3. ~Little Pink Bunny Rabbit~
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Eva didn't show up the second day. She helped Sasha avoid overhearing meaningless conversations. Sasha tried to block them out, and almost succeeded in turning them all into white noise, but instead that just made one voice stand out above the rest.

"-a mess when I saw her yesterday, you should have seen her hair! It was almost pure white but with black spots all over, like a dog," a girl chuckled.

Sasha spun around in her chair.

The girl sat on a desk, students crowded all around her.

"I know where she lives,” the girl continued. “-and I know her parents aren't home."

White spotted hair? Did Eva try and-? “Who was that?” Sasha interrupted.

The girl glared at Sasha. “Ev-a,” she replied, pronouncing the name wrong. “You want to join us?”

Sasha stood up, her chair screeched the floor.

Eva was an honest girl, a shy one. Someone who didn't like to be picked on. I thought she left the bullying behind. If her bully is in this school- Sasha glared back at the girl. Her straight brown, average hair would be a good reason to be jealous of Eva.

The girl grew taller as Sasha stepped closer. Sasha shivered with excitement, it was like she was about to fight a strong opponent.

"You know where Eva lives?" Sasha asked her calmly.

The girl nodded. "Yes, and it is Ev-a if you-”

"-write down the address for me," Sasha interrupted her again.

Hot anger flashed in the girl's eyes before another girl leaned over and whispered into her ear. Her expression changed as if she suddenly understood something.

"You are Ev-a's new friend? So are you supposed to be a little pink bunny rabbit then? You two girls like playing dress-up?" She grabbed her own hair making pig-tales like Sasha's, and bounced on top of her desk.

A few people chuckled. Sasha stood her ground.

"Are you going to give it to me or do I have to beat it out of you?” Sasha's voice turned ice-cold.

The girl frowned. The rest of the students in the room grew quiet.

"You've got some guts,” the girl responded. “I'll be waiting for you after school."

Some students gasped.

Sasha chuckled. "Where should we meet? I'll be there, just make sure you have Eva's address written down for me when I arrive.” Maybe I'll get a real fight.

The girl took out a pen and paper, wrote something handed it over.

It wasn't exactly the place Sasha expected this girl to name.

The day before, Eva prevented her from entering two different areas while showing her around. One was a room inside the school where popular kids gathered, and the other was outside the school in a private space between three of the school's walls where you would find the infamous delinquents. That was the area the girl named. Cameras didn't overlook that area because the school budget couldn't afford to buy a new one every week.

Sasha brought the paper back to her desk.

"Make yourself at home when you get there, I might arrive a few minutes late," the girl said just before the teacher walked into the room, sending everyone else scrambling to their seats.

For the rest of the day, Sasha listened to rumours of a pink haired girl going to get beat up after school. It was really hard to concentrate during any of her classes. At least it drowned out any mention of E-va.