64+. ~April Fools~
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Still eight years ago.

Sasha climbed down the stairs. Her twin sisters huddled in the corner, eyes wide. Staring between her and Nami.

"Don't worry, I put her to sleep, she won't hurt us," Sasha walked to Nami and kicked her.  "See-?"

Suddenly Nami's hand grabbed Sasha's ankle.

"Where... are you... going?"

Sasha shivered as Nami let her go and climbed back to her feet.

"Now then,” Nami smiled. “What was I doing again? Oh look at this mess!" She bent over and picked up some railing. "You girls stay away from here and play while I pick this up."

“Huh?” Sasha stood frozen, terrified. Something is wrong.

Nami is cleaning… with a smile… like nothing happened… like she’s…

“Do-do you still want me to clean the bathroom?” Sasha asked.

Nami looked back at Sasha with a raised eyebrow. “I can get that sweetheart, just have fun today.”

And this is where I tell you guys this was an April Fools joke and Nami actually doesn’t get back up. I couldn't figure out a direction to take so I just can't commit to this.