Vol. 4 – Chapter 51
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***(Daena's POV)***

"Oh shit!"

Those were the first words, my sister, Alphy said. Words... tinged with surprise and fear. Feelings, that are holding my heart with their terrible grip right now.

That destroyed place looked like the representation of hell and at the center of it all, a mortal... no, the 'God/Demon Psyker' with a cold and empty expression, was holding by the neck the deformed and disfigured figure of the divinity who had stirred him up. He raised a sword and brought it to his opponent's neck

"That sword...!" Xalan exclaimed in surprise "Shidor!"

"M-m... mas... ter... h-h... elp-"

With a faint, almost imperceptible voice, Shidor asked to be saved and Xalan did not wait: he tried to cut off Graeval's arm to free the God from his grip but was easily deflected, his blow was parried with precision and perfect timing as if he already knew that the strike would follow that trajectory.

In the next instant, Graeval's fist made acquaintance with Xalan's left cheek. I did not see it. It had been too fast and from Xalan's surprised expression, I knew it was the same for him too.

Xalan landed on his feet, having flown for several meters, but I noticed that a line of blood had begun to flow from his mouth, leaving Xalan completely blown away. This is very bad!!! That was my thought as soon as I saw that drop of blood.

Given our nature as Gods, our physiognomy and our far superior mana prevent us from being hurt by objects or people whose mana is less than ours. Not surprisingly, you need a God to kill a God. But when Graeval did that slight damage to Xalan, I realized that his psionic powers allowed him to ignore those rules. But the question is: do all or some of his powers have that effect?

"GRAEVAL!!" Aphy called him desperately "PLEASE STOP THIS!!!"

He ignored her completely and his hand gripped the hilt of Shidor's sword again but seeing him, Xalan resumed the assault. Noticing this, Graeval returned the blows but the difference in experience and skill stood out and Graeval ended up with Xalan's blade piercing his lung. Graeval had his head bowed and Shidor's sword slipped from his hands

"GRAEVAL!!!" Aphy called him scared

His hand moved and he grabbed Xalan's blade that was still embedded in his chest. Xalan tried to pull it out but Graeval's grip was firm. He suddenly let go of the sword and backed away. Where he stood, a tusked rock mouth had just closed. Graeval raised his arm with which he still held Shidor firmly, another toothed mouth of earth appeared and grabbed the battered God. The already dark earth was stained with blood and if he had enough strength, I'm sure Shidor would also have screamed in pain.

With the blade still piercing his lung, he turned to Xalan. That blade, wet with his blood, was illuminated by blue light, fragmenting it into many small pieces.

That's no good!!! "Aegis!!!"

Sensing the danger, I stood in front of Xalan and erected my most powerful barrier. Those sword fragments traveled at an absurd speed and collided with my barrier, with each stroke, I felt my mana drop dramatically.

"What joke is this Daneas?!" Xalan exclaimed worried "What you told me about him is nothing but the tip of the iceberg!"

“Kuh! I didn't even expect such a force!" I stated and then turned to my sister "Aphy how are you going to stop him?"

"My voice can't reach him and he's so furious that he seems to have become a berserker..." she said worriedly "*Sigh* Even if I don't like the idea, I'll have to ask her help. Please keep him busy for five- three minutes. I'll come back with the only thing that can calm him down!"

"Hurry up!!!" I exclaimed seeing my sister disappear in a beam of light "Master Xalan, I have to ask for your cooperation."

"Am I too old for these thi- huh?!"

As soon as he made that startling voice, I turned around and understood why: Graeval was inside my barrier. He clapped his hands and a powerful shockwave erupted, knocking both me and Xalan several meters away. We managed to land on our feet, immediately after Graeval made a piercing scream to define an understatement: that shrill cry entered my head and seemed to be tearing my brain apart. I resisted, but just doing so took away most of my strength.

As soon as that scream stopped, I fell to the ground panting and exhausted. I've never faced a battle before... but I couldn't even call this one. I felt like I was undergoing torture, aimed at breaking my spirit

"You have nothing to do with any of this." said a voice in my head “Go away and your life will be saved. This is my only warning."

Looking up, I saw that Graeval was staring at me with his white eyes. I knew immediately that that voice was his. Maybe I can buy her some time in this way

“Graeval, please calm down. Let's talk." I began "What happened?"

"What happened was that a madman touched a button he shouldn't have touched." he started talking to me again in my head "Now he deserves only a death among the most atrocious sufferings"

“A madman? You mean Shidor."

