Analysis 01 – Work just got updated, Suits are still pending their update
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Analysis 01 - Work just got updated, Suits are still pending their update

Fionnuala woke up, she cursed her alarm.

Falling asleep had been a pain with a mind having trouble calming down.

She had created a nice list of pros and cons about the whole Otherside revelation thing while trying to sleep.

Pro: some things made more sense
Con: a lot of things made even less sense now

Pro: work was now better since she could analyse more
Con: she had no clue how things on the Otherside reacted

Con: her sister was dating a schoolgirl, one barely older than her daughter
Pro: that schoolgirl was not human and human common sense did not apply

Pro: The Otherside seemed more lenient on some things
Con: might makes right seemed to prevail there

Pro: her family somehow ended under the protection of what was possibly the most powerful entity around
Con: said entity was her daughter’s classmate and seemed to be scaring people

Pro: she owned nifty enchanted glasses now
Con: her workload just increased

Pro: Samantha was an adorable puppy
Con: a herd, why?

Pro: free milk
Con: how much milk per day was that?

Pro: her sister finally started dating
Con: she was dating a little girl, a schoolgirl, and a pushy one, and the smallest one was the oldest

Con: Otherside made no sense

Con: she was lacking information

Pro: she was living the stuff from legends

Pro: it seemed good for her family

Pro: the younger cat and the vampire seemed to be sensible people

Con: they were a dog family, why cats and cows?

Pro: boredom, what's that?

Pro: Hati seemed like a safe friend for her, she needed more non work friends

Con: Hati's daughter was clearly clueless and wanted to date her daughter

Con: ran out of pros

Well, that had taken far too much time. Which was leading to her having to rush in the morning.

She managed to order breakfast at the Black Cat Café by phone, but preparing something for her daughter and her friend or whatever, had not been possible.

She had managed to look inside the room carefully, and had found her daughter as if trying to get away from her friend's tight embrace. Probably due to heat considering how sweaty her daughter seemed and the fact that they were both uncovered.

She wondered when her daughter had started sleeping without anything on.


At the café she had faced a starry-eyed waitress, had to talk her out of getting breakfast without paying, and wondered why sushi for breakfast. Not that she minded.

Finally at work she ate her sushi, which was very good, and drank her black coffee, which had a really strong kick. At least she understood part of why her sister had remembered that café.

"Morning Fi."

"Morning Jack, don't call me Fi."

"I'll stop if you allow me to butcher your name."

"Forget it."

"Mc Glytch, fresh traces, suspected poisoning and an overdose, also an unknown powder and a pink glowing liquid."

"Oh great."

"Mc Glytch!"


"My office, now."

"Mind if I bring my coffee?"

"Whatever, just come."

As Fionnuala started walking towards the office people behind her started whistling the funeral march.


"You called chief?"

"Yes, why did I hear you are now cleared for Code Purple and Code White?"

"She told me."


"Code White if I understood it correctly. I have known her before, and yesterday she gave me a short explanation over dinner."

"Code White did?" The chief asked to clarify.

"Yes, and I knew her independently from my sister."

"So, it was an accident?"

"I met her through my daughter."

"Does your daughter know?"

"Yes, you remember that case where those rich teens with drugs got slaughtered?"

"The after-party case?"

"Yes, that one is a Code Purple, she met my daughter there, and got her out of there before things got messy."

"Are you actually saying that was actually a Code Purple, and Code white was there?"


"And your daughter was there in the middle of it?"


"Get back to work. Same rules as with your sister, unless you have to bother me, I don't want to know, I just want results."

"Understood Chief."


Work was normal. White powder came back as a simple white titanium base for paint. The next sample was far more interesting from a 'that does not belong inside a human' standpoint. How tar mixed with lead ended up inside the victim's stomach was something Fionnuala did not want to know.

Next was a blood sample, where a known drug addict managed to steal some pills and take them, only it had been heart medication.

