66. ~Fuzzy~
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“You can visit her now,” a nurse informed Yatsu as she left Sasha’s hospital room. “She should take it easy and rest for a day or two, otherwise she’s free to go.”

Yatsu stood up and was about to ask the nurse a question, but she was already walking down the hall.

She left in a hurry. Yatsu entered the room.

Sasha was sitting up in her karate gi, glancing around, swinging her feet.

“Yatsu!” She hopped off the bed and crashed into him.

“Ooof,” Yatsu absorbed the impact and hugged her back, patting her head. “Sasha?”

Sasha hugged him tighter. “You’re fuzzier than usual,” she said and looked up at him from his chest. “I want to kiss you,” she reached up and drew him in.

Yatsu put a finger to her lips, stopping her.

Fuzzier than usual?

“Before that,” Yatsu said. “What are-”

Sasha removed his finger and pressed her lips to his.

For a moment she froze before backing away. “I want you to kiss me back,” she pouted, sapphire eyes twinkling.

His heart skipped a beat. She’s too cute! “Fuck it,” he kissed her back.

Sasha trembled in his arms. Yatsu provided support and lost himself. He wanted to embrace her, to taste her... He deepened the kiss.

“Mhm,” The nurse interrupted, standing in the doorway.

Yatsu pulled away from Sasha.

She set down a piece of paper on a nearby chair. “Doctor’s note for skipping school,” she said and retreated again.

Sasha hung like a rag doll in Yatsu’s arms, mouth open, breathing heavy. Yatsu stood her upright, still providing support. Her legs wobbled.

“Are you okay?” Yatsu asked.

Sasha shivered and squeaked.

Yatsu didn’t understand the squeak, but her smile provided an answer.

“Let’s go home.”

She nodded.