His name doesn't matter. He will die and if you get in the way, you will face the same fate. But unlike him, you will die quickly and painlessly."

"I could not properly call the attacks of a little while ago painless." I said, getting up with difficulty

"They were used to give credit to my warning." he stated and then headed towards Shidor "Now the choice is up to you."

“Ohohoho. I admit it..." Xalan began approaching me as he held his pipe in his hand "you are certainly someone who does not go light with threats."

Graeval didn't answer and continued walking in Shidor's direction. Xalan took a puff and then resumed speaking

“You have faced a God of War, you have practically reduced him to a mere corpse and you persist in wanting to continue, even though you face two Gods. You don't feel an ounce of fear, huh?"

"Fear?" he asked him and then turned his gaze to Xalan “Fear of whom? Of what? Of divine punishment? I think you have not understood old man: target what you mustn't and not even your divinity will save you from me. And he is an example." he stated pointing to Shidor that he was still stuck in that sort of rock sarcophagus "So, you're not asking me this question, because you are afraid of my punishment?"

At that question, Xalan's expression suddenly turned serious. A seriousness I've never seen on his face. He took another puff of his pipe and this time, the smoke he exhaled expanded into the shape of a spear. I couldn't see it move, but it was already in front of Graeval who caught it just as quickly.

"I see." he stated as the spear dissolved

“Leave little Daneas out. I'm more than enough for what we have to do."

As if it were the starting signal, the two clashed. They had a speed that I couldn't follow with my eyes, I heard bangs and explosions spread all over the place. I saw mountains being created and collapsing at the same time, suns and black holes torturing the already destroyed land, the sounds of blades clashing, strong winds were generated every time. They continued for a period that seemed like infinity to me. They reappeared in the same positions they had started from: Graeval had blood dripping all over his body, while a golden light surrounded him; Xalan instead had several bruises but unlike his opponent who was standing, he was on his knees and spat out what looked like a tooth.

“Of all the ones I've faced…” Xalan began “no one has ever pushed me that far. But now, the warm-up is over. Time to get serious. 'Kinslayer'."

As soon as he spoke that name, dozens of swords of all shapes, colors, and sizes were generated from the earth and in the air.

The first sword ever forged with the sole intent of killing the Fallens. This is Kinslayer. Each blade created to kill a Fallen can adapt and enhance the characteristics of its user in the best possible way, for example, some can increase certain physical or mental characteristics, or generate their ability that can serve to compensate for the user's weakness. But 'Kinslayer'... nothing is known about what ability he developed, but some say that for every Fallen it kills, it devours their soul to create another projection of itself.

Graeval generated a pair of eerie purple psionic blades from his forearms. The earth began to shake and huge blocks of lava and rock began to levitate around him, breaking and shattering, eventually becoming weapons of all shapes and kinds.

The two opponents were ready to resume the fight.

"THAT'S ENOUGH!!! STOP IMMEDIATELY!!" a female voice screamed

Graeval froze and like me turned to the source of that voice. Lilith Stilno, the ex-Demon Queen, had arrived with my sister.

Slowly and paying attention to where she put her feet due to the conformation of the terrain, she approached Graeval. But as she progressed, the ground flattened out, as if it wished to facilitate her path. Here, there is his hand...

"What are you doing here Lilith?" Graeval asked

“*Sigh* This is what I would like to know from you.” Lilith stated "Do you know that you have scared and created problems for a lot of people besides me?"

"Ugh... forgive me."

“If you want to be forgiven, start by calming down. Your bloodlust is still palpable."

After saying those simple but loving words, Graeval took a couple of deep breaths. All the weapons he had created and the blades of psionic energy disappeared as did his overwhelming aura. When he opened his eyes, the irises were again visible and golden. He was still using his powers.

"Better." Lilith began smiling and putting herself at his side "Please forgive my husband's impulsiveness." she stated, turning to us

"I can't say it wasn't a problem..." I started turning completely towards her "but at least, now it seems possible to reason with him."

“*Fuuuu*. Really..." Xalan stated as he stood beside me with his pipe in hand. "Now that I think about it, I don't think we know each other." he asserted taking another puff

"Oh. I ask your forgiveness. I am Lilith Stilno, Graeval's wife."

"Hou. I am the God of War Xalan, while she is the Goddess of Wisdom Daneas."

"Nice to meet you." she stated, bowing her head slightly "Now that we introduced ourselves and calmed down, how about telling us what happened?"

"...All right."