Then came the most disgusting part. Vomit, stomach contents and faeces had to be analysed. Already looking at the jars full of disgusting matter made Fionnuala imagine the stomach-turning stench. She picked her mask, equipped it, and checked the fit twice before opening the jars containing her most hated enemies. It was disgusting, it was smelly, and it was necessary.

Whatever had killed that victim, was not found in what the victim had eaten. The blood, while more often more infectious, was clean too. Whatever got to the victim was not found in toxicology, medical had to recheck everything for suspicious influences.

The pinkish glowing liquid was found to be content from glow sticks. Perfectly harmless, but amusing.

However, next was lunch break.


Having missed the time to prepare her lunch, it was either visit the canteen, or go and eat out.

Fionnuala decided to do the sensible thing first and went to check the canteen.

The canteen was offering steak, she had eaten that the day before, and fish, which had been the stomach contents she had analysed and her breakfast.

"I am eating out." she announced. "If something happens, call me."

"Sure Fi, let me join you."

"No thanks, don't call me Fi, and you still haven't finished your trace analysis."

"You are so mean Fi."

"Only to you, and don't call me Fi."


The single mother sighed once outside. Where to go?

She needed coffee.

Maybe Black Cat Café offered lunch, and hopefully more than just fish. She had seen enough fish today.

"Welcome to the eeeep!"

"Eeep?" Fionnuala looked at the waitress in the nice goth outfit that seemed to panic upon getting a better look at her. Scaring someone on sight was a new thing for her. "One person for lunch, unless you only have fish?"

"No, we oslooowww." The waitress had bit her tongue.

"Don't speak, do you taste blood?" The mother ordered.

The waitress shook her head.

"Good, then move your tongue, does it hurt?"

She nodded.

"Get some ice, cool your tongue for a bit. Nod if you have more lunch options then fish."

The young woman nodded.

"I'll sit over there." Fionnuala picked a seat and waited for the return of the waitress.

A different waitress returned. "Welcome, are you related to Eireann? Here is the menu."

"I am her older sister. Any not fish recommendations?"

"The lasagne is fresh out of the oven, the carbonara is rather popular, the chicken salad is available but not our best dish."

The toxicologist pondered for a moment. "A lasagne and a black coffee."

"I will be right back."

As the waitress left Fionnuala remembered that it was the same that had served her in the morning.

Soon her lunch arrived, the lasagne was really good, and the coffee was perfect as expected.

Why a cat had a café with wonderful coffee was something she was unsure about.


Amusingly paying had been easier, Fionnuala had silenced the waitress that had bit her tongue with what she suspected was the 'exasperated mother' look. The one you use when your child says something so stupid that you have to pity it. It was not the same as the 'I am older and know better' look.

At least the waitress was amusing.

Now it was time to return and check what hell awaited her.

What awaited her made her want to turn around and leave.

"So, a suspiciously heavy suitcase, with suspiciously advanced locks, and suspiciously heavy hard black balls inside." Fionnuala summed up her newest enemy.

"Yes, the coating seems to be some kind of resin. Air sample from inside came back clean for biological contaminants. Here is the vial."

Honestly the toxicologist hoped that the air sample contained something. Because if it did not, she would have to open the suitcase and run an analysis on those spheres or balls inside. And that meant a hazmat suit. She hated those, while they kept her safe, putting it on and removing it was annoying, and the thick firm gloves prevented a lot of fine control.

"Please be dangerous, please be dangerous." It wasn't often that she prayed to her machines, but when she did, it was for a good cause.

The result was almost dust free air, with a little vapor from the foam padding inside the suitcase.

It was time to lock up the lab, place the suitcase in the hazmat tank, and don the big plastic bag that the hazmat suit.

The first pressure test came back negative, so the poor colleague from medical, who was also one of the two coroners, had to help her find the leak.

A generous application of duct tape and an order for a new suit later Fionnuala was outfitted and ready for action.

