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The Guardian Chef
The Guardian Chef
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4.3 (58 ratings)
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In a world of swords and magic, Graeval is the son of humble farmers, an ordinary person with a particular talent for cooking. His fellow villagers know him for his delicious dishes, for being the childhood friend of the Saint chosen by the Goddess Aphy and for being married to a beautiful woman.
But is that really all?
Of course not. Otherwise why are we going to tell his story? He is no ordinary boy. His cold, realistic and calculating nature had always been far too mature for someone of his age. But his secret is as immense... as the potential of his mind.

Beastkin Calm Protagonist Caring Protagonist Clever Protagonist Conspiracies Cooking Demi-Humans Demons Early Romance Elves Fantasy World Goddesses Heartwarming Heroes Love at First Sight Male Protagonist Marriage Mature Protagonist Multiple POV Nobles Protagonist Loyal to Love Interest Protagonist Strong from the Start Reincarnated into Another World Sword And Magic
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      Status: c31
      Oct 28, 2020

      I like, from the aspect of world building, to the personality of the characters and also the MC himself

      Though I kinda wish author to bash the saint feeling much more and make her heart broken and give the MC harem, since the candidate is there after all, but hey it's all my wish

      And also thank you for the novel author

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      2 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: vol. 3 – chapter 30
      Oct 22, 2020

      Overall a great story, so far there are some solid characters, interesting subversions of trope and ideas I have not seen in an isekai. 

      However, some grammatical flaws (i.e. Verbiage and pronouns) does adversely impact the flow of the story as well as cliche/unoriginal plot devices (i.e. Foolish goddess, envy/lack of reasoning, minor plot holes). Although these tropes are ok to use, they often lack any reasoning behind it and are usually for a short term gag or for the convenience of the plot. The lack of character of some characters is frustrating as well, however, I am now nitpicking. In summation, this story has incredible potential and regardless of a possible harem, I am content with the direction of the story and mc/heroine. 

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      2 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c21
      Oct 18, 2020

      I'd probably rate this 3-4 stars. The story is interesting and is overall written reasonably well, however there are quite a few parts which don't flow, which is detrimental to the story.

      These include the mixing up of gender pronouns and the liberal use of odd names for minor characters create some confusion trying to piece the setting of the scene.

      I would strongly recommend fixing the pronouns.

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      1 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c31
      Feb 22, 2021

      This book is really good in general, and I really like how the characters are actually written with depth, unlike some that are just flat and 2D. Also, the plot and the emotions that are exhibited by the characters are great. Definitely give this book a try. Only thing to complain about is the author updates only once a week : (

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