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The Strength of those who sit at the Top


The Eyes of the World POV



There are instances in the life of a magician where they will stumble upon a hidden wall. Many refer to it as the limit of humans, in other words, the extent of your potential. However, in the course of time and history, a few humans have broken these so-called limits. Some evolved into another creature, some felt the presence of gods that made them demi-gods, some had breakthroughs, and some simply have been forced to be uncommon.

While one can rule out that the humans that have evolved, discarded their humanity for the sake of overcoming this hidden wall. Although there are different circumstances, each and single one of them had something in common.

They were in the face of imminent risk.

And one of those select few is Cecilia Merue...




Reeling back in the present, after the final clash of Inerva and Cecilia resulting to the point of total change in environment at the grass plains. Everything was buried like a frozen chamber.

Absolute Zero.

The usage of high-rank spells affected the environment immediately and widely. As the fluctuation of excess mana scattered around the campus, it became crazily cold and transformed to an even bigger scale.

Inerva clad herself with the little mana she could muster as Cecilia with not a hint of mana covering her body, she perfectly stood still amidst the raging hailstorm. With every passing second, her figure remained unchanged. It was by no means a hailstorm that anyone can just persist. Still, Cecilia did not bother casting a spell, instead she closed both of her stiffen hands and forcefully extended it as far as it reaches the outskirts of Tempest. In one swept of her hands, the hailstorm quickly dissipated and became a gust of unnaturally cold breeze.

She instantly noticed another presence currently inside the campus. Nevertheless, her eyes fixated at the figure of Inerva Vonne. Peering at the crystal she is buried upon, Cecilia’s fingertips slowly touch its outer edge.

Before anything could unfold, a pair of beansprouts hurriedly call towards the distant figure of Sheila Neru. Disturbing one’s meal as the prey looked back with intense bloodlust aura, Kan and Shinra completely froze on their spot. Merue’s right hand draw out large amounts of mana before aiming it directly at the 1st years. Both of them already knew that this is no time to be standing still. However, the only thing that can describe the feeling they were experiencing at this very moment.

That amidst the absolute, the word inevitable is ever present.

“Arcane Strike.” Chains of different elements clawed forward aiming at the 1st years.

It was immediately blocked by the Principal and Head Librarian who came at the scene although they only changed its trajectory upwards in the sky.

Ensuring the 1st years safety, “Cecilia Merue, I have come to accept your conditions.” Principal Cainne stepped forward hoping to gain Cecilia’s attention.

For a moment all the intense bloodlust suddenly dissipated. “Conditions? Ah, about that I don’t care anymore.” She quickly shrugged off Cainne’s remark.

“What do you mean by that?”

“As I’ve said just forget about the conditions, unless... You have something else?” Erasing off her magnifying aura as she put on a sly expression.

Cainne contemplated for a few seconds before Cecilia turned around.

“With the conditions you’ve asked, you can also have access to the history texts containing of the Tempest founding members...”

Even if it was a slightest turn, Cainne managed to struck Cecilia’s attention.

“I see, that’s not too bad. I’ll have to take you up on that offer. For the meantime, you obviously want me to do something about the person wreaking havoc inside your precious campus, right?” Marching forward boasting unparalleled strength and wit, the sight of Sheila Neru being a fake persona was made clear towards Shinra and Kan.

“It’s quite too sad that you’ve known this side of me, kouhai.” Spying straight to the eyes of Kan Uolo, Cecilia trampled the 1st year’s spirit.

A surge of thunderclouds lightened the clear sky with only a few glances Kan and Shinra noticed the figure of Mika up above.


“It’s quite clear that both of you want to rush in and help. However, at this moment going forward there are boundaries you cannot yet trespass, and you’ve done more than enough you two.” Principal Cainne already sensed how badly they want to help Mika.

“This is not the time to talk, isn’t this the very reason why people strive to be strong? So that they can protect the things they cherish as well as their ambitions?” The 1st years charged towards the campus excessively using mana to hasten themselves before a barrier of wall appeared in front of them.

“… I don’t care if I’m not strong enough to fight but if being strong is letting people you care about get injured or hurt, then I will find other ways! Let’s go Kan!” Shinra pressed forward emitting lightning magic. A sudden change of attitude if it involves a comrade, Shinra stood still at the suffocating presence of One of the Six Calamities barely fighting back the fear.

“Even in the face of death?” Cecilia questioned cunningly.

“It doesn’t matter.” Even though there was doubt in the eyes of Shinra Mavirus his will overpowers his fears.

“Is that the same for you, Kan Uolo?”

Given the stage, he took a deep breath and carefully assessed the situation gazing back towards the campus.

“Being strong to fight someone like that is out of the question for me, but to fight for someone is a different matter.”

The two 1st years though lacking in strength has the will to more than make up for it. Although this does not translate to strength, this driving force to recklessly risk one’s life to such situations is not commonly present to strong people as well. “Heh, not a bad answer you two. Then, look closely as this is how strong you’ll need to become to protect someone against the whole world. But first---”

Streaks of countless lightnings engulfed everyone when in an instant they were already in the campus. A mere blink all it took.




After transporting Kan and the others inside the campus to hold off Vanque, Cecilia went back where Inerva was to let her take part in the situation.


“Will you remain locked up in there, Inerva Vonne?” She became deeply interested at Inerva after their fight. “Still, not budging? Well, then... Hell Flames.” Nonchalantly casting a high-tier spell, Merue looked to fire it off directly at her.