First was opening the suitcase via robotic arm, in case someone had overlooked a small trapping device.

"Case file HD168261.5, Analysing technician Dr. Fionnuala Mc Glytch. Subject is a 120cm x 70 cm x 40 cm suitcase. Outward casing is steel. Two heavy duty locks are set, with complex keys, the locks were destroyed after the suitcase was found at a murder scene with six dead. Air from inside came back negative for biological and chemical dangerous substances. Subject is placed within the safe containment area, now opening the suitcase via remote controlled robotic arm."

The suitcase was gently opened, with no explosions or visible nasty surprises.

"The inside of the suitcase is padded and contains four black spheres of approximately 30cm diameter. The suitcase is padded with heavy duty foam. Checking if the spheres can be removed safely."

Fionnuala disliked the robotic arm, while it was necessary high tech the lack of proper tactile feedback was annoying.

"Spheres can be removed, extracting the top right sphere, placing it into the hazardous material analysis tank for further testing."

The scientist placed the black sphere in the tank. She debated for a moment, but until she was sure that there were no instant surprises, she had to wear the damn suit.

She was already feeling hot and sweaty. She wanted a nice suit with liquid cooling like the large labs had. Those were wonderful.

She scraped the black surface, leaving a small mark. No explosions or surprises.

She scraped off more of it and transferred it into a petri dish she closed. That went into the sample box to be transferred outside.

There she analysed it.

"The black substance is a resin coat; this type is also used as a sealant in industry for more dangerous lab work. It is not a common substance. Going by the weight of the spheres, it is only the outer coating."

Then she remembered she was wearing reading glasses. Enchanted reading glasses.

She focused on the sphere through the heavy plexiglass viewing window.

'Plutonium sphere weapons grade, suspended in lead, coated in TR12vB resin; secured in a Para-Sol Industries analysis tank.'

Fionnuala froze. Plutonium? Actually, she could test for that.

She spent the next hour removing the black coating, while keeping a wary eye on the Geiger counter. Radiation rose a little bit after removing it.

Next, she dumped the square into a large beaker to check the volume. Then she took the weight, input it into her computer, and she had 1.6 kg of plutonium in her lab if all 4 spheres were the same.

Fionnuala took a deep breath. There were procedures for this. Walk to phone, pick up phone, dial number for nuclear hazards.

"Fionnuala Mc Glytch, Code Purple analysis of a suspicious object revealed weapon grade plutonium inside. I have 3 other untouched samples of the same kind present."

She waited for the response.

"Yes, Code Purple applies, send someone familiar with it."

She could just imagine the poor clerk on the other side scrambling to check the response team and notifying his superiors.

That still awaited her, that meant her lab was going on lockdown until the damn things were removed and she got the all clear from the removal team.

"Very well, I go will into lockdown and inform my supervisor."

The call disconnected and she called her chief.

"Chief, I have some weapon grade plutonium. Nuclear is already informed. I am putting my lab into lockdown."

It felt oddly satisfying to hear him curse.

She amused herself by checking the resin coating for radiation.

It came back clear. She packaged it and prepared it for transfer. Either for dusting, fingerprinting, and more trace analysis, or for the guys in radiation suits.

Fionnuala decided that she liked the glasses. What had Zaria said? Three charges per day? So, three uses per day. One was spent. She had to ask if it was three per calendar day or one charge taking 8 hours to recharge.

Those were important differences.

Meanwhile, she was itching to check out that suspicious green powder that had arrived before the plutonium got delivered. It was lying there, waiting, while she was waiting for someone to take the nuclear material away!

'Powdered Plantae Tracheophytes Angiosperm Eudicot Rasid Rasale Cannabacea Cannabis Indica, Type: Green Goblin, very strong, powdered for use in brownies'

She quickly took her glasses off. Testing it just got reduced to a single test, but she had wasted a charge.

At least she knew more about it now.

Finally, they had arrived.