From there, Graeval told in every detail how it had come to such a situation. He told us how Shidor had suddenly attacked him and how he had not believed his words when he told him that he would have quietly-

"There was no need to fight for me!" Aphy interrupted him “You know very well that my heart belongs only to you Gra-ouch! Ouch! OUCH!. "

“I don't know what to do with your heart. And above all..." Graeval continued turning to her "Don't you know it's rude to interrupt someone when they speak?"

“Ok! I get it!! Ouch! Ouch! I'M SERIOUS! I WILL NOT DO IT AGAIN!! I'M SORRY!!!"

He had an arm outstretched to my sister and his hand was stinging, I noticed Aphy holding her head in pain. He is most likely giving her a telekinetic ironclad... and Aphy practically asked for it. At that sight, Xalan chuckled as I sighed heavily.

After her plea to stop with an apology, Aphy was left and from there Graeval resumed the story.

So, Graeval was trying to convince Shidor that he felt nothing for Aphy and would gladly leave her, but he didn't believe him and even though that once Graeval died, Aphy's affection would pass to his child, so he intended to kill him too along with his mother.

"Honey..." Lilith called him coldly as she gently stroked her womb "why that idiot is still alive?"

*Gulp* I felt instinctive to swallow. Lilith was giving a scary smile as she looked in the direction of Shidor, half-dying and still inside the rock coffin. Well... if someone were to target my offspring, I think I would get mad too.

"For the simple reason that he didn't suffer enough and then..." he began and then looked at us "I was interrupted by them."

"Hohoho. I can't say I'm sorry but I can't deny it either. " Xalan chuckled looking at Shidor too with a cold expression "After all, we didn't know the circumstances yet, other than that someone had infuriated you."

"Besides, we had to stop you." Aphy began rubbing her face. "Your fight was causing too much damage to this world."

“You have already repaired my battlefields. You would have done the same with this too."

"It's not that easy." I intruded and drawing his attention. “Even if it is true that we can influence the natural laws of the world we watch over to heal it, we still have limits. Do you know the lake you created in your old world?"

"... Yeah~?"

“Even though I am intervening, the damage you have caused is to such an extent that it has taken root in the very nature of that place. It will take me another 30 years at least before I bring it back to its original state." I explained and then looked towards this place "If we had let you fight like that for another ten minutes, this place would have suffered the same effect."

"......I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"For the problems, I caused you in my old world."

“*Sigh~* There's no use apologizing. By now the damage has been done and it is also my fault that I was unable to foresee such a thing."

"Anyway..." Xalan began bringing the pipe to his mouth "Now I understand the reason for all this absurd mess."

Slowly Xalan approached the couple and after exhaling the smoke, he made a deep bow.

"I'm sorry for what my pupil did." he started and then got up “I understand your anger. I also have a family. But I would ask you to close an eye and entrust him to me. He will be punished in an exemplary way, you have my word."

"Your word... huh~?"

Graeval moved his finger and the rock sarcophagus that contained Shidor began to levitate and move towards him. When he was beside him, Graeval took Shidor's chin and looked him in the eye. A few seconds passed and then he left him.

He looked back at Xalan who was smoking his pipe with an expression that was a mixture of troubled and thoughtful. Graeval sighed heavily and snapped his fingers.


That deafening explosion rang all over the place and came from the rock sarcophagus which was still intact. But there was something strange. Shidor's expression was startled for a moment and then his eyes died.

Xalan's expression, like Aphy's and mine probably too, were a mixture of surprise and fear. He didn't-

"Your word has no weight for me." Graeval began approaching the stone coffin "Above all, not after what your pupil... 'told me' just a moment ago."

He tapped the bare rock that formed that coffin and it shattered into a thousand pieces. In addition to the rock, a red and brown organic mush also fell, and Shidor's head landed right on top of it. Graeval grabbed it by the hair and tossed it to Xalan who, despite being taken aback, caught it.

“Bring it back to the divine world. Let all the Gods know that if they come up with his idea... there won’t even be a head left."

“...... I gave you my word that he would be punished in an exemplary manner. Indeed, I intended to personally punish him, and yet you did not hesitate to kill him. Could you enlighten me on why?"

“Don't make me repeat. I don't trust you and consequently, your word has no value to me."

“There is more, isn't it? You said my protégé has... 'told' you something."

“That moron was mad because of his possessive love. After serving his punishment he would return to kill me and my family. "

"His engagement with my sister would be canceled and his God of War privileges revoked." I interjected, "He couldn’t have moved easily without someone knowing."