 The flames quickly melted the ice around before it spewed intense cold temperature.

 “Say, do you fear me that much, Cecilia?”

Clawing herself back, Inerva Vonne still showed signs of fatigue and hypothermia. “I’m surprised you are still alive despite risking your final attack against me.” Cecilia flickered her fingers to raise the temperature around Inerva relieving her body off of coldness.

“Since when did I ask for your help?” Gritting her teeth, she could barely stand.

“It’s not really a choice in my end. Although I believe you still have something to do.” Just then, a flux of concentrated mana developed at one spot.

“Vanque Milios...! What is he doing here in Tempest?” Without wasting any more time Inerva hurriedly ran towards Tempest.

“Even if you go there in your current state, what can you achieve?” Halted by Cecilia’s remark, she had no option but to look back.

“It’s better than having the power to end this fight and refusing to do so...” Expressing such dissatisfaction at the sight of one of the strongest beings at her presence, the Secretary of the Principal shots glares at this being.

“I see, clearly the students take after you. If you want to do something, then make use of this scroll.” A small portal opened as Cecilia grabbed a worn-out scroll with erratic symbols.

Inerva looked perplexed at the scroll given to her. “Haaah... After this is over, I’m going to question you about this.” Merue only waved back before seeing her off.




“Now then... shall we?”

As the clouds roar and all the lightnings converged at the middle, Cecilia took a bit of distance and leaped straight towards Vanque’s presumably greatest attack.

Breaking the sound barrier, it seemed as if she teleported in the eyes of common people.




“Cecilia Merue, one of the Six Calamities...”

“Vanque Milios, as far as I remember you turned your tail back to Azure.”

The sky growls unable to wait as if a predator drooling at its prey. Vanque extended his right-hand signaling to strike.

“I have no business with you, Cecilia Merue.”

“Well, I do.”

“Spear of Zeus.” In a bolt, time seemed to relatively slow down at astonishingly speed for Cecilia.

“Gamma... Ray.” Firing off an unnatural magic, the collision of their attacks bounced off away from them.


Cecilia averted her gaze and looked back at the campus. “Don’t even try Vanque...”

“Hmmph, I know very well how you fight Merue. You’ll use anything to have the upper advantage in a fight even if it seems a blunder.”

“Well, what are you doing here in Tempest?” Fixated at the figure of Inerva down below, she appeared to be defenseless.

“As I’ve said it does not concern you.” Milios once again raised his right hand preparing for another attack.

“Is that so? I more or less know what you aim to do. Are you out here alone acting of your own accord or?---” Cecilia suddenly turned her gaze right back at Vanque revealing a cube-like prism floating. “Have you already forgotten?  You cannot defeat me with childish tactics like this, remember?” A sly grin trampled the man’s efforts.

Vanque tried to hide and detonate a condensed mana bomb near Cecilia before she locked it using gravity and space magic.

A surging sound reached the ears of Vanque and Cecilia attracting their attention for a split second. As the gigantic blue whale dispel both of their attacks. Merue decided to use the condensed mana bomb towards the blue whale when it suddenly changes it trajectory propelling the explosion near Vanque. Then, nullifying the area around them causing it to be an anti-magic domain before overlapping it directly at Vanque to ensure he could not use any magic for the next three seconds.

After the 1st years used their attacks against Vanque Milios, Cecilia immediately noticed another presence and casted the highest barrier spell around the 1st years. Every magic Cecilia was casting is being done instantly and secretly without anyone noticing and affecting the flow of mana particles around them so that Vanque cannot trace it. By doing so, it will need a huge amount of raw mana so that it can be done precisely. Despite making sure the 1st years are out of harm there was not any barrier protecting Cecilia.

“You’ve been gone on long enough, we have things to do than play, Vanque.”

“Huh, who said you could ruin my fun?” Showing off his capability and power Vanque let out a killing intent.

“You should take his advice.” Cecilia remained a few steps ahead of the two, yet she did not do anything to suppress the aura of both Vanque and Astuto

“Oh my, Cecilia Merue who knew you could be here.”

“If you are here to take Vanque then just go.”

“Tsk, I don’t know why you are protecting Tempest Cecilia, but as I said I don’t have any business with you.” Vanque then looked at the frozen stiff Mika.

“As long as you harm Tempest, that goes for the students, Vanque I would not keep quiet.” Such suffocating atmosphere must it be for the three Tempest students.

“Oh, have you taken a liking to this place?” Astuto’s eyes lit up and loosened his body.

“It’s none of your business, Astuto.”  Although all of it was for naught at the sight of Cecilia’s piercing eyes.

“Haha, I would have stayed a bit longer, but we must go, I’ll take a visit later once I have some free time, Cecilia. Let’s go, Vanque.”

Unable to escape the instinctive fear coming from Cecilia’s eyes, there was not anything they could hope to achieve by remaining in Tempest.

“When I get back don’t be too dull, Mika I look forward to your fruition and as for the two of you midgets I’ll kill you two next time for interfering.”




Despite of it all, Cecilia did not once lose the upper footing and took control of the situation. Excelling in both wits and strength seems to have a huge factor for being strong, but against the questions what makes Cecilia Merue a part of the Six Calamity and unimaginably strong, there is only one answer as of yet.


It is that Cecilia Merue lacks empathy.