Ch 12. Tora-tora-tora!
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It took us many bloody days to get to the edge of that forest. Why ‘that’ forest? Because it is the forest in which I was reincarnated.

“Fuji, what is the plan?” While we were still standing in the open, Elina asked me the most important question.

“First, I will send the air patrols. Second, torpedo bombers will be prepared to attacks from above.”

“What do you want to do?” (A)

“I will attack the enemy before they can do anything. While they will be emerged into the chaos of combat, we will rush in and start killing them. You will be covering me from the flanks and I will be firing my weaponry.”

“We have no bows to attack from a distance.” (E)

“We have that…”


A couple of rifle shots accompanied by some machine gun fire should persuade them that I am capable of doing the job.

That should be enough?” Albert is still skeptical about my combat powers? Not that my thoughts are different from his.

“That should be sufficient.” I said that before my voice was suppressed by a humming sound of 4 aircraft.

[Operation begins.]

We are walking towards the goblin's lair. My aircraft did their best but I still doubt that I know the location of all the enemies. To avoid detection as much as possible I decided to only line up the torpedo bombers, without starting up their engines. This will cost me more time to launch them but I believe that the ‘Rapid deployment’ should help me if we were to be attacked from an ambush.

Meanwhile, about our combat formation. Elina guards my left flank, and is supported by one of the rifles. Albert is on my right side, he would be assisted by two remaining rifles. The machine gun will be firing in front of me. I decided to maintain this formation even when we'll arrive. The aircraft will be my main offensive power until we get the direct line of sight.

[This plan is flawless. As long as the patrolling aircraft warn me about the goblins' movements.]

10 minutes left until we will arrive at the position.

“Time to make some noise.”

When I only began to accumulate my air powers I only had 4 fighters. Now I prepare to sortie 20 torpedo bombers and the fighters are ready to escort them. I still don't have enough firepower for a carpet bombing but for now the existing ones should be enough.


I swung my right arm “Take off!” and, with the thundering sound of full-throttled aircraft engines, my bombers squadron begun taking off.

I am looking down on the ground from the leader's perspective. All 5 groups have entered a tight formation. A hundred meter above the fighters circle around them as if waiting for the Union's aircraft to show up.

In a little clearing I recognized the supposed goblins' wooden shelters. Each group picked their target and each flight`s leader plotted their course.

The enemy doesn't look like they spotted the imminent attack. There is no flak fire, not even a single arrow was shot at us.

My aircraft entered a slight dive and its group prepared to follow the attack.

Each aircraft will drop its bombs with a delay to have an opportunity to change the target if the prior pilot destroyed the target.

[We still have 7 more minutes, no need to rush, boys.]


There we go!

“What happened?” (A)

“The attack has started.”

“Then… why are we still here?” (A)

Just to suffer?”

“…” (E and A)

“The bombs should be dropped before we arrive, otherwise you will get caught in a blast. Well, there is nothing that can heal becoming dust.

Why are you guys getting so scared? It's fine, even my unarmored deck can survive a couple of such hits.


Boom’ ‘Boom

3 minutes until the checkpoint ‘Something’. Guns are loaded and ready. First torpedo bombers are already circling above in queue for landing.


When an aircraft grabbed an arresting wire and landed, both Elina and Albert jumped aside and covered their heads.


“Just another happy landing. Never mind that.”



And again they both are lying on the ground and covering their heads. I found a new and interesting time spending.

Finally, after many unexpected stops for the aircraft landings, we have arrived at the place I had chosen for firing position.

The sky is not cleared yet, 30s after each landing, another plane begins descending. The clearing, where the goblins lived is now akin to the moon's surface. 40 bombs have blown this place up. And now, it is time to gun down everything that somehow survived.


One is down, and 6 more are still hiding.

Soon they will meet the same fate…