“Madmen are the most dangerous living beings. Especially those who have nothing to lose as in his case." he began by wrapping his wife's shoulders “I have no intention of endangering my wife and especially our child. If I have a chance to remove a danger for them, I just remove it."

“Fufufu... Ahahahahahaha~... Haaa~. I like you, young man." Xalan began after laughing heartily “You are willing to make the entire universe your enemy if it means protecting your loved ones. You called Shidor a madman but you are not very different from him."

That said, Xalan made Shidor's head disappear in a beam of light and then walked over to Graeval as he took another puff. When he exhaled, it was in front of him.

“You are the first mortal who has ever killed a deity. This decision of yours will have consequences, you know?" he started looking him in the eye

"I'm certainly not going to run away from them."

"Hahaha! Whether you like it or not, you’ll still have to deal with it, and if it goes as I think it will..." Resumed, and then turn in the direction of Aphy "you’ll have a headache for quite some time."

"*Sigh* I'm used to headaches by now."

“Hahahaha! I don't doubt it." that said, Xalan turned to my sister and me. “Let's go back. Looks like a lot of work has just accumulated for the three of us. Also, there is no longer a need for our presence here. We will meet again... Godslayer Graeval."

***(Lilith's POV)***

In the same way that Aphy usually descends, the three deities disappeared in a beam of light. Very well. Now...




I slapped him as soon as he turned around. He looked me in the eye with a surprised look that was then added to a bit of fear.

"Do I have to explain why I hit you?" I asked him coldly without receiving any response. “For a long time, I have been waiting for this day. I looked forward to the day when you could spend time with me... with us. And when that comes, Aphy appears out of nowhere and drags me into this hell begging me to stop you."

His eyes did not leave mine. He looked at me seriously, full of regret.

“And as if that weren't enough, I see you reduced to this state. Don't try to tell me this is the blood of that God! You are pushing your body over the edge."

"I-it's not like-"

"You know it’s true!" I exclaimed throwing him another slap “Your eyes are still golden! You're still using your powers to keep yourself from collapsing on the spot!! Did you intend to die with that criminal?!"

"No. I-"

He didn't finish the sentence. His golden eyes were wide with surprise as my vision began to be less vivid and I could feel the tears running down my cheek.

"I was afraid! *Sniff* Do you realize... *Sob* how worried you made me?! *Sniff* For a moment... I thought our baby might have lost his father even before he could be born! *Sob* Terror and anxiety have gripped my heart at the thought of becoming the widow of the only person I love!!! *Sob*"

The tears continued to flow down my cheeks without stopping, burning the skin from how hot they were. I leaned against him... my face... my arms... and also my clothes probably... they got dirty with the blood of my beloved.

He was silent and hugged me. He didn't say a word... he didn't apologize... he didn't reassure me. He let my tears mix with his blood.

It was some time before I calmed down and soon after my legs didn’t have the strength to hold me. We were sitting on a rock and Graeval kept holding me tight.

“..... Aren't you going to apologize? To ask for my forgiveness?" I asked

"What I've done can never be forgiven and even if you apologize, from the bottom of my heart, I can't."

"Graeval..." I called him looking up at him "you swore that you would always come back to me. Defeated or victorious, you would always come back." at my statement he nodded “I beg you, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, don't think for a moment about breaking that oath. Especially now that you are becoming a father."

“It won't happen again. Something like today will never happen again."

"Better for you." I said taking his face “Because I won't forgive you a second time. Also because, thanks to your bravado, I managed to get Aphy a promise. "

"Huh? What promise?"

"You'll find out." I concluded and then kissed him.

I felt his body tremble just before I parted from him

"Now you're on the edge, aren't you?"


"*Sigh* Let's go home." I said sighing and getting up "Sarity should be in our house right now." I concluded by extending my hand

"What is she doing in Fago?!"

“She had come to congratulate me for my pregnancy. But at the moment it doesn't matter. I asked her to come to our house just before Aphy brought me here."

"So that she can lecture me too?" he asked giggling and taking my hand

"So she can treat you, dummy." I said, flicking him on the forehead

Graeval opened a portal to our house and we passed it. Sarity, Jack, Laila, and Acrisio were there waiting for us. I was surprised at the presence of the latter, but it was nothing compared to the frightened, horrified, and surprised expressions they all had. Laila even covered Acrisio's eyes as soon as she saw what my husband was like.

Needless to say, after giving his casual greeting, my husband passed out and it was my turn to explain what happened after Sarity gave him the necessary treatment.

— • — • — • — • — • —

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