A Little Pumpkin Basking in the Moonlight (1)
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Happy Halloween, everyone! Since it's the season we're going to go on a little adventure with our little bunny. There are four chapters overall that I'll spread out over the rest of the day. So stay tuned! :)

Yun Bei Fen looked up at his second senior martial brother with dissatisfaction. "Second senior martial brother, where’s first senior martial brother?"

Yan Hong Min raised his brows in mock surprise. "Why? Wasn’t there something you wanted to ask? You can just ask me! I’m already here!"

Yun Bei Fen shook his head. "But this is first senior martial brother’s house!" Wasn’t that why he had come here?

"Is that so important? I think you can ask people questions at all places. So even if we’re in first senior martial brother’s house right now, you can still ask me. So what is this about?"

Yun Bei Fen pursed his lips and looked around. He didn’t want to ask his second senior martial brother. First senior martial brother was much better at answering his questions!

Yan Hong Min’s brows twitched when he saw that expression. Could it be his little junior brother despised him? Or did he just not trust in his ability? "Aiya, little bunny, don’t be like this! Just tell me what it’s about. I’m sure I’ll be able to give you an answer that’s at least as good as the one first senior martial brother could give you!"

Yun Bei Fen still looked skeptical. "You haven’t even told me where first senior martial brother is yet! And what were you doing here?"

Yan Hong Min smiled brightly and shifted to the side, hiding his latest experiment behind him. He grabbed his little junior by the shoulder and turned him around, pushing him to the door. "Well, well, never mind why I’m here. Actually, our first senior martial brother is really amazing. He went to eradicate some terrifying demons in the countryside. Ah, I wonder if he’ll encounter any troubles …" He finally made it through the door and smashed it close behind them, giving Yun Bei Fen a goofy grin. The little bunny wouldn’t have noticed anything, would he?

Yun Bei Fen didn’t think about that at all. "So first senior martial brother went to eradicate demons?"

"Mn! Very terrifying ones! I bet they’re as big as a house with gaping maws. Saliva will drip down from their terribly long teeth, making the whole ground slippery as if a thousand snails had crawled around on it for several hours. And their eyes probably glow with violet light, turning the whole scene eerie! Uh, did I mention they’ve appeared on a graveyard? They have sharp claws that glint in the sun like blades and with those, they dig through the graves, hunting for bones and rotting flesh that they can eat. They love ripping apart living human beings as well though!"

Yun Bei Fen nodded with a downcast expression. "Then I’ll leave now."

"Ah?" Yan Hong Min who had just gotten into story mode blanked at that statement. "What do you mean? You’ll leave now?"

The little bunny didn’t answer though and just left with hanging shoulders.

Yan Hong Min scratched his head. "Did I say something wrong?" He looked at the leaving figure of his small junior martial brother with a complicated expression before he went to look for his third junior martial brother. Anyway, it couldn’t hurt to ask and if he managed to bother him while cultivating and thus make sure that the distance between their cultivation realms didn’t become even greater, that would also be a good thing!

Thus Yan Hong Min pressed his ear against the door and listened. Unfortunately, nothing could be heard of Luo Lin and … well, whoever his current cultivation partner was.

Yan Hong Min pursed his lips but still opened the door. Anyway, since he had already come over he might as well ask for Luo Lin’s opinion on the little bunny problem. That way, he could point at somebody else when their Master asked who had broken their little junior. It certainly wasn’t him!

"Luo Lin! Luo Lin!" Yan Hong Min called out while he walked deeper into the house. He stopped in front of the door to the bedroom. Well, although he liked to interrupt Luo Lin’s cultivation, that didn’t mean that he wanted to see what was going on in there. "Luo Lin?"

"What do you want?"

Yan Hong Min jumped. The voice actually came from behind him. He turned around and looked at Luo Lin who had furrowed those painted brows. "Hehe." Yan Hong Min gave a hollow laugh and stepped away. "Third junior martial brother."

"Second senior martial brother. What might be the matter for you to come here?"

"Uh …" Yan Hong Min glanced around. He couldn’t see any half-naked man this time around. Could it be that Luo Lin had pushed out the last one and was currently trying to lure in a new one?