"Sergeant Simmons, a nuclear Code Purple was reported?"

"Fionnuala Mc Glytch, call me Mc Glytch. No, I used a Code Purple item to analyse that sphere." Fionnuala pointed at the secured sphere in the analysis tank. "I removed the resin coating, it is over there and not radioactive, that is a lead covered piece of plutonium according to my glasses."

"Your glasses can analyse things?"

"Are you Code White cleared?"


"Then I can't talk about it."

"You reported three more?"

"There on the video screen. The suitcase they came in. Three more spheres. They were not analysed for trace or dusted yet."

"Very well, we will send it to your guys unless the feds take over."

"Please sign here and here."

"The report?"

"Here, let me sign it."

The two traded paperwork.

She watched as the sergeant carefully placed the sphere back in the suitcase and closed it again. Then the suitcase was dumped in a lead container on wheels and secured.

When he finally left, she officially unlocked her lab, sent the report to the chief, and prepared to analyse the brownie powder.

"Dr. Fionuele Mc Glitch?" And someone went and butchered her name.

"Dr. Fionnuala Mc Glytch, please call me Dr Mc Glytch."

"Agent Russel, FBI, please describe the method of your Code Purple type analysis."

"I put my reading glasses on and stared at it."

There was a moment of silence as the agent clearly expected more and Fionnuala had explained everything.

"Your reading glasses?"

"They are enchanted with three charges per day." Fionnuala placed them back on her face.

"I will have to confiscate them."

"They are my glasses."

The man ignored her, and pulled them off her face, only to have them reappear hanging from her lab coat pocket.

"If you resist, I will be forced to use disciplinary actions."

Fionnuala debated arguing, before she pulled out her phone and called the indirect cause of this situation. "Hello Zaria, sorry but can you come over? It is about my reading glasses, you did more than just add some analysis spell, right?"

The man frowned, Zaria was a rare name, and the one Code White was using.

"I am at the lab, I kind of had a serious case, and the result is an agent from the FBI demanding my glasses."

The agent saw the woman smile as she seemed to receive a positive reply.

And suddenly next to her an albino in a shrine maiden outfit stood.

"Yes, I did more than analysis, an on-poison air bubble, and an alert spell in case you get killed or grievously wounded." The albino explained.

"That sounds actually useful." The toxicologist mumbled. "And then returning to my pocket after he took them off my face?"

"For security, I bound them to you. So, you never lose them, and have them nearby if you need them. Your bag, your pocket, your vest, and such are all targets. Prevents forgetting them at home too. Someone taking them from you?" Zaria turned towards the agent. "The idiot who did something he shouldn't have done will have interesting times for a day."

"You can't just hand out enchanted items and clear people for Code Purple and Code White randomly."

They were gathering a crowd, including a second suit and the chief.

"And CIA agents shouldn't be infiltrating the FBI, isn't that right?" Zaria gave the man a feral smile. "And are you telling me I am forbidden from telling people I am close to about me?"

"Wait, are you telling me Russel is from the CIA?"

Zaria waved the other agent and the chief inside before closing the door. "Yes, I remembered just now. He was one of those friendly people a while ago that tried to take a demon's heart from a revival I crashed, and then tried to 'invite' me for details."

"That sounds stupid, I suspect you did something to them?"

"No, I let them take it with a warning not to poke it, tagged it with a tracking spell, and dropped by a few days later to stop the revived demon from slaughtering everyone and then ranted at the real CIA boss about how stupid they are with poking things that should be left alone."

"That was stupid." Maybe there was something to the Otherside mindset after all, Fionnuala decided.

"So, you think a monster like you knows everything?" The agent ranted.

"No, however I am sure I forgot more than you will ever know."

"What?" The agitated agent's arm waving hit the container with the powdered cannabis, which went flying, covering the agent, Zaria and Fionnuala in fine green powder.

Fionnuala felt the air bubble activate as she suddenly smelled after rain forest.

