Chapter 151 – I-I’m stuck! W-wait, What Are You Doing Step-Bro? Part I (18+)
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“Aaaaah, I’m really stuck!!” said the busty fit amazonian with the goddess tier body called Vesta. She was one of the very first amazon tribal women that Devon had ever encountered, back at the mouth of the forest alongside her partner Echo.

Always poised and proper, it was strange to see the voluptuous tribal healer completely tied up and swallowed up by the dwarven tent contraption, with just her ass and thighs sticking out and exposed to the elements. The moonlight casted a rather luscious gradient across her perked up almost bare butt that kept dancing and swaying, making Vesta’s lower half look like a lusty little vixen caught in a trap all defenseless in a collapsible tent…

It was still pouring rain and thundering outside, but thankfully their small tent was situated right underneath the rock cliff wall at the mouth of the cave. Besides a few wisps of rain getting blown towards them by the wind, Devon and Vesta’s ass hanging out from between the tent entanglement were more or less dry. 

She was wearing only a tribal dress around the lower half of her body, and so her ass was almost completely bare except for a thin piece of brown fabric underwear covering her feminine modesty. 

Devon was faced with a choice here.

Did he do the responsible thing, and help her out of her tent predicament so that they could keep watch for the rest of the night laboriously for the safety and prosperity of the rest of the party?

Or… did he push that tiny little piece of fabric to the side?

What the heck, it was just a piece of fabric anyway, Devon thought. As dastardly and bold as ever, Devon defied all odds and pulled down his pants, his big wang flopping out into the moonlit rock cavern entrance for breath of fresh mountainous air, the rain and thunder still going off like crazy in the background. 

Taking a deep breath of the fresh and damp night air, mister porcupine stretched itself out a little bit, extending its arms into a big yawn. Why mister porcupine, you ask? Well, Devon’s several days unshaven pubes made his little jumbo junior look a lot like a cute porcupine. When exposed to the outdoors, mister porcupine stretched and grew and grew and grew until it was swelled up into a confident puffed chest, saluting the fantasy world and all its inhabitants for another nice day to be outside. 

And right in front of mister porcupine was a huge mound of ass, with a golden glowing tan that radiated healthiness, the mound of fatty goodness just wagging and jiggling like no one’s business. 

As much as mister porcupine liked the fresh breeze on its back, it also liked sticking its body in places it didn’t quite belong. And right in front of it was a mount of juicy and tender suppleness, just like mister porcupine liked it. A hand parted that pesky piece of fabric that covered that mound of sun kissed jiggliness from mister porcupine, and without asking too many questions about the how and the why, jumbo porcupine junior dove right into Vesta’s quivering booty. 

“I-I’m stuck! Hey, can you help me out of– Huh?” said Vesta’s slightly muffled voice from within the tent. “H-huh???? Devon, what are you doing??”

But it was too late. 

Aiming right into the tiny gaping slit between those beautiful peachy pussy lips, mister porcupine entered Vesta’s puffy vagina with the force of a thousand suns, cramming jumbo train junior right into Squishyville with the grace of a jackhammer on concrete. 

Devon closed his eyes with bliss, completely incognizant and uncaring of the consequences of any of his reckless actions in this new world.

On mister porcupine’s travels around the world and the seven seas, he was becoming quite known as a loose jackal and a rabble-rouser, always brashly diving straight on ahead without any fear of the dangers of the world. 

Without further ado, mister porcupine found itself fully buried inside the warm and divinely pleasurable pussy of a beautiful busy tribal healer named Vesta. 

It felt so good in there that the junior rabble-rouser wanted to stay in there forever, and ever, and ever, and ever. 

“D-did you just stuff something into my pussy?” Vesta shouted with a tinge of pain and confusion in her voice. Her voice was still muffled by the tent around her. “W-what the hell?!!” 

“It hurts!” 

“Ahh… ahh… ahhh…” the busty amazon moaned, her alluring perked up ass receptive of the sudden ramming that it just received out of nowhere. 

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