69. ~School~
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Note: I gave these girls names because Yatsu would have, at least vaguely, knew the names. So in the previous scene where Yatsu met them on the rooftop during lunch(67. ~Invitation~) I gave them names now. Becka is the Scrawny or Thin girl(the leader), Roxy is the black haired girl, Steph is the Blonde(also AKA Butterfingers (29. ~Scribbling~). Sasha will still refer to them as "Scrawny" or whatever in her perspective unless she ends up learning the names. Also added them to the Glossary.

Recap: Yatsu was confronted by three girls on the rooftop during lunch while both Eva and Sasha was absent(Sasha because she had collapsed after performing a kata for Yatsu during Karate class the day before). Those girls invited Sasha, him and Eva to where 'the popular kids hung out'. Yatsu told Sasha about the invitation over a cup of hot chocolate.

The last bell rang and Yatsu stood outside Sasha’s classroom door watching other students walk past him.

The girls never specified a time to visit them and Sasha didn’t want to visit them in the morning, nor at lunch, so they planned a quick after-school visit.

And If we don’t go at all I don’t think those girls ever will ever leave Sasha alone.

Yatsu shuffled his bag from one shoulder to the other and suddenly an arm wrapped around his. Beautiful sapphires staring up at him.

“Hello there, are you ready?” Yatsu asked.

Sasha tightened her hold. “Now I’m ready.”

Walking through the halls with a girl hanging off him, Yatsu probably made it look awkward. It wasn’t an abnormal thing to see in school, but it was Sasha. One at a time, students turned their heads and whispers quickly filled the halls.

No turning back now.

“Finally you two decide to show...” Becka looked us up and down, confused, but quickly regained her composure. “Where’s the third?”

“Eva didn’t show up today,” Sasha said.

“Well then, you can come in, Yatsu, make yourself at home here-” She gestured toward a living area with couches where a couple other guys sat. Including Brandon with a cast “-and Sasha, you come with me.”

She tore Sasha from Yatsu and took her to the next room. Sasha looked back just as the door closed behind them.

Now what?

“So the mighty Sasha has been conquered,” one of the guys lounging on the couch stood up, a guy Yatsu only knows as the captain of the school’s football team. “And it was an anti-social bum like you that did it,” he stood in front of Yatsu, like he meant to be intimidating.

Yatsu gestured to Brandon sitting in a wheelchair. “He intimidates me more than you do.”

“Huh, haha, funny kid. Brandon can’t even stand up because of that chick. At least he claims she pushed him into oncoming traffic,” He leaned in close and whispered. “Between you and me, I think he’s just an idiot that was lost in thought and wasn’t paying attention to where he was-”

The door to the girl’s room slammed open and Sasha stormed out catching everyone’s attention. Her hair was down. Looks like they were trying to doll her up again.

“Come back, we aren’t done yet!” Becka grabbed Sasha’s shoulder.

Sasha spun around and palmed Becka’s stomach.

“Whoa, hold on there miss,” the captain of the football team brushed past Yatsu and confronted Sasha. “Calm down Sas-”

Sasha spun to face him and kicked him hard between the legs, then walked around him.

“We’re leaving,” Sasha grabbed Yatsu’s hand.

“No you aren’t,” Roxy rushed in front of the door, blocking the path.

As Sasha bashed into Roxy to make her move out of the way, Steph grabbed Yatsu’s other arm and pulled, tearing him away from Sasha’s grasp and threw him into Becka’s arms.

“Ah,” Becka caught him around the waist and spun him to face her.. “Now you’re mine. You know your girlfriend stole something from us,” Becka leaned in close, and pushed her lips into his. “So I’m going to take you.”

Yatsu didn’t know what to do.

“You must hate being with a girl that clings to you all the time,” she whispered. “She must treat you like a toy. Why do you put up with a slut like her?”

Yatsu looked away.

Sasha fought, stomping on the toes of Steph, thrust her palm into Roxy’s nose.

Roxy threw a punch but Sasha caught her arm and twisted.

“What are you-”

Sasha twisted more.

“Ow ow, okay. You win. You Win!”

Sasha twisted it further and it popped. Roxy screamed.

The captain of the football team was stunned, still on his knees. Yatsu was frozen. What do I do?

“Yatsu,” Becka turned his attention back to her. “Tell Sasha you’re breaking up with her. Tell Sasha I’m your new girlfriend.”

“Fucking Bitch!” Steph drew a knife from the nearby counter and lunged toward Sasha.

Sasha caught her wrist and bent it back, forcing the girl to drop the knife into Sasha’s other hand.

No! She’s gunna-

Sasha, now with the knife, spun the blade around and jumped at Becka.

“No!” Yatsu, still in Becka’s grasp, spun them around so he was between them.

Sasha crashed into him, knocking them all onto the ground.

Everyone froze.

“Yatsu?” Sasha let go of the knife. “Yatsu?” She palmed his gut. “Yatsu! No! Yatsu!” A tear fell, sparkling.

Yatsu brushed her hair from her eyes. He’d never seen Sasha cry before.

“Pretty,” Yatsu said, right before his strength gave out and his world turned black.