Zaria sneezed as the green powder tickled her nose.

The agent however coughed as he got a good dose into his lungs.

"Interesting times indeed. I think time off from duty would do him good until the blood tests all come back negative." Zaria suggested amused.

"Get that jerk out of my lab, I can't have him destroying evidence, and contaminating it." Fionnuala ordered her chief and the other agent who had quickly vacated to the other side of the room when the accident had happened. "Before I forget, Zaria, how do the glasses recharge?"

Zaria waved her hand and most of the green powder collected itself back into the now floating container. "One charge per eight hours, here I saved most of it aside from the contaminated stuff and what got breathed in."

"Are you going to be fine?"

"I am immune to the normal stuff, now if it were dryad grown? That stuff even makes me feel a bit relaxed."

"And normal humans?"

"Out of it for a week if you remember to feed them."

"Feed them?"

"Too relaxed to eat and drink."

Fionnuala imagined it, and for some reason felt the urge to dose her boss.

"Well, the crisis averted, I still need to go shopping for tonight." Zaria explained. "I'll pick the girls up after school I guess."

"Sure, have fun."

"Magical items are not meant to be left in the hands of unrelated people." It seemed the agent was still capable of comprehension, even if his speech was already slower than before.

"I introduced her to the Otherside, and a bit to me. Eri told the bosses, who seem to have forgotten to send a team to introduce her. And as she works in a police lab, glasses that identify? Seems like something that someone clued in on reality might need. Oh, and feel free to try to take them again, the effects stack in power and duration."

"Agent Russel?"


"You are under arrest for abuse of power, tampering with evidence, attempted theft of a magical item, and I wish I could add being stupid enough to annoy the White One. And if we get lucky, we can even get you deported back to the CIA."

Zaria waved her hand, and held a CIA ID and a CIA employment contract in her hand. "Here you go~"

"Perfect, thank you. Dr Mc Glytch, I or a colleague will be back to get you your introduction and to unlock your security profiles."

"Fio, want me to stay?"

"No, it should be fine now Zaria, if something happens you will know or I will call you."

"Sure, take care and see you tomorrow." Zaria faded away.

"Arresht da floof two." Russel managed to say while blinking at the printer, he was currently trying to understand the message on the printer display.

"I think he is allergic." Fionnuala decided. "Otherwise, he wouldn't be that out. Or we have a new and very effective strain."

The chief felt happy the albino was off his station, and worried about a new strain of cannabis with even higher concentrations of THC.


The excitement over, Fionnuala concentrated back on work. And found the THC concentration was really high, either a new growth method, or a new more powerful strain. It still needed a bit of selective breeding though, higher than desired alkaloid concentration.

"Hello Fio, my condolences."

It was the coroner, with a stretcher and something that even covered made her quickly reach for what she called the anti-stench mask.

"What by all that is unholy are you bringing me?"

The coroner uncovered the dead body, only to show a large fish, stomach slit open, and jars with the innards.

"Is that a two-meter tuna?"

"I am impressed, I wouldn't have known." The coroner admitted. "You are probably wondering why?"


"It was found on the beach, with an arm sticking out of its mouth. Why delivered to you? It is decomposing at an accelerated rate, even for fish."

"So that's why it smells like it spent a week outside the fridge?"

"That sounds about right, watch out, I think it has started liquifying."

"Why don't you bring me a jar of tuna soup later?"

"Because we need the arm, whatever is happening to the tuna, is happening to the arm, just much slower."

"I hate you."

"I love you too."


Slimy, big smelly and decaying tuna.

Fionnuala picked up the report.

Found just before the city on a rocky beach.

Teens found it, were taking pictures, upon kicking it, the mouth opened and they saw the hand in the mouth.

She scanned the list of evidence collected. Then she went to the phone. "Case FWC1814182.1, the hand in the tuna case. I need evidence pieces 15, 28, and 31 delivered to toxicology. Tell whoever you send to wear a gasmask, unless they deserve a punishment."


