‘Oh my, is that a side story?’ No 3.
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“An accidental company”

After the ‘dragon’ incident I had to be more cautious. It will be… bad… if I blow up something else.

The person who informed me about the incident appears to be a travelling warrior, or ‘adventurer’ as he called himself. He is accompanied by two more persons. A gentleman in a finely crafted armor and a lady in… leather armor?

Their group kindly showed me the way to the closest town. I greatly appreciate that they allowed me to accommodate myself in the room of their female companion.

I am sitting in a pub of some sort, together with them. I wonder if they treat me too kindly but I will do my best to compensate their efforts and treatment afterwards. While I was brewing my tea, I was asked.

“What’s your name?” The first person asked me.

Of course, I stood up and performed curtsy.

“My name is Delight, Her Majesty’s faithful servant.”

A noble? How did we run into her?’ The group started to discuss this.

“My apologies if my behavior troubles you.” It would be impolite to keep behaving like that if the other persons are uncomfortable.

“Erhm, Miss Delight, how did you end up… in that place?”

“I woke up in a forest, I don’t have any idea how I ended up there.”

“Here is the key to my room. This evening we will be out of the town.” The lady said that but I must ask why.

“Could you clarify?”

“Oh, sorry, we will be going to a goblin’s nest. We have a quest to exterminate them.” The knight – person responded to me.

“Oh my, I guess it is a dangerous endeavor. Why would you need to risk your lives?

'Looks like you really never left your mansion'… Erhm, we earn money by doing such things.”

[Should I ask their names so as not to think of them as ‘person A’, ‘person B’, etc.?]

[What is more important, the forest wildlife at night is more dangerous. Should I help them?]

“May I suggest my assistance?”

“So-sorry! We cannot let a person like you to take such risks!” The lady appears to be worried about me.

[Oh my, I guess… it is the time for 'unsanctioned assistance'?]

I made a decision, while finishing my tea.

I don't know if I will be able to post an actual chapter today. So, here is the SS. If I can, I will post a chapter later.