Winter Special: A Little Bunny Playing in the Snow (3)
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Yun Bei Fen who was clinging to his first senior martial brother’s leg looked at the incoming snowballs with wide eyes. He really didn’t know what he should do. Looking up at his first senior martial brother who was cutting down the snowballs one by one, he felt that he was a bit useless. After all, he didn’t have a sword that he could use to do the same.

After pondering for a moment, he quietly bent down and started to form snowballs just like Luo Lin. It was only that his were quite a bit smaller. Well, they could still be thrown. So it shouldn’t be too bad. He just needed to wait for his first senior martial brother to have time to throw them for him. He was afraid that if he tried to do so on his own, they would be blown right back at him.

In fact, Yun Bei Fen was completely right with that. The array that was still circling around Yan Hong Min was able to blow all of the snowballs back. Even Shen Lei had trouble penetrating it if he didn’t use his full force.

He furrowed his brows and then glanced over at Zhi Guan and Yun Bei Fen. The main problem was that he not only had to throw the snowballs but also had to guard against the ones that the array was blasting over so his little fairy wouldn’t be hurt. This meant that he had to split his attention which really wasn’t a good thing in the current situation. It would be good if somebody could help him with either of those tasks.

He narrowed his eyes and then turned around, grabbing Luo Lin around the waist. "Little fairy, let’s have some more fun with your second senior martial brother, shall we?"

Luo Lin immediately smiled brightly. "If that is what Ah Lei wants, then Luo Lin definitely won’t say no."

Shen Lei smiled brightly and then rushed to where Zhi Guan and Yun Bei Fen were fighting on their own. "Senior martial brother Zhi, how about working together? We can let the younger ones make the snowballs, you defend against what’s coming from the other side, and I’ll start the attack."

Zhi Guan glanced at Shen Lei and then the two people behind them. Luo Lin was blinking his limpid eyes while Yun Bei Fen was staring at him with wide-open ones. Finally, he nodded. "Let’s do it that way." He cut down another few snowballs, satisfied that he could at least practice his aim and speed with this snowball battle. It might not count as training his actual sword arts but it was good enough.

Shen Lei also smiled and then turned around, kissing Luo Lin’s cheek before glancing at Yun Bei Fen and reaching out to pat his head. "You’d better make lots of snowballs, little one. Your big brother Shen is going to throw them all to score some points for us."

Yun Bei Fen’s eyes immediately lit up and he hurriedly crouched down to make more snowballs. Luo Lin formed a few of his own and then handed all of them over to Shen Lei who immediately took aim.

Yan Hong Min was soon on the losing end of the snowball fight he had proposed. While he didn’t even need to throw any snowballs himself and thus had more time to shape new ones, the array also couldn’t be manipulated as delicately as he would have liked.

It would just throw the snowballs out randomly so it worked best if there were targets in all directions. But now, the four people that should have been having this fight with him were all concentrated in one spot. Naturally, there weren’t too many snowballs actually getting close to them. And with one defending and one attacking while two people were providing the latter with enough snowballs of their own, these four were much more efficient than his array.

In fact, upon closer inspection, all his preparation seemed to make things worse for him. He couldn’t step outside of the array. Thus, now that Shen Lei was focusing on attacking, more and more snowballs were coming through and he was having a hard time evading the attacks. Furthermore, even if Shen Lei missed, the snowball would every so often collide with one of the others that were being thrown around by the array and bounce back at him, hitting him with not much less force than the original attack.

Yan Hong Min grumbled to himself but there wasn’t much he could do. And soon enough, things got even worse for him: The snowballs he had prepared were slowly running out. While the wind array was still working perfectly, there was nothing it could catapult at his three martial brothers and Shen Lei.

He cursed under his breath and then crouched down, picking up a bit of snow and forming some more. Naturally, that wasn’t easy. With the constant attack from the other side, and his snowballs being thrown in random directions, he ran out faster than he could supply the array with new snowballs. But that wasn’t even the worst.

