izuna shakes his head and questions him.

"Guy… you consider me and Kakashi as your rival, right?"


Guy stops his pushup and jumps in the air, and spins as he stands erect.

"Yes… I the mighty green beast of Konoha is the eternal rival to Silent Shinigami Izuna Uchiha and the Copy Ninja Kakashi Hatake."


Guy flashes his smile as he gives a thumbs up and winks to complete his 'Nice Guy' pose. Kakashi raises his head and nods his head before returning to his reading.


Izuna nods his head.

"You are indeed our rival, but there is one place where you lose to both of us. No… you aren't even in the competition."

Izuna smirks at Guy.


Guy's eyes widen in surprise.

"How could it be? How can I, the almighty Noble green beast of Konoha, lose to my rivals? My hot bloodiness and youth will never surrender."

Guy clutches his fists tightly as tears flow from his eyes.

Kakashi closes his book and turns to Izuna with a confused expression.

"I am also curious to know about the details."


Izuna has a smile on his face as he reveals.

"It is…"

"It is…" Both Guy and Kakashi close on him.

"It is…"

"It is…" Guy almost falls over Kakashi.

"It is love."

"Love…" Kakashi and Guy stare at Izuna in confusion.

Guy scratches his forehead and questions Izuna.

"Izuna… I have heard about your affair. But when did Kakashi got a girlfriend?" Guy turns to Kakashi.

"Kakashi… you betrayed me. We made a promise to stay single forever since the academy." He hugs Kakashi's thighs.


Kakashi kicks away Guy and turns to Izuna.

"Izuna, what are you talking about? Why am I not aware of my own love life?"

He curiously asks Izuna.

"Well… of course you aren't aware of it. It is a one-sided crush on girl's part."

Kakashi points a finger towards himself.

"Crush on me."


"Are you talking about Rin?" Kakashi closes his eyes as he reminisces his memories of his past team.

"No… no…"

Izuna hurriedly denies preventing Kakashi from falling into self-remorse.

"Do you remember the mission you carried for your Jounin exam?" Izuna asks him.

"Well… I do." Kakashi nods his head.

"It was in the Land of Keys I had to carry an escort mission there." Kakashi narrates the incident.

"So… you remember the girl you met crying while passing through one of the villages."


Kakashi tries to remember the incident.

"Yes… there was a village girl who lost her way back to the village. I just pointed the way to her and just comforted her by explaining to look above to clouds to find her way."

Kakashi shrugs his shoulders.

"So… you did remember."

Izuna nods his head.

"Recently, I had a mission to the Land of Keys. While on my way, I passed through a shinobi village called Jomae. I met with a girl named Hanare who recognized my Konoha headband.

The girl approached me and inquired about you… Kakashi."

Izuna takes out a picture from his pocket and passes it to Kakashi.

"She is quite beautiful."

Guy nods his head.

"Kakashi… my rival. My charm lost to you." Guy admits defeat and sulks in a corner.

Kakashi curiously inspects the photo as he tries to remember the features of the girl from his memories.

"She is indeed similar to the girl from my memories. But that's all. I don't feel any love or attraction towards her."

Kakashi shakes his head and pockets the picture.


"Then why are you pocketing the picture?" He asks Kakashi.

"Well… I don't know. But I would like to meet with her." Kakashi scratches his head.

"I see." Izuna nods his head.


Guy grabs Kakashi's shoulder and gives thumbs up to him.

"Kakashi… the springtime of youth has finally arrived for you. Cherish it with all your heart. Don't let go of this opportunity."

"But Guy…"

"No… Kakashi… I understand it." Guy pats Kakashi's shoulder.

"Now let me inform this matter to Asuma, Kurenai, and all of our other friends. Finally… the loner Kakashi has found his true love."


Guy jumps on top of a roof and flickers away.

"Oi… Oi… Guy… don't spread false rumors about me." Kakashi follows Guy.


"Oi… you bastards… stop ditching all the work on me."


Izuna sighs and shakes his head.

"Maybe… Kakashi would be able to find true love this time."


"They are here."

Izuna raises his head and stares in a distance.

Whoosh… whoosh…

Multi Kiri Ninja appears in front of the village.

Izuna slowly walks towards the group and stops in front of Mei.

"You took your sweet time… Honey." He smiles at her.

"Ho… Honey." A blush appears on Mei's face as she turns away her head.


Ao clears his throat.

"We came across a minor problem along the way."

"Anyway… I Izuna Uchiha welcomes you on behalf of Konohagakure. I represent Hokage-sama as her student and well, she is busy with some other important tasks." Izuna welcomes the group.

"But… but… it is disrespectful."

One of the Elder who accompanied the group protests.

Crack… crack…

Izuna cracks his knuckles and turns towards the elder.

"You want more respect… Ossan."


The elder gulps his saliva and furiously shakes his head.


Mei elbows him in his guts.

"Ouch… that hurts. Be a little gentle with your boyfriend."

"Stop fooling around and lead the way." Mei angrily glares at him.

"Ok… ok fine."

Izuna leads the group inside the village as he explains.

"I would be the person-in-charge for this bout of chunnin exam."

Izuna turns towards one of the gatekeepers and remarks.

"Oi… Kotetsu… lead our genin guests to the special inn arranged for them."

Kotetsu points towards himself.

"Mm… Me."

"Yes… Is there someone else who goes by the name of Kotetsu?" Izuna questions him.

"No… no. I will lead them."

Kotetsu leads the Kiri group towards their residence.

"You wait with me."

Izuna grabs Mei's hand and stops her.


Mei nods her head and stops.

"But… But Mizukage-sama… your safety is of most concern."

The elder tries to protest again.

"Oi… Ossan… do you think she would be safer with you bunch than being with me?"

Izuna snaps at the Old Elder.


Mei elbows him again.

"Don't be so mean to elder Gowakichi. He is worried about my safety in another village."

"But ain't my words true."


Mei silently nods her head.


An imaginary arrow pierces through the heart of Ao and the rest of the Kiri anbu guards as they drop their head in depression.

"No, no… it's not like that. What I mean is I trust your capabilities too… but it is just that… it is…"

Mei tries to appease her Anbu guards.

"It's fine… Mizukage-sama. We understand."

One of the Older Anbu guards nods his head and follows Kotetsu.

The rest of the Anbu guards follow his lead.

"No… no… wait… I… I just…"

Mei flusters as she is unable to explain to them.

"Let them go. They were just bothering us."

Izuna tries to calm her down.


Mei elbows him again.


"Whose fault was this, to begin with?"

"Not me."

Izuna smiles as he shakes his head.



Mei snorts at Izuna.

"Ok… ok… calm down." Izuna calms her down.

"Let's go to Uchiha compounds. My parents are eager to meet with you, especially my Mother."

Izuna leads her towards the Uchiha compounds.


Mei gulps her saliva as she questions him.

"Would it be fine? It's my first-time meeting with them." Mei anxiously asks him.

"Daijoubu… Daijoubu… Everything will be alright. Just come with me."

Izuna tries to calm down her nervousness.

Mei tightly clutches his hand as she follows him.

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