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The Auriora’s Esteemed Princess



Mika Torri POV


It is still ever-present, the memories of that day, I wonder what did the food tasted like again? Is Alea up to no good, always finding ways to annoy father and mother? The ceiling I have come to forgot, the hallways I nonchalantly roamed free. These prickling tears seems to show the value of those distant times. Day by day, I seem to lose one of these cherished memories.

For how long have I tried to recall those bygone years? If at one time in the near future, a reason is presented to me; I wonder if I would pursue it? That is, if I find a reason at this place.

Standing at the gate of Tempest, ‘a new beginning or an escape out of reality?’

Filled with such thoughts I mindlessly went inside the campus.




Passing by the main hall where the founders of Tempest and famous figures of the history are sculpted. My steps led me towards the back end of the campus. There, a withered tree huge in size still kept standing with its massive roots deeply planted underneath the ground.

The sequence of my thoughts began to scramble and scram.

A faculty member earlier gave us a handbook and list of things us 1st years need to request at the inquiry office. I opened the handbook given as they remarked this was everything, written down are the rules and policy of the school. There was little to no one near this area, clearing up the fallen leaves off the bench, I silently skim through the handbook.

Without anything written beside the three pages welcoming us students, I pour down a relative amount of mana following the instruction. After a few seconds a key fall off from the handbook and its width grew in a thick length, soon after at the next page it was written that the key needs to be given to the office located at the main hall.

I averted my gaze away from the handbook and glance quietly at the sky. It’s awfully lonely; the one cloud that still floats even by itself. The soft breeze graze through my hair reminding me to go back at the main hall.



Walking back, I was not accustomed to crowds of people unlike before.

By the time I received my dorm room key and uniform, the crowd had already subsided. Gossips of the royal family Allair, glides through the ears of everyone that walks across the main hall. A Royal Family, that is like Allair that governs a kingdom... “Auriora...” Followed with a deep sigh in my mind, I tried to cheer myself up and decided to leave the exploration of the campus for tomorrow’s agenda.

Taking my leave, the streets were filled with “manual lights” invented recently by the Sage, it does not need magic for it to function. Its process and innovation to not use magic is baffling for the modern time and questions as well as praise were aimed at the Sage.




As soon as I located my room, I grabbed the key and lay down the handbook and the uniform given. The only reason I got to enroll at Tempest is all due to the fact that the crest of Auriora still holds value for the current principal of this school.

After walking for a couple of minutes earlier it would not be strange to mistake the campus for a little city as it spans far and wide containing large buildings but also underground domes and countless other waiting to be discovered. The thought of it leaves one to question how can it be maintained for a decade let alone three centuries? As much as it was interesting to learn the history, I immediately dive through the bed I could not care less to change or decorate the room.

Time silently passes on until the sun rises...

Without a wink of sleep, I finally mustered the strength to get out of the bed and changed to the uniform given yesterday. It perfectly suited my size and was even more comfortable compared to what noble's wear. It felt like mana was imbued within the uniform and a few spells as well. I grabbed the handbook and put it inside a space-magic pouch meant to carry large and dozens of materials.

Heading out of the dorm, there was still time before the start of classes and the cafeteria was not that far, I figured a light meal would be doable.




Taking a bit of time before I got inside the cafeteria, one look and everyone would come to the conclusion that there is a system inside here. Exhausted by the thought of being unable to just enjoy a meal I moved forward and picked whatever was available near the tray. ‘I’m already irritated geez...’

Despite minding my own business, it was clear that a few students already had their eyes on me. Exasperated by the countless occurrences of this very instance I let them bump into me.

“Hey, get your ass over here.” The students in front of me cunningly smiled, a second year by the looks of it decided to target me.

“You’re a 1st year, aren’t you? Perhaps I should teach you the rules in here.” I stood still as innumerable unforgettable memories started replaying through my mind like a curse unable to get rid of it.

“I’m sorry I didn’t realize I passed by your table.” Just one more push is all I need, second year...

“Haaah, you think I'm done with you?”  Like a switch, my hands were already near his throat before someone used a spell. Getting a hold of my emotions I hastily left the cafeteria.

Only catching the figure of the person who likely stopped the situation I nervously followed him. Closely tailing him he sat near the withered tree I found yesterday. I was near enough to hear him yet not able to depict what he was saying. All of a sudden, a perplexed feeling became evident inside of me.

Unable to grasp this feeling I decided to let my curiosity get the best of me and walked behind him. After whispering a few words, he jumped out of his seat and make out a weird face. The food I grabbed at the cafeteria seemed to have gotten cold, I sat next to him as he asked a few questions. He quickly finished his sandwich and introduced himself. ‘Kan Uolo...’

