Ch 15. The master of war
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At last the caravan got out of the accursed grove.

Now that we were no longer threatened by the goblins we decided to have a short rest.

Of course instead of stopping somewhere and resting on the ground, the caravan was continuing to move. Our rest was more or less just slowing down the caravan to let both us and the horses to relax from the hurry.

I was getting tired from the merchant’s countless questions so I decided to join other ‘Rogues’.

“Here you are, Fuji. How are we doing?” (A)

“A lot of small fries. We are doing fine.”

“How about you join us?” (E)

“That is why I am here.”

[You don`t expect me to sit on your lap, right?]


[Why the hell would anyone shout?]

I was about to jump into the wagon but now I have to go back… is that merchant so much in love with me?

“What is going on?” I immediately asked him when caught up with the wagon.

“Look over there, girl!” (M)

When I finally looked what is going on ahead I found the reason of his concern.

A huge brown skinned something. My eyesight is better only because it is night vision but it doesn`t let me see at long range.

It is approaching while swinging something. The fight cannot be avoided so I will have to attack.

I ordered the caravan to stop and the idiots were left to guard it.

I can predict that whatever it is, the fight will be a problem for me.

I tried attacking it but suddenly my blade was parried without any issues. Now I got why I was expecting a bad thing. My opponent is a huge orc. And it surely knows how to fight.

I used foxfires but it has some sort of leather armor and my fires only burned it a little.

Cutting it with the blade also had almost no effect.

It is too early to become desperate but it looks like I don`t have a way to kill it, not with my skills.

While I was hesitating, it counterattacked and I had almost no time to block axe-sword-thing. My naginata’s pole is stronger than it looks like so I managed to block this one attack. Yet, I wonder if my actual armor will hold against such a strong hit.

I have no initiative in this fight, I lost my chance to attack and now I am on the defensive. Hysterically swinging the naginata might not be a skillful way to fight but at least it does its job well. But now I am on the defensive and my lack of skill is way too problematic.

Another hit almost sent me flying. This is going to be bad.

Next swing and I got hit in my chest. The armor is holding, barely. I might’ve lost a few hundred HP.

I am in a bad situation…

JUST KEEP IT BUSY!” An unknown voice shouted at me.

I kept parrying the attacks but they better hurry with whatever they are doing.

This fight is going worse and worse for me.

When the monster prepared to swing once more, an arrow hit its arm. I didn’t let this opportunity slip away and thrust the blade in the orc’s belly. The attack did little damage but it is already better than nothing.

WATCH OUT!” A feminine voice shouted something and was followed by an arrow hitting the monster.

[A warning for me? Thank you.]

My hopes of overcoming the odds were broken after the opponent kicked me with its leg.

It keeps me at some distance. It might have realized that I am not a great fighter.

‘RAAR!’ Suddenly it screamed.

ATTACK IT WHILE YOU CAN!” An unknown guy attacked its back. I am not thinking too long when it’s required. My piercing attacks don’t do much damage but that should be a start.

Of course when it realized what I am doing, it immediately hit me. Its weapon hit the top of my head.

[It’s fine, it doesn’t even hurt.]

While that huge dumbass was processing what happened and why I am still alive, it got another hit from me. I performed a point-blank foxfire attack, followed by jumping at it with the naginata. The damage I had done to its armor and my kinetic energy were enough to pierce the armor and hit the monster’s insides. With some weird sounds the orc died.

“You did great, fox. You are something.” A guy approached me.

“It was the worst of my fights.”

“Yes, but I doubt that killing it has much to do with our help.”

Another person approached me.

“Good job, you sure are a sturdy one.” An archer, her face is covered with a piece of cloth but I can see that her eyes are blue.

“Thank you for the backup.”

Is that all that you can tell us? You won the fight with the Orc King!” The guy was staring with his eyes wide opened.

“Yes, great. YOU THERE, THE ROAD IS OPEN!” I don’t care what it was, I just want to get into the town and have some sleep, damn it.

“Where are you heading?” (G)

“There should be a town somewhere. We are escorting that merchant caravan.”

Where are your companions then?” The archer looked at me with worry.

“Those two are not strong enough for that.”

“How about we accompany you as well? No money required, we just want to avoid walking there.” (G)

“Fine by me, as long as the merchant is okay with that.”

And thus we gained 2 more escorts for free.