Fio felt the need for a shower.

The tuna was saturated with organic and inorganic acids and lye. And it was dripping on the floor onto the puddle of vomit from the poor sucker that had brought her the samples from evidence.

Even the water was contaminated, luckily it was not one of the larger rivers leading to town, but it was definitely unsafe.

That part was not their problem, she had gotten the poor vomiting freshie to take a quick report to the chief.

She called the phone number that was titled "Biohazard" in her phone book. "I have a 196cm toxic tuna of unknown origin in the process of liquefying to dispose of. Most of it should be burned, I need a few samples dried for evidence, also the chief has the report, the water from the tuna source is contaminated. And burn the lab coat I leave on the chair next to the tuna. It will never be clean again."

Fionnuala was so happy her day was over.

A hot shower, body soap, shampoo, and some cream. After a day like this, some self-pampering was allowed, especially since her sister's cat was coming soon to pick her up.

Unless the lab was about to blow up, she was not available any more.


One hot shower later Fio was feeling clean again.

The damn tuna could go die, no wait, it was already dead.

Whatever, it was time to let the biohazard guys mop it up.

Fionnuala checked the nice skirt and blouse she had picked out for the night.

Everything was fine, it was time to clock out and find the cat with the jaguar.


And there she was, holding a take-away cup with what was probably coffee.

"I came to pick you up."

"Pick you up?" A colleague asked looking from Dorea to Fionnuala.

"Girl’s night out. We are going to get drunk, very drunk, incredibly drunk, and then pass out."

"You sound like you need it for some reason." Dorea checked her lover's older sister over.

"Two-meter tuna rotting and turning into soup."

"Eeewww" Dorea covered her nose just imagining it.

"Also, idiots, dangerous stuff, and yet more disgusting things I am very sure you don't want to know."

"Here, black like you ordered last time."

"Thanks." Fionnuala took a sip, then she frowned and took another sip. "It tastes different this time; I think richer would be the right word."

"Naturally, I made it personally." Dorea bragged, and from what Fionnuala could taste, the cat had every right to. Dorea's evaluation rose a bit, but Yvonna still rated higher. "Let's go?"

"Sure, I look forward to the ride, I don't think I have ever ridden a black Jaguar before."

"Then want to take a small side trip?"

"Side trip?"

"Well, I have a well-stocked bar, but I have no idea what you two actually like, so I want to drop by my suppliers place."

"That's fine."


As the two were leaving the parking lot in the sleep black sports car, Fionnuala saw several cars arrive. The federal and suits inside type of cars.

"Oh, I think they are here to brief me on the Otherside." Fionnuala pulled out her phone and switched it off. "I don't care, I clocked out, and they had nine hours to brief me. It is time for the weekend."

"Party~" Dorea purred. "Let's go shopping, if there is anything else you want, just pick it up."

"Watch the speed limit!"

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Lazy Writer
strain is for viruses and such, but what do you call it in plants?
Maybe elaborate on what you mean
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same plant 2 varieties differing by flower colour only
if it were viruses, it would be 2 virus strains
but for plants?
and I am going to feel stupid once I hear the word
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species is not applicable in this case
they are all the same species technically
well, yes and no?
mutations, once discovered, are given new scientific names to denote differentiations
usually its named after the one who made the discovery
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in this case I am talking just higher thc content
if it were different species it wouldn't be india
well, i guess it depends on if the thc content was a natural thing or not
if it's natural, is a new species, if its higher due to human interference then the plant is the same
if its a higher thc content due to a mutation and then breeding by criminal biologists, its still a new species since the plant is fundamentally different now
it's like the pandemic
there's covid-19 strain, and then the new delta variant
the variant is still being researched so it hasn't been given its own name yet
most likely it will be covid-20 or something
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within a certain range they are still breeds
Joyeuse (Rita)
Eventually it'll be SARS COVID XXX
Covid 20 max und covid 20 max pro
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you forgot the ultra and the 5G versions
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Genome might be the right one for plants
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isn't genome the whole thing?
Jessy (Jessie)
No idea, not a plant guy
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or do you mean genus?
Jessy (Jessie)
genus is above species
kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species
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Race (biology)
In biological taxonomy, race is an informal rank in the taxonomic hierarchy for which various definitions exist. Sometimes it is used to denote a level below that of subspecies, while at other times it is used as a synonym for subspecies. It has been used as a higher rank than strain, with several strains making up one race. Races may be genetic...

