60. ~Influence~
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Chapter Fourteen

Yatsu rushed Sasha the rest of the way to her house. He threw the door open and commanded the twins to gather rags and bandages while they cooped up in the bathroom. Yatsu dabbed, wiped and wrapped Sasha’s wounds up.

Sasha stayed still the best she could. The cuts didn’t hurt, but every time Yatsu touched her, a playful fire danced up her arm.

He tied the last bit of bandage with a bow and breathed deep. “I don’t know if that’s-”

Sasha leaned forward and kissed him, pulling back slowly. Lightning bounced through her body.

The more she kissed him, the more she wanted to, needed to. His touch eased her. Kissing him set her body aflame.

Now it’s my turn to clean.

Sasha picked up a rag and dipped it in warm water. Bandages making it difficult.

“What-what are you doing?” Yatsu asked.

She raised the rag to his cheek. “You’re dirty,” she proceeded to brush his face and forehead. She took his hand, wiping every finger, the back of his hand, and up his sleeve.

“So I am…” he said.

She wiped away blood and sweat, and scrubbed at his clothes but Yatsu stopped her. She frowned.
“Don’t hurt yourself more,” he said.

“They’re stained anyway, no good,” I’ll go grab some of dad’s clothes. “Take them off.”

Yatsu froze… again.

“They’re dirty,” Sasha grabbed his shirt and lifted up, over his head.
Yatsu lifted his arms and his shirt came off. Sasha tossed it at the closed door and reached for his pants. Yatsu caught her arms, stopping her, his face turning red.

“I-I’ll do that,” he stuttered. “But first we should clean up… and I need to shower.”

Sasha looked around, and admired the mess they made. Red art painted white rags, dotted the floors, and smeared Yatsu’s pants. The metallic aroma threatened to clog her breathing.

Yatsu’s bare chest.

Yatsu’s red-stained hands.

This wasn’t just art, they made this together.

Sasha stared deep into Yatsu’s eyes.

His hands tensed around her wrists. She leaned closer.

“It’s beautiful Yatsu~”

She kissed him.


She pushed into him.


He fell back, and she fell on top of him, lips never parting.

“Sasha-” Yatsu squirmed, but he wasn’t getting away. Sasha kissed him more and


A knock on the door scared Sasha upright.

“Come in!” She said in reflex.

Miya pushed open the door and entered holding some spare clothes. Luna stood behind her. Miya’s eyes opened wide and she dropped the spare clothes on the floor.

“W-what are you doing?”

Luna’s eyes also grew, darting between Yatsu and Sasha, sparkling with interest.

“Come Luna,” Miya pushed the things Luna was holding to the floor. “Our sister is being a bad influence, straddling Yatsu like that.”


With increased effort, Miya dragged the beaming Luna out of the bathroom, closing the door behind them.

Yatsu breathed heavily.

“Are you okay?” Sasha asked him, backing up, wrapping her arms around his torso.

He’s so warm.


“Hm?” Sasha hugged him tighter.

“We should clean up.”

“In a minute.”