Luo Lin’s expression darkened further at that behavior. "Do you want something or not?"

Yan Hong Min flinched. "Well, you see … our little junior martial brother was acting a bit strange today."

Luo Lin looked at him dispassionately.

Yan Hong Min really wanted to cry. Could it be he didn’t believe him? "It’s true! He came running over to first senior martial brother’s house to ask him some questions but first senior martial brother is outside, killing demons. Anyway, when I told the little one, he looked really, really sad. I also don’t know what went wrong."

Luo Lin’s brows furrowed even more. "What exactly did you tell him?"

"Uh … That … he was out killing demons?"


"And that they were very terrifying?" Yan Hong Min looked down and tapped his forefingers against each other. It hadn’t been that bad, had it?

"And did you bother to describe to him just how terrifying they were?"

"Uh … a little?" Yan Hong Min took a step back as a precaution. "So what do we do now?"

Luo Lin huffed and left the house.

Yan Hong Min considered and then followed after him. "Seriously, what do we do now? Do you want to tell Master? How about you do not? He’ll get angry again!"

Luo Lin shot him a look. "Who’s going to tell Master? I’m going to see the little bunny and calm him down! You better hope it works!"

"Uh … What if it doesn’t?" He didn’t get an answer. Yan Hong Min bit his lips nervously. Had he really gone overboard? "What about that … Shen Lei? Is he still ongoing? Do you think he might have an idea?"

Luo Lin furrowed his willowy brows. "What do you mean with 'is he still ongoing'? Naturally, he is! He’s out hunting down those demons with first senior martial brother though. Contrary to some people, my Ah Lei isn’t just sitting around in the sect doing nothing."

Yan Hong Min deliberately missed the snide remarks. Anyway, his third junior martial brother didn’t leave the sect more often than he did. Well, even if he left, his 'fights' with the demonic practitioners probably occurred completely different from how everyone else fought them. As for fighting demon beasts … he didn’t want to think about that.

No, Yan Hong Min concentrated on the most important information: So the relationship with that Shen Lei was still ongoing. How curious! How long had it been now? He raised his fingers and wriggled them, silently calculating. That should be … about a year? That was even longer than the affair with that Elder!

Yan Hong Min shook his head. Ah, no, Master had forbidden them from talking about that Elder. So it should be longer than the affair with that senior martial brother Qiao. That really was a commendable feat! He should congratulate him some time.

Luo Lin ignored the person following him and went over to the little bunny’s house. He knocked on the door and then called out lightly. "Little junior! Your third senior martial brother came to see you!"

Little steps sounded from inside. The door was opened and a sad-looking little bunny appeared.

Luo Lin looked at him, reached out and ruffled his hair. It seemed his second senior martial brother had really gone too far this time. He’d go and complain to Ah Lei when he got back! "Little bunny, Ah Lei went out today to hunt demons. How about keeping me company?"

The little bunny threw himself at Luo Lin’s leg and hugged it. "Third senior martial brother!"

"Aiya." Luo Lin bent down and hugged him back while throwing Yan Hong Min a death glare. His Ah Lei would definitely hear of this when he got home!

Yan Hong Min’s gaze darted around and he gave an awkward laugh. Was there still time to run away? Actually, why had he gone to talk with Luo Lin in the first place? He should have kept quiet about this incident!

Luo Lin ignored the idiot and focused on the little bunny. "Alright, what should we do? How about preparing some food for when Ah Lei and big senior martial brother get home? They don’t need to eat anymore but I’m sure they’d appreciate the gesture."

Yun Bei Fen blinked his eyes and then nodded. "Mn! Let’s do that."

"Very well. Let’s go then. I heard Elder Moqi and his disciples brought some big vegetables back from their last mission. We can ask if they’d be willing to give us some of those."

The little bunny nodded while Yan Hong Min rolled his eyes behind Luo Lin’s back. What asking? He’d just demand to get them while looking at the right person and then he’d be presented with everything he wanted, as well as some additional ingredients, the recipe, and a cook! The men in their Teng Yong Sect really had no backbone!