After knowing each other’s names Kan left and seemed to head towards his class. I faintly remembered where my class was and walked forward before, he stopped to turn around and asked if I was following him. Clearing the misunderstanding Kan called me by last name. Immediately I asked him to just call me Mika as my last name does not hold any more value. Without any reply I asked for his opinion, just then I realized we were both heading to the same class.

Kan once again stopped at the front door before remarking that I’ll end up sitting beside him. ‘We’ve only just met, and he wants me to sit beside him?’ Unfamiliar with the situation I silently lowered my face and replied. “I guess so...” Just then the door moved on its own and we were greeted by the sight of the class and our cheerful professor before lecturing us, in the end, we sat next to each other.

“You weren’t expecting such a response, am I right?” Putting on an act was quite too difficult even for me. ‘An anomaly... I need to understand more of this feeling... starting with Kan!’

The professor carried on the class and taught us about some things a magician should know and aim towards. For a moment, I felt the burning sensation of being alive. Before the classes ended, I had looked forward to talking more with Kan until something came up.


A remnant from the past, I uncontrollably paced myself proving that it was just something that my mind made up. Going around the corner of the hallways I found myself in an isolated place. In a moment, not one sound can be heard. Shifting my glances, it would prove to be I was just hallucinating.

‘Is it wrong for me to be happy? How long must I be bounded by these things?’

I then walked away ditching all the remaining classes, as if finding a reason to not be happy it dawned upon me, I should not befriend anyone including Kan Uolo.

“But if... I could just talk with him every day... Would that be too much?” Stepping out of the main building, it was already afternoon. Not long after I found myself taking a seat near the withered tree, even though it was not cloudy it provided a good shade under the sun.

It looks like nothing had changed even if I’m in Tempest or not. I cannot take a step forward.

Time would pass and the afternoon classes had already ended signaled by the bell throughout the campus I had already thought of going back to my room before a group of 2nd year circled around me. The outcome of this is not going to be pretty, I silently sighed.

“Hey, you’re that cocky 1st year student earlier at the cafeteria, aren’t you?”  Peering into their malicious eyes and prideful expression, I must crush their pride so that I would not be bothered anymore.

“What of it? Are you going to beat me up with your ape friends?” Stirring one’s emotion can greatly change the outcome of any situation. I already learned it the hard way...

“You bitc--” “Stop, Freid she’s just provoking you...besides there’s something different about her.” The composed student introduced himself as Necro before asking my name in return.

“Mika Torri, if that’s all I’ll be going now.”

“Hmm, Mika Torri, is it? I’m not yet done talking to you but if you want so then be careful on your way back, hehe.” I could already tell some students would follow me. Why do they even target students just for a petty reason? I walked inside the main hall and hide through the crowd before finding a place to hide for the time being. Barely losing them, it seems I was at the front door of the library. In hopes of completely losing their track I went inside. 


Dozens of bookshelves span across the main library, the ceiling was quite high as there were carvings you would typically see in a noble’s mansion, except there could be hidden meanings of the design. There in the farthest corner of the library I slowly followed the voice of a student. One that was different from everyone else. “Kan Uolo?” I silently whispered before I stopped myself when there was another person beside him. ‘What am I even thinking?’


Not long after that I went back to my room.

I could not sleep... Instead of laying down until the sun rises, I reminded myself of why I’ve even enrolled here in the first place...That is, to get stronger.

After getting out of the bed and taking a small bath, it became easier to leave the dorm and take a stroll around the campus. It was not hard taking a walk unnoticed as I’ve done these countless times back at the kingdom and back then... Hoping to relieve some stress I created a small soundproof barrier around me and proceeded to practice magic. Until after an hour the moment I lay down the barrier there was already someone near where I am. To my surprise, the one person I had wanted to avoid, Kan Uolo!

Hastily taking a step backwards as I circled around the withered tree, there he was practicing magic. Just bring yourself up to talk to him.  If it was that easy, I would not have been in this situation in the first place. I could only go back and regret it the very moment I leave.




Looking back that was not quite a long time ago... later that day I had found the courage to talk to him and ever since then I had come to remember what it means to be alive. Being friends with Shinra Mavirus as well, it was quite fun and now I’ll be participating at the coming First Trial.

I still have to get stronger to complete my goal, yet I also found another goal to keep on going. That painful time of being alone is long gone and I could finally move on with my life Mom, Dad, and Alea, please watch over me, your very own esteemed princess...


“Thank you for everything.” I opened my eyes as I entered the arena...