CH 6: I Can’t Handle The Arts Club
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It's been two weeks since that day at the playground. Word about Haru becoming my girlfriend has reach into everyone's ears at the school. Ofcourse. To think that Haru, our school Idol would end up with a loser like me. It's unheard of. Some still don't believe it. The bell ring and it's time to lunch. Like every day since that day, Haru and I would eat our lunch box together. I never even imagine a day like this would come, let alone with our school Idol. This is like a dream come through. Yet, why am I having this uneasy feeling?.



"Toki! are you okay? you have been dozing off. Is something on your mine?" Haru looking at me pushing her body forward. I could almost see her bra from this distance. A stripline of White and Blue.

"Ah!, Nothing at all. Don't worry about it" I snap back. I just casually continue eating the fried chicken that she made me.

Unbeknown to Tokinaga. Chitome has been listening to their conversation from outside of their classroom. Her face is irritated. Biting her lips every second she's there. "Onii-chan is mine. I won't let that bitch steal my toy away from me."

Hizaki was about to enter the classroom. "Hmm isn't that Chitome, Toki-chan little sister? What is she doing here?" Hizaki approach Chitome casually. "Chitome-chan, Do you need anything?" Hizaki just trying to be friendly. Chitome look at Hizaki and come up with a plan. "Can you please tell Onii-chan to come to the Arts Club after school? I want to surprise him so can you not tell him that I ask for this?" Chitome says with a cute voice. As if trying to seduce Hizaki.

" I don't know what is going on but sure!"

"Thank youuuuu Hizaki Senpaii <3"

Hizaki entered the room and sit next to me and Haru.

"Hey Hizaki, Have you finish our homework yet?" I ask. I don't really mind Hizaki hanging around with us. Haru seems to enjoy the company too so we can just sit back and enjoy lunch together.

"Not at All, Toki-chan, I'm so buzyyy with my Part-time Job. One of the workers there quit so I have been covering for his shift"

"Working at the convenience store is hard work huh? I don't know how you do it"

Haru suddenly interrupts, "Hmm I don't have a choice then, Toki, you can look at my Homework. BUT!. I won't let you copy it"

"Ehh? Then there's no meaning to it then"

"Hehehe Behold! This beautiful girlfriend of you will tutor you. Come to my house when you're free. How about on Wednesday?"

"Hah? Really? Ofcourse Haru, I would love too!"

"hmmm so nice having our top student as your tutor. I'm jealous now. Let me copy yours when you finish Toki-chan" Hizaki said with a beat up voice.

"Oh ya. Before I forget, Come to the Arts Club after school will ya?"

"Ahh? Whyy?"

"Just trust me on this" Hizaki wink at me.

-After School-



I walk to the Arts Club and enter the room.

"Hello! Anybody here?. I was told to come here by Hizaki" I shouted while looking around the room. It's empty. Nobody is here. The room is quite far from the Hall. It's small and lots of boxes are here. Seems like it hasn't been used quite a while. Suddenly I feel a pain in my neck. something small and sharp. It's... It's a needle? I collapsed to the floor. My eyes are getting heavy. I'm about to pass out.

"Sleep Tight Onii-Chan"

I fainted. Must be a sleeping drug of some sort.

I woke up a few hours later. What's This?!. I can't move my hand. I'm tied to a chair with my hand on my back. It's dark. The only light source I have is the one directly above my head. It's like those interrogation scenes you see in spy movies. I tried to get my senses back. What happens back then?. That's right, Chitome!.



"Wakey wakey Onii-chan, Hehe" Chitome is in front of me with only her skirt and her school uniform. She's not wearing any bra and I can clearly see her pussy. She pressed her feed into my crotch. Slowly rubbing it, keeping pressure.

"You've been a Bad boy aren't you Onii-chan. You're supposed to kneel down only to me ain't cha?" She pressed my crotch even harder.

"Look Onii-chan, Look how wet my pussy is" She lift up her skin. She keep rubbing her pussy with her hand. Squeezing her clitoris. All while letting go of a small but cute moan. Her pussy juice is dripping to the floor. One by one. It drips.  Ah! Ah! Ah!. Watching that show with my eyes is making me having a boner. Like a lion trying to escape his cage, She unzips my pants with her feet, Popping out my long hard smelly dick.

She cupped her hand below her pussy and catching out all those sweet juice. She smiles as she looks at me and she rubs it on my face. So gross. It's Tasted weird and smell bad. This should be a gross thing to do but somehow my dick is twitching. It's getting even bigger.

"Hehehe you liked my sweet juice aren't cha?"

Whoop!. She slaps my face. My head is buzzy. "Who's my little bitch slave?" She slaps me again. "Answer me!"

I'm confused. The whole situation is crazy. She grips my hair tight and pulls me forward. She sits on the table spreading her leg.

"I'll teach you how to be a slave. Lick me. Lick my little pussy Onii-chan" She pulls my hair harder as she brings my face closer to her pussy. Her pussy stink. She pressed my face into her pussy. Almost as my nose is glued to her pussy. It's so soft and Hot!. It's like a steam of air is coming out from her hole. Without even thinking about it. I started to lick her little pussy. It's an acquiring taste. My first time licking a pussy send a chill down my neck to my spine. I start swallowing more and more of her pussy juice down my throat.

Ah! Ah!.. Chitome let out a moan.

"Good boy Onii-chan. Remember, your only purpose in this world is to pleasure me"

"Yes, Chitome" I don't know why I said yes. my mind is blank as I keep on pleasuring her with my tongue.

"Fufufu~" She grabs my penis and let her saliva slowly drip on it. Her saliva is slowly going down the back of my penis. Slowly. All the way to my balls.

"As a reward for being a good slave. I will-" She open the top two button of her shirt

She goes down from the table and started licking my balls. Ah ! Ah!. It's tickle but it feels so good. Her mouth is like a vacuum. Slurping away on my sweating balls while jerking me off. She put her lips on the tips of my cock and she let down a mountain of saliva. She swallows my cock deep. Ah! The inside of her mouth is so hot. Every time she's breathing, her hot breath is reaching every part of my penis. She moves her head up and down my cock. Ah! This feels so good. I don't know if I can hold on any longer. My cock is flooding with her saliva. I can't hold on. I'm going to come!!

She suddenly stops and looks at me.

"I can feel your dick throbbing Onii-chan. Are you about to come?...Hehehe I won't let you come just yet. You need to be my loyal slave first. I want you to say it Onii-chan. Say that you are my loyal slave and you want to please me for the rest of your life".

Fuck. How can she stop now? I was about to explode. Don't take my pleasure away. Fuck it.

"Yes Please!. I'm your dirty slave and my only reason in life is to please you!!"

"Good boy ~"

She sucks my dick all the way to the back of her throat. Her tongue touches my balls and she starts wiggling it around. Oh Fuck! I can she do all these amazing things. Shit! I'm going to come.

A spark of electricity is running from my neck to my spine and to my hips. Like that, My dick explodes a load of white thick semen. Her eyes rolled upward as I squeeze every little ounce of semen into her mouth. It feels so good. I don't want my dick to comes out from her mouth. I want it to stay inside her forever.

She pulls her mouth back letting all the slippery cum drips out from her tongue.