327 Where Did All Those Artifacts Come from?
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Xue Chang Fu turned to the door with bloodshot eyes. Forget about Yue Mu Gang! He had tried to seduce him for several decades and hadn’t made any progress. It wasn’t like he would magically forget about being so straitlaced for once and take him up on the offer. No, right now, it was much more important to find out about this ridiculous story and make sure his sect hadn’t suffered any losses!

Unfortunately, the two people who walked in were none other than Ziju An and his disciple and they seemed to be in a good mood. Fuck this! Don’t tell him it was true! His senior martial brother wouldn’t really have exchanged a level seven spirit artifact for a common tanghulu, would he?!

He anxiously waited for the two of them to come over and leaned over the table, almost grabbing onto Nie Chang’s sleeve. "Senior martial brother! Tell me that you didn’t exchange the Seal of Doom for a tanghulu!"

Nie Chang froze but finally patted Su Yan’s back and smiled. "I wouldn’t lie to my junior martial brother."

"You … But … But why?!" Xue Chang Fu straightened up, his expression horrified. How could this be?! His sect wasn’t that rich, ah! How could his senior martial brother be so extravagant?!

Nie Chang blinked his eyes as if he couldn’t understand the Sect Master’s reaction at all. "Xiao Hai wanted to eat tanghulu. As his Master, I naturally had to fulfill this little wish of his." He scrunched up his brows. "Unfortunately, I had neither copper coins nor spirit stones on me. So what else was I supposed to do other than selling off something I had in my possession?"

"But …" Xue Chang Fu turned to the person next to him for help but Yue Mu Gang turned stiff. The Sect Master turned back and gritted his teeth. "Why a level seven artifact though? You could have sold something else off!"

Su Yan looked from his boyfriend to the Sect Master and furrowed his brows. "It’s not like he didn’t try. He also offered some Hairpin of Healing. But that stall owner just couldn’t decide so in the end, he gave that Seal of Doom to one of the cultivators around us. I think he did really well!" Su Yan hugged his boyfriend’s arm and pursed his lips at Xue Chang Fu.

How dare this guy badmouth Nie Chang! His boyfriend had done all of that just for him! He had even thought ahead so that he could buy him lots of tasty other stuff! Where else could you find this kind of great boyfriend? Hmph. This Xue Chang Fu was just angry that he didn’t have someone as great as Nie Chang at his side!

Su Yan eyed Yue Mu Gang and snorted before turning back to Nie Chang. As expected, his own boyfriend was much better! He looked better and he was nicer too. Nie Chang was the best catch out there!

Xue Chang Fu took a deep breath but still didn’t feel calm enough. "I need a drink."

"I’ll get one!" Su Yan shot up only for the other three men to look at him strangely. He pursed his lips and huffed. "What? I can’t go get drinks?" He extended his hand to Yue Mu Gang and looked at him expectantly.


"Money! You can’t expect Ah —" He coughed. "Uh, you can’t expect my Master to give me money to buy the Sect Master drinks, can you?"

Yue Mu Gang looked at Ziju An who had tensed and finally fished out some copper coins from his spatial ring. Well, it had been Xue Chang Fu who asked for that drink … Looking at how happy Xiao Hai seemed after his Master had brought that tanghulu for him, maybe Xue Chang Fu would also be happy if he paid for the drink? He glanced at him but the Sect Master still looked depressed.

Yue Mu Gang looked away again. It seemed he wasn’t good at this. Maybe …

Just when he wanted to pull back, he caught the gaze of the person opposite them. He wasn’t sure if he was imagining things but … It seemed like Ziju An wanted to encourage him?

He gulped and turned back to Xue Chang Fu. Seeing him still mope because of the lost artifact, he cleared his throat and took his hand.

Xue Chang Fu froze. Huh? What was happening here? Had Yue Mu Gang taken his hand? His eyes widened and he looked up at him questioningly.

Yue Mu Gang cleared his throat again. Being faced with this inquisitive gaze, he didn’t know how to proceed. Uh … It seemed Xue Chang Fu felt miserable because that level seven artifact had gone to somebody else and not the sect? Then …

"You … you can take this for the sect." With that, something was pressed into Xue Chang Fu’s hand. Yue Mu Gang took his own hand back and awkwardly turned away. He wanted to see what kind of expression Xue Chang Fu would make but he didn’t dare to look. What if Xue Chang Fu wasn’t happy?

Beside him, the Sect Master stared at the spiritual artifact in his hands blankly. Uh … Could somebody tell him where all these high-leveled artifacts were coming from today? Could it be they were being sold at the market square? If yes, then please say so, ah! He also wanted to go and strike a bargain!

Opposite them, Nie Chang tried hard not to laugh. This couple … Just how had Su Yan come up with them? They obviously loved each other but still were so awkward sitting next to each other. Seeing them, he felt like … there was actually someone in the world who had an even harder time to get together with the person they liked than he had before last week.

Mn, come to think of it, maybe this couple was based on them. It wouldn’t be that strange considering that Su Yan didn’t have any other experience with romance. Although … looking at Xue Chang Fu’s way of doing things, he felt that there was still interference from the system. Otherwise, there was no way the Sect Master would be so pro-active in making this relationship bloom. Well, maybe someday Su Yan would be just like that.