Chapter 627
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“Aaah!” Thomas yelled and opened fire once again, his enchanted pistol jumped into the air due to recoil, and a spinning bullet glowing in blinding red light shot into the mouth of the jade carp while it was struggling to pull its tentacle away from Aimee’s hands. The energy bullet burst from inside the jade carp’s body, then somehow ignited its internal parts, the two sides of its body glowed as it was heated up from inside, like a piece of glass just out of the forge.


At the same time, frost and thin pieces of ice grew all around the jade carp’s tentacle, its lips and major parts of its face became covered with frost and ice as well. And during this process, the jade material this carp was made of became crystalized from the inside, and therefore fragile, brittle and easily broken even with very minor impact.


Aimee extended her right hand at one of her scimitars on the ground, the scimitar flew off from the ground and made it into her palm. The next moment, she slammed the blade of her scimitar at the face of the jade carp. With a loud crack, the entire head of the fish crumbled into cracks, while the belly of it melted and hot, sticky and smoking liquid poured out from a breach near its tail.


With these injuries and destruction to its body, the jade carp still flopped around the ground for a while before it finally stopped moving.


Now, inside the vision of the two Chavers, they felt that they could see the flowing of energy, not exactly the particles of energy themselves, but their flows and changes. This was something Josephine Wong told them they would need practice and opportunity in order to achieve - as wielders of flow magic, this would be one of the crucial first steps of their path forward. And with this ability, they could finally deliver enough damage with their spells and bring out their full potential.


Just this moment, thin beams of bright golden energy rained down from the sky, even the wooden walls and some concrete parts of the roof and ceilings. These bright golden beams did not pose any danger to Thomas, Aimee or any of the Division agents. But they burned away a lot of the dark and negative energy that was in the air and coated on the walls and buildings. They could hear the cries and moans of the paranormal entities as a result of the occurrence of these energy beams.


“Everyone, get as many civilians out as possible!” The voice of Laura resounded in the area.


In the sky above the restaurant building, a giant golden circle completely made of energy appeared, with Laura at the center. The beams of golden energy were all coming from the golden circle.


The energy flow coming from the restaurant building was being suppressed by the pillars of flame and energy attacks released by Caroline and the stone and metal walls created by Jason. But it was still leaking out of the building in almost all directions, including upwards. With the help of the golden circle in the sky, the outpour of the energy was further slowed and even stopped.


“Just hold on! We can contain this!” Caroline’s entire body was now completely engulfed in flames, and the skin on her arms,legs and face was beginning to show signs of burn and crack from her overexerting herself.


Similar signs had also shown on the bodies of Jason - the constant output of Xuanli to maintain and fortify the wall around the building that span through the space both above and under the ground had caused him greater distress than any of his fights before. And his just finishing a tiring fight against a fallen god did not help at all.


The danger of the situation was clearly outside of Laura’s expectation as well - before coming back to the inn, she just knew that she would be in a much better place than the holding rooms of the Grant Academy, and she would have more freedom here. But little did she know she would end up following Jason into action like this, taking part in actual fights against unconventional foes like lycan gangs and actual fallen gods. The golden circle in the sky was the most powerful cleansing and evil and darkness suppression spell that she knew of, and right now it was the third time she’d ever used it and first ever she pushed it this far.


As the fight to suppress the liquid and evacuate the civilians went on, all five of the students felt a strange sense of “blessing” having been placed on them - they felt that their attack spells were doing more damage to their foes, be it the paranormal entities or the liquid itself. If not for this “blessing” they had with them, they would probably need much more energy to get the situation under control, and they probably wouldn’t be able to maintain control for this long.


The deadlocked situation lasted at least five minutes since the golden circle was completed - none of the students were able to push back the liquid in any substantial way, and the expansion liquid was finally halted. Though, the speed in which they poured out their power meant that they could only contain the liquid for a while and not permanently without reinforcement.


But surprisingly, just when Aimee and Thomas cleared out another civilian residential building, the liquid showed a sign of backflow, and all the floating debris from the building started falling back on the ground.


This change did not bring anyone joy or relief, however, since all of them could sense that something inside the restaurant building was building up as the liquid flowed back from where it came from.