92 Some Lucky Charms
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As soon as she did, they turned back toward each other, smiling like two idiots.

Shangguan Yu looked at their interlaced fingers and shook his head, trying to press down the corners of his lips. "You really scared me earlier. How can you just suddenly mention rings like that? We’re not old enough for that."

"And here I thought you thought of me as an old man. Anyway, I hope it’s alright with you like this. I don’t want you to feel like you have to accept."

Shangguan Yu shook his head at him, feeling that he was making trouble for nothing. "What are you even saying? Since it’s not an actual wedding ring, there is no reason to be worried about it. I’m just happy that we finally finished with this task and can start on something else soon. I was worried they would give us another part."

Ao Jing laughed at that. Indeed, he had worried about the same thing. Thankfully, that hadn’t been true. "Anyway, it’ll be a nice memento of our first date."

"Not just the date though, right? I actually think that the idea is really good. We probably also could have made a bracelet or something but that might get into the way of the game. You can put on two rings but just one bracelet after all."

Ao Jing nodded even though he wasn’t too sure if that should be a problem. "I guess that this ring will likely not be an ordinary item but a skin instead that will just influence our appearances but not the slots of equipment. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be that good of a reward, right?"

"Unless the stats were really good."

Ao Jing raised his brows. "Well, if it doesn’t give high stats for everything, it likely still wouldn’t be that great, right? After all, depending on your vocation and play style …"

Shangguan Yu couldn’t help but grin at that thought. "True. Did you know that Zhou Ming has put all his points in luck? From the points gotten from missions to all of his equipment, it’s all just luck."

Ao Jing shook his head and glanced over his shoulder toward the door. Zhou Ming’s character was probably still standing in front of Mister Mo with the reward options in front of him. "Well, I guess it’s not that strange all things considered. As long as it works for him …" He shook his head again and then turned back to Shangguan Yu. "Say, how come you were back in the dungeon? Didn’t he help you break out?"

"Yep, he did. But I figured when I left the estate of merchant Wang that the task should be over soon so I made my way back there. I thought things might go wrong if I don’t. Like, wouldn’t I look guilty if I broke out of prison instead of waiting for you to prove my innocence?"

"Mn, I guess so. Still, that was pretty risky." He slightly furrowed his brows, thinking of everything that could have gone wrong. What if Shangguan Yu had been noticed while he went back there? Nobody in real life would believe anyone was breaking back into prison so none of the NPCs would either. He might have gotten quite the big punishment on top of everything.

Shangguan Yu didn’t seem too worried though. "It was risky breaking out. Anyway, if they found me missing, it would have been obvious what happened and who knows if I didn’t lose anything there that might have given me away? But when breaking back in, the same stats’ reduction doesn’t apply and even if they found something later, there would be no consequences as long as I was in my cell. So, in fact, the risk was actually lower than before. Also …" He gave a smirk and raised his brows at Ao Jing. "I borrowed Zhou Ming’s method for a moment and went in wearing some lucky charms."

Ao Jing couldn’t help but laugh out loud, once again shaking his head. "Well, it’s good that everything worked out. I was worried about you."

Shangguan Yu leaned closer, his eyes sparkling with a hint of teasing. "Were you? Anyway, isn’t it just in the game? While we would need to put in some effort if my level regressed, it’s not like there would be any long-lasting effects. So don’t worry!" He leaned even closer and then pecked Ao Jing’s lips before hastily retreating.

He turned to look at the door and raised his brows as if he wasn’t thinking about that kiss at all anymore. "Ah, how strange. I would have thought Mo Ju An would only take a token minute or something. She seems to have been gone for quite some time."

Ao Jing just looked at him but finally gave a hum when he saw that Shangguan Yu was getting self-conscious. "I’m sure she’ll be back soon. After that … we’ll really go home, right?"

"Mn. We will. And tomorrow …"

Ao Jing nodded and looked at Shangguan Yu’s hands in his and couldn’t help but smile. Now, they were really boyfriends. Who could have thought that just a few days could change so much?

He wanted to say more but at that moment, the door already opened and Mo Ju An stepped back inside with a bright smile.

"Good news! The rings you wanted have already been finished!" She rushed over to them and handed them a small, wooden box.

Ao Jing took it from her but didn’t open it yet. "Thank you. I’m sure they are lovely."

Mo Ju An beamed at them and then motioned at the door. "I guess I’d better leave you alone so you can celebrate the moment on your own. Don’t forget to send my family a message, telling us how you liked them!"


They bid their farewell and Mo Ju An left.

Shangguan Yu glanced at the box but then also motioned at the door. "Let’s go home first?"

Ao Jing nodded, put the box into his inventory, and then got up, leaving the house and returning to their own house, sitting down at their usual spot overlooking the valley.