234 The Best Decision I Made
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Su Yan glanced back at the road to see if there was something lying around. He couldn’t spot anything. Maybe this was the moment where he should demand his phone back and really call the ambulance? That kind of stumbling wasn’t normal, was it?

"Ah Chang …"

Nie Chang raised a hand to interrupt him. "It’s alright. Just … how did you suddenly come up with that?"

"What do you mean suddenly? You were the one who talked about it first."

"Wasn’t I explaining how to earn money with coding?"

"Yes. And you said that people would pay to get a timer and a calculator incorporated in their editor so they could type faster because they want to earn more money. Doesn’t this mean it’s possible to earn money with writing?"

Nie Chang grimaced. He had just wanted to take an example that Su Yan could understand so he had made up something on the spot that had to do with what Su Yan liked. How had that managed to backfire?

Su Yan took his silence as an agreement. "I think the idea is pretty good. Look, I’m already writing so much anyway. If there aren’t any customers around in the shop, I’m even using that time. So what if I could really earn money with writing? Then I’d earn double the amount that I have now. Wouldn’t we have enough money to buy our house in no time then?"

Nie Chang cleared his throat. "Well …"

"See? You think so too. Ah, it’s such a brilliant idea!" He stopped walking again and scuttled closer to Nie Chang’s side. With a big grin, he cupped his cheeks and tiptoed to kiss him. Muah! "You’re really the very best boyfriend. Moving in together with you is almost the best decision I made in my life."

Nie Chang swallowed the protest in regards to Su Yan’s so-called 'calculation' and focused on the final evaluation. Everything else could be discussed later. "Almost?"

"Of course!"

"Then what was the best one? Or … the better ones if there’s more than one."

"Well, for one that’s getting together with you last week. If I hadn’t decided on that, then we wouldn’t be able to move in together, would we?"

"Mn. That’s very true."

"And then …"

"Oh? There really is more than that?"

"Sure! There’s one other decision I made. Guess what?" Su Yan hugged Nie Chang’s arm and walked down the road with him while grinning widely. Ah, this was too great!

"I’m not sure." He really didn’t know and even if he did, he wouldn’t say it. Su Yan’s face almost screamed 'You’ll never guess what great thing I thought of!' If he managed to get it right by fluke, wouldn’t his darling be sad? He couldn’t ruin this for him. "I actually think getting together was the best choice already. What else could there be?"

Su Yan lifted a finger in front of Nie Chang’s face. "Obviously … it’s deciding on you!"

"Ah?" Nie Chang’s brows lifted. "Wasn’t that your last point already? Does it count double?"

Su Yan frowned. "How could that be? No! It’s obviously about choosing you as my handsome big brother Nie when we were little. Didn’t you tell me about it? Imagine what would have happened if my mother didn’t have that great idea or if my eye-sight was any worse and I decided on somebody else? Or what if you had been too mean back then so that I would have given up?

"Then we wouldn’t have spent all those years with each other and you wouldn’t have fallen in love with me and then you wouldn’t have gone out with me last Saturday and then I wouldn’t have decided to get together with you and then we’d never move in together."

Su Yan’s eyes widened at that thought and he once again stopped, looking up at his boyfriend as if the apocalypse was going to descend on them the very next moment. "Wouldn’t that have been a disaster?"

Nie Chang very cooperatively nodded. "Of course. I really can’t imagine being without you. My life would be awful."

"Definitely!" Su Yan patted his arm. "But you don’t have to worry. I’m already with you and I won’t leave you. Ah, but just imagining what could have happened if we really didn’t get to know each other is terrible. Who do you think I’d have gotten together with?"

Nie Chang refused to answer that. Honestly, just imagining Su Yan with somebody else made him uncomfortable. This was his little darling. Even if they were talking about some alternate universe, shouldn’t he still get a chance to become his boyfriend?

Su Yan pondered the question though. "Well, we only got together because of the system so I guess maybe that would have influenced who I get together with. Mn …" Thinking back now, the most likely suspect would have been … "Li Ming?!" Su Yan’s expression derailed. That couldn’t be! He didn’t want to get together with that guy!

Nie Chang also frowned when he heard that name. "You definitely wouldn’t have gotten together with him."

"But he kissed me." Su Yan looked at his boyfriend a moment before he blinked. "Actually, he even kissed me before you did."

Nie Chang coughed. Was his darling trying to rub salt into his wounds? "I know. Could we not bring this up again? You definitely wouldn’t have gotten together with him!"

Su Yan nodded. "Yeah. That’s not very likely. I think so too. I mean he’s more of a second male lead, isn’t he?"

Nie Chang’s brows twitched. "Is that how you decided on getting together with me too? Am I more of a male lead material?"

Su Yan nodded. "You definitely are! The Lovely Writing System used you as an example in almost all tasks. Now that I think about it, it almost seems as if it wanted to set us up."

In the headquarters of the Heaven Corporation, a certain official fell off her chair. Who could have known that after more than a week the protagonist of her web novel would get behind the well-guarded secret of the Lovely Writing System she had sent him?!