320 Go on a Date Like Cultivators Would
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Yue Mu Gang’s lips twitched and he turned away. Never mind. He shouldn’t have tried it. Even though he liked him, it might be better for them not to be together. Not just because of what other people might say but also because they might find out that they didn’t fit as well as they thought they would.

Xue Chang Fu blinked. Why was Ah Gang turning away? Had he done anything wrong? He tilted his head. Nah, that couldn’t be! He had even been so nice to check his temperature for him! Most likely, Yue Mu Gang was super touched and felt embarrassed because of that. Mn, he should make use of the situation and further their feelings!

Thus when Su Yan and Nie Chang came back to the table and put down the tray with the tea, they were faced with the usual scene of the grim-looking Elder Yue being harassed by Sect Master Xue.

Nie Chang raised his brows but refrained from commenting. Su Yan threw the Sect Master a dark look and sat down, grabbing Nie Chang’s hand as soon as he could to show off his beautiful relationship in front of this stupid single dog! Hmph, the Sect Master could look as much as he wanted. Even if they helped him get together with the Elder, he still wouldn’t have a boyfriend as great as his!

Xue Chang Fu looked at Su Yan in confusion. Just what was he getting at, hanging onto his senior martial brother like this? Ah, youth these days … He ignored him and instead continued to cling to Yue Mu Gang. "Ah Gang, look, senior martial brother was so nice to bring us some tea. Do you want a cup? Let me get it for you!"

Yue Mu Gang reached over and grabbed a cup himself. Don’t think he hadn’t heard what Xue Chang Fu said before. He certainly wouldn’t give him a chance to drug him!

The Sect Master pursed his lips when he saw him react like that. Was there a need to be this harsh? It wasn’t like he had really drugged the tea! Clearly, the drug had been intended for the wine he wanted to get later on … Be that as it may, he could only sigh and take one of the cups for himself. Before he had the time for even a single sip, Yue Mu Gang put his cup down.

"What about the heretic practitioners now? We should have pretended enough."

The Sect Master froze. Shit! Could this guy not be so work-oriented?! He cleared his throat and reached over, rubbing Yue Mu Gang’s thigh. "Ah Gang, why are you being so restless? Could it be you want to finish this task soon so we can go and do some more fun things?"


Xue Chang Fu frowned. "Shut up, Xiao Hai! Is this a conversation a child should butt into?!"

Su Yan wanted to erupt but Nie Chang patted his hand and sent him a look. When his little darling still didn’t want to calm down, he tapped on the bracelet.

Su Yan pursed his lips but didn’t say anything else. Hmph. Alright. For the sake of their special mission, he would put up with it. But he would take revenge as soon as he was home!

With his little darling pacified, Nie Chang cleared his throat. "About the heretic practitioners … I doubt they’ll turn up in broad daylight and openly speak about their plans. Furthermore, we’re rather conspicuous together so how about splitting up? The two of you can remain here and monitor the inn and Xiao Hai and I will go and scout the city."

"Sounds great!" Xue Chang Fu flashed him a smile that read 'You’re the best, senior martial brother!' and snuggled up even closer to Yue Mu Gang. "What do you think? Isn’t that a great idea?"

The Elder looked at Nie Chang doubtfully before glancing at Xue Chang Fu. Maybe … this wouldn’t be too bad? At the very least, he could pretend they were doing this for whatever mission.

He finally nodded but pushed Xue Chang Fu off. "When do we meet up again?"

"In two or three hours. We’ll see what Xiao Hai and I can find out in that time. We’ll come back here." He nodded at the two of them and stood up, pulling his little darling to his feet too.

Su Yan didn’t want to leave but he could hardly bring that up in front of these two people so he had to follow Nie Chang outside after another dark look at Xue Chang Fu. As soon as they left the inn, he tugged at Nie Chang’s sleeve. "Why are we leaving? Aren’t we supposed to help set them up? How can we do that when we’re not there? And we only have one day to finish the task or I’ll get some punishment!"

Nie Chang sighed and wanted to put his arm around Su Yan’s shoulders like always when he remembered that they were in ancient times now. Damn. Never mind that those long sleeves would be a nightmare when doing that, it also wouldn’t fit the image of Grandmaster Ziju.

Nie Chang sighed again and just patted Su Yan’s back. "I know, I know. But I feel like leaving the two of them alone with each other will have the best effect under these circumstances. Furthermore, it’s easier for us too. We can finally take a look at our progress and don’t have to constantly fear being exposed by those too. And …" He stopped and grabbed Su Yan’s hands. "Don’t you also want to try and have a date in ancient times once in your life? It’ll be fun strolling around and doing whatever a pair of cultivators might do, don’t you think?"

Su Yan blinked. Eh? So Nie Chang had done this because he wanted to have a date with him? Aw, he just knew that he had the best boyfriend!

Su Yan didn’t think any further. He tiptoed, cupped Nie Chang’s cheeks and kissed him, not caring at all that they were standing right in front of the inn and that the people sitting inside could see them through the window.