After putting yet another snowball into the array, Yan Hong Min reached out only to find that there was no snow left inside the array. He stared stupidly at the ground, turning in a circle to try and find some more snow. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any. What was he supposed to do now?!

Yan Hong Min turned in a circle, just short of freaking out. Then, a snowball hit him square in the back and he fell to the ground. He raised his head and stared over his shoulder, looking aggrieved. "How can the four of you just team up?!"

Luo Lin poked his head out from behind Shen Lei’s back and gave him a magnificent smile. "How could you just prepare all of this for two hours and try to overwhelm us by using this kind of dishonest means? We’re just taking cautionary measures of our own!"

Yan Hong Min felt vexed when he heard that. What was that supposed to mean? As if making an array could actually compare with four people working against one! If it was that easy, he would have won against the four of them. But obviously, this wasn’t the case.

Just when Yan Hong Min wanted to complain further, the sixth person finally arrived.

Yan Hong Min’s eyes went wide. Then, he sat up with happiness radiating off of him. "Master!" Now, he was saved. His Master would definitely help him against these shameless people.

Baili Chao raised his brows and looked from Yan Hong Min to the others, trying to understand what was going on.

Meanwhile, Luo Lin’s lips curved up in a mischievous smile and he reached out to Yun Bei Fen, grabbing him by the shoulders to make him stop forming snowballs for a moment.

Yun Bei Fen looked up in confusion, wondering what it was that his third senior martial brother wanted.

Luo Lin tilted his head and then motioned to the side. "Look! Master came over. You should go and tell him everything that second senior martial brother did today."

Yun Bei Fen as the obedient child that he was immediately nodded, got up from where he had been crouching in the snow, and then rushed over to his Master, looking up at him with sparkling eyes.

Elder Baili actually felt a little troubled when he saw this. Yun Bei Fen was the youngest disciple he had ever taken in. Zhi Guan had already been a young adult of almost twenty years when he met him, Luo Lin had been a beautiful youth of thirteen or fourteen years, and Yan Hong Min had been a brat of maybe eleven or twelve. But Yun Bei Fen with his barely five years of age was a different matter altogether.

No matter who it was, could you really look at this kind of child and not want to do immediately whatever they asked of you? At the very least, this was how Baili Chao always felt when those dark eyes looked up at him expectantly.

Naturally, this time wasn’t any different. He leaned down slightly, his lips unwittingly curving up. "Ah, did Fen’er come to explain to your Master what you were doing?"

Yun Bei Fen nodded, grabbed his Master’s sleeve, and then excitedly told him about how he had gone to visit his senior martial brothers this morning to tell them about the snow and how his second senior martial brother had come up with the idea of a snowball fight.

At that moment, Baili Chao could already imagine what was going on. He gave his second disciple a helpless look before turning back to Yun Bei Fen. "So it was like this. Then, who is winning currently?"

Yun Bei Fen blinked his eyes, not quite sure how to answer that. After a moment, he turned around, rushed back to the others, and tugged at his third senior martial brother’s sleeve. "Third senior martial brother, who is currently winning?"

Luo Lin turned to him and ruffled his hair. "Of course, it’s us!"

"Oh, so it was like that!" Yun Bei Fen nodded and then rushed back to his Master, reporting obediently.

Baili Chao nodded for a moment and then took Yun Bei Fen’s hand, leading him back to the others. "If it’s like this, let your Master join in."

Yan Hong Min felt was as if he had been saved. "I knew Master is the best!"

Baili Chao nodded good-naturedly. "Yes, yes, I’ll help you win." With that, he took so snowball that Yun Bei Fen had just made and threw it at his second disciple. This would teach him not to bully his juniors!

Luo Lin laughed behind his sleeve and made more snowballs while the two older disciples in front just doubled their efforts.

Meanwhile, Yan Hong Min wilted inside his array. Not only could he still not leave this place but, now, it was even five people against him. He really shouldn’t have done this!

Although … looking at the little bunny playing in the snow among the other four people, he also felt that maybe the idea hadn’t been that bad after all. Next time, he should just make sure that somebody else was suffering with him.