Character Sheet after Hell Training
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Name: Alice

Race: Half-Angel

Level 7

Profession – Angel of Mercy

Experience – 533 of 3000

Stats: Points unspent = 20

Health: 164 (Recovery 1 Per Day)

Mana: 1051 (Recovery 3 Per Minute)

Strength 11

Stamina 10

Intelligence 10

Wisdom 21

Charisma 22 (+8)

Dexterity 12

Perception 12

Luck 0



Dodge Skill: Journeyman 357 / 500 Ability of dodge increased by 30%

Endurance Skill: Beginner 421 / 500 Reduction of fatigue from physical exertion

Mace: Journeyman 15 / 500 Damage increased by 30%

Pain Resistance Skill: Journeyman 18 / 1000 Reduction of pain by 40%

Short Bow: Beginner 175 / 200 Increased accuracy by 5%

Sneaking Skill: Beginner 153 / 500 Basic stealth

Camouflage Skill 12 / 200 Using items within the area to help you blend in

meditate 41 / 200 Increases mana regeneration


Cooking: Beginner 545 / 1000 Make eatable meals

First aid: Journeyman 0 / 500 Any wounds treated will heal 30% faster

Alchemy: Journeyman 74 / 700 Increased potion duration by 20%

Herbalism: Journeyman 23 / 700 Herbs used in potions are more efficient by 25%

Enchanting: Talented 100 / 100,000 Increased options and success rates


Aura Augmentation: spells increase or decrease in potency depending on size and understanding

Death is a Friend of Mine

Holy Casting

Nutcracker - While holding a weapon you will give off a slight intimidation affect to males in the area

Compassionate Touch

Multi-Cast x 6

Power Amplification x 4 (6 with All Natural Boon)

True Sight – Reveals things that are hidden; sight and some sound

All Natural - Increased Charisma whenever you have no cosmetics or illusions applied

Movement skills: Footwork

  1. Lighter than she looks – reduces chances of pressure plate traps from going off by half

  2. Steps of an angel – Increases defenses while user is not attackings by two times current armor value

Defensive: Physical

  1. Tough Enough: reduces blunt force damage by a 1/20th

  2. Resolute: Reduce all damage by 10% after health 30% of total health

  3. The lesser evil – Minimize damage by half placing a less important part of your body in the way

  4. Resilient – By taking so many hits your body has learned to cope and now reduced damage

  5. Divine body – Your bidy holds more life energy than most allowing you to regenerate

Defensive: Evasion

  1. Perfect Assets: Straight men and gay women are reluctant to shoot at you

  2. Flexible: Dodges are increased by 15% from melee attacks

  3. Graceful beyond measure – Any physical activities get a 5% bonus

  4. Double jointed – able to bend in mysterious ways allowing you to evade attacks that should be impossible

  5. Shimmer – Enter a half-etheral form, lasts four seconds, aids in dodging and reducing damage

Weapon: Bow

  1. Prediction: gives suggestions on most likely course a person will move to


Angels gain following skills

Demonic Counter - Heal spells do damage to demons equal to healing value

Flight – Medium level flight

Holy Aura – educes pain and adds boost to all healing spells

Speak No Lie – People with angel blood are unable to tell lies

Pacifistic Blow – any attack against others will always fall short of killing them (monsters and demons excluded)

Vision of Diagnosis Improved – Ability to detect ailments, health and abilities being used at a glance

Spells: Holy

Aid – one round cast time – Temporarily increase another’s health

An Angel's Sorrow: LEARNING

Bind: causes chest to tighten causing shallow breathing and may lead to fatigue, passing out and even suffocation

Blasphemer’s Detriment - half round cast time - Links damage caster receives from any melee attack or spell from targeted person

Blessings of the Goddess – one round cast time – makes it harder for others to hit the target of this spell (strength increases with level)

Blinding Flash – instant – a quick bright flash of your aura (works better in darker environments)

Bone Setter – half round cast time – Fixes broken bones and puts them back into place

Coat of Arms – one round cast time – Strengthens the target with what they hold dear to the hearts (strength increases with level)

Detoxification – half round cast time – Removes lessser & moderate strength poisons

Guardian Angel - two round cast time – target can evade one killing blow

Golden armor – half round cast time / maintainable – a thin protective barrier that refreshes every three minutes

Hiatal – instant cast time - generates a dome to protect your group lasts 1 round

Heavenly Rain - 3 round cast time – any ‘rain’ that hits targets will cause allies to heal and enemies to make fear tests or retreat

Minor Heal – half round cast time – a healing spell that will heal large cuts, scrapes and bruises

Minor Healing light – half round cast time – Creates images that float around targets that release pulses of healing energy

Purify – one round cast time – A magical filter that removes impurities the cast believes are foreign to item or person

Revitalize: improved – half round cast time – An improved version of rejuvenate that restores lose stats and vital energy

Regeneration: Moderate - instant cast time have to maintain until regrowth is complete – Regrow lost body parts or help with more grievous wounds

Sanctuary - ten round cast time - creates a safe zone that monsters cannot detect or enter; Area: casters’ aura

Sense Minor Evil – three round cast time – map will display creatures that have done evil within the last week; Area: 3 x casters’ aura

Smite – half round cast time – Target will take damage in accordance of their degradation to their soul

Stop Poison – one round cast time – Greatly reduces the onset of poisons

Tranquility – one round cast time - puts a targeted person or creature into an immobile state until attacked or 3 minutes

Restrict: clogs the magical conduits forcing target to use double the magical energy while spell is maintained


Lightning – 11%

Wind – 9%

Earth – 12%

Charm – 23%

Ice – 5%

Darkness – 7%

Water – 6%

Corrosive – 7%

Aura Effects: 16-foot aura

Calmness: Aura will release a calming affect that eases the mind from stress and worries. Small chance of pacifying aggressive, less intelligent creatures.

Consecrated: evil forces within aura take penalties to attack and defend

Enlightenment: Enhances learning for anybody within your aura

Holy: Reduces pain and adds boost to all healing spells