seems they count as races
Strain (biology)
In biology, a strain is a genetic variant, a subtype or a culture within a biological species. Strains are often seen as inherently artificial concepts, characterized by a specific intent for genetic isolation. This is most easily observed in microbiology where strains are derived from a single cell colony and are typically quarantined by the ph...
strain works too in botany
Jessy (Jessie)
strain is the right one
I saw thc
lazy, are you making weed?
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how do you make weed? what are you smoking?
you grow it? it is a plant...
not enough man, not enough
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grow yes, but you can't make it
you can make it grow though
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A druid probably can make it
Jessy (Jessie)
A druid would need a seed
and would make it grow faster
Lazy Writer
or summon weed elemental


Authors Rant:
GL: Girls Love
The most abused genre ever.
Girls Love encompasses Shoujo-ai and Yuri.
You can argue that futanari also fits or not.
But traps don't belong.
Harems where the MC is male? Nope
The protag flirting with a girl but going out with a guy? Nope
Protag ending up with a male? Nope
As a genre it means that the main pairing is female and female.
Bi sexual and a futa only using their dick? Not GL

It seems all rather straightforward, right?

So why are so many stories mislabelled?

If it is a part of your story but not part of the protagonist pairing, or girls in protags harem make out, then it is either "GL subplot" tag or "harem" "group sex" tags.

If you want to use "Girls Love" then it is female loving females or a female and staying that way. If you give your popular girl loving MC to a new protagonist then you are losing the right to use GL as a genre from then on.

Poll: Is the GL genre abused?
1: Yes
2: No
3: Futas are GL genre
4: Futas are not GL but bi, futa, or any other available tag.
5: Action in the harem is GL genre
6: Action in the harem is GL subplot tag
7: Giving femMc to a male protag at the end is still GL
8: Giving femMc to a male protag at the end is not GL
9: femMC being bi and having more action with guys is still GL
10: femMC being bi and having more action with guys is romance, harem, or bi
11: GL is simply used as clickbait.
12: GL applies even if only two side characters hug.
13: GL is the most abused tag.
14: mislabelled stories should have a report false genre function

Is the GL genre abused? (Yuri, Shoujo-ai)
  • 1: Yes Votes: 57 65.5%
  • 2: No Votes: 3 3.4%
  • 3: Futas are GL genre Votes: 35 40.2%
  • 4: Futas are not GL but bi, futa, or any other available tag. Votes: 22 25.3%
  • 5: Action in the harem is GL genre Votes: 3 3.4%
  • 6: Action in the harem is GL subplot tag Votes: 50 57.5%
  • 7: Giving femMc to a male protag at the end is still GL Votes: 1 1.1%
  • 8: Giving femMc to a male protag at the end is not GL Votes: 62 71.3%
  • 9: femMC being bi and having more action with guys is still GL Votes: 2 2.3%
  • 10: femMC being bi and having more action with guys is romance, harem, or bi Votes: 57 65.5%
  • 11: GL is simply used as clickbait. Votes: 34 39.1%
  • 12: GL applies even if only two side characters hug. Votes: 2 2.3%
  • 13: GL is the most abused tag. Votes: 33 37.9%
  • 14: mislabelled stories should have a report false genre function Votes: 59 67.8%
Total voters: 87