Ch 9. A child is found!
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You…” Elina was red. I was grinning.

My little prank worked out perfectly. I made her angry and then soothed her. Well, perhaps just drew her attention elsewhere?

Albert did not try to say anything, also he was not overreacting. They are not a couple?

This is not funny!” She is still embarrassed.

My only response could be to smirk at her…

Nothing happened after that. There were no punitive actions against me. How could she, I am such a Casanova.

Now it was the time to decide whether to continue the quest. It is getting darker outside.

Reluctantly we agreed not to abandon the quest. I was about to go outside when someone grabbed my waist and dragged me towards the bed. I like to tease people but…

Why are you blushing, little fox?” Elina was surely trying to take revenge. Little does she know that…

a prank it is!

[To pa-int - her face - with - a - coal~? To - fi-ll her clothes - with a - tooth-paste~? To we-t - her bed - near - the cro-uch~? Or ju-st to let her - sleep - a-lo-ne~?]

I am such a little demon, am I?

At the dawn.


A wet, red monster with a cat-face shouted something. I am not at fault…

[Of course - I - should - just - do that a-ll~!]

They are too funny to hold back.


[When you-`ve sta-rted, - don`t ho-ld ba-ck~!]

I was forced to sit in seiza until they finished the breakfast. Were they expecting me to feel remorse?



[Guys, - you - must - ne-ver - forget - your - sa-lt~!]

You little pain… Why?” Elina was still pouting at me.

“You are fun to watch.”

How is this related to the pranks?” Albert was just sighing.

“You react much better when pranked.”


“You little bastard! Feel my wrath!” Elina, stop touching my ears!

Don`t you dare to forget about me!


I feel the luck flowing through me. I should expect something good!

We exited the town without any issues and headed in the same direction as yesterday.

I managed to launch my fighters, no issues as well, so now I was finally at ease.

On our way we found a body of a wyvern. A fresh one.

I cut off everything I could sell and suddenly heard a sound.


You received 1x Arresting wires (Rare), 3 silver coins, 1 upgrade point


Arresting wires – Allows the use of normal aircraft.

Rare: -10% chance of missing the wires on landing, -10% chance of crashing on landing.

Good, now my boys will murder themselves less. The upgrade I spent into the accuracy (AC – 5/100).

The rest of the wyvern`s body I just abandoned.

After Elina and Albert cut off some meat for themselves we continued to walk.

Aside from walking we also had time for a little stop to make a fire and cook the meat before it rots.

I wonder, why there are so many unused lands and so few fields and villages. Almost everything is just a large plain without a single tree. It took us all the daytime to walk into a small grove.

“Hey, Elina, why are there so few trees around the town?”

“When the first colonists arrived here, they started to cut down the trees for their fields and buildings. Soon they continued to cut down the forests to avoid monsters sneaking in. Then they continued to expand, to draw the monsters as far away as possible. That is why there are no forests around.”

“At least that is what the legends say.” Albert, I thank you very much.

[Actually, that appears to be true. Aerial recon confirms that there are distinctive circle patterns around the town and the villages. First they cut down trees and made fields. Then they continued to expand around the settlements in a circular pattern. Then…] I went on and on about the possible theories.

I was returned back to the reality only when the flight leader reported a large group of demon hounds to our north. They are heading in the direction of the town. For now… it is the observation time.

I decided to use this opportunity to study the pack`s behavior when under aerial attack. In other words I silently separated from you-know-who and sent my torpedo bombers to attack the hounds.

57 kg of explosives were sent towards the target. Even if most of them miss, that should cause some reactions.

30 minutes later.


You received 26 silver coins, 3 upgrade points, 1 weapon point, 1 B1M torpedo bombers group, 1 Type 99 Secondary gun

More points into accuracy (AC – 8/100).


  Aircraft groups  
Fighters - A1N Torpedo bombers - B1M Dive bombers
Installed - 1 of 8 Installed - 2 of 16 Uninstalled - 0 of 6
Flight deck Ready
Steam catapults

1- Uninstalled

2 - Uninstalled

3 - Uninstalled

4 - Uninstalled

Arresting wires Installed (Rare)
Weapon systems  
Main Gun Type 99 Rifle
Secondary Guns 2 Type 99 Rifle Installed (4 Max)
Anti-aircraft Guns 0 Installed (8 Max)

“What are you thinking about, Fuji?” (E)

I made myself blush a little.

“Elina, you took my first kiss and now you are asking me that?” I said that with embarrassment.

Erhm…” She blushed and glanced aside. I must continue doing the same… tricks.

“If you are so worried about it, why don`t you kiss me as well?” Stop grinning, you idiot.

Fo-x-fi-re ti-me.

Now that I have an actually somewhat acceptable fighting powers, I might stop depending on the naginata. It was nice knowing you.

Suddenly both Elina and Albert drew their swords.

I hear lots of steps.

Enemy inbound!

[Should I use my gear this time?]