Chapter 565 (Vol 3) – Beautiful & Powerful Heavenly Fairies
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"Hey, you're not going to believe what I just saw!"

"What did you see? An immortal from the immortal world? Hahaha!"

"Hahaha! Leave the poor junior brother alone, it's still his first time out of the sect."

"No! I tell you I saw some beautiful fairies! I think they are from the Flowers Sea Sect!"

"The Flowers Sea Sect?"

"Really? They say that those women of the sect are stupendously beautiful!"

"Yeah! Look, follow me, I'll take you to where I saw them! They're at the entrance to the forbidden area where a Void Corridor appeared some time ago."

A group of young men followed a man in his 20s, flying in the sky with their flying swords as they crossed some mountains and forests. They quickly arrived at the destined place.

"Look! Aren't those guys from the rival sect?"

"What are they doing here?"

"Looks like they're also coming to see these female disciples from the sect! But how did they get to this place quickly?"

"Oh look! There goes a guy approaching that place!"

"I can't see his cultivation level! He must be beyond the Golden Core realm!"

"Nascent Soul? He's that powerful?"

"Even though we're on a sect mission to investigate this place, I still can't believe we ran into these Flowers Sea Sect women."

"Look at those bodies! So beautiful and perfect!"

"Look at that one with almost brownish black hair, with slightly red tips! She has such a hot body and such big breasts!"

"Look at that woman next to her in a yellow dress, she looks like she's a saint from a great sect!"

"And those other women are not lesser either! Each one is perfect and splendid!"

"It's a pity they have veils and we can't see their faces!"

"Aren't they one of the women ranked as the most beautiful on this continent?"

"I don't know, I can't see through their veils and confirm their faces."

"But what are they doing in the forbidden zone? Aren't they afraid of dying? Even the Body Condensation experts are not completely safe when they enter!"

"And... if we get close? Hehehe!"

"No one can know what happens in the forbidden zone!"

Whispers formed in the surroundings, as they looked at a group of beautiful young women.

"Oh! Beautiful ladies, how are you? I hope I'm not disturbing you, I'm a core disciple of the Nine Heavens Sect. If you would like an escort for you to out of here, we can gladly accompany you."

A handsome man with almost perfect features, he approached these women with a smile and displayed a proud, elegant bearing with airs of arrogance, as if he could crush the world with his hand.

However, a frown appeared on his face when he saw that none of these women were paying any attention to him.

"Hey! I'm talking to you!" The young man lost his poise after trying to speak several times and getting no response. He became angry when he saw that for the first time a group of women did not fall in love with his face, let alone pay attention to him.

"Elder! Help me bring these beautiful fairies!" The young man grinned wickedly after turning around and speaking to one of the elders of the group from where he stood and saying, "This young master will play with them and teach them a lesson for ignoring me!"

A man with an appearance of about 70 years old came out of the group and approached the young man as he kept a watchful eye on these women.

"Our sect may be a bit compromised once they find out that we kidnapped these girls." However, the old man still spoke with a trace of caution to the young man.

"Tsk! What's there to worry about with a sect in this place?" The young man sneered and added, "Besides, we can take care of silencing everyone here!" His gaze completely swept everyone in the distance.

"Although it would be better if we consulted with your senior brother..."

"Grandfather! What did I tell you, you're going to disobey my orders?" But the young man coldly glared at the old man and arrogantly said, "You're a Body Condensation realm expert and can easily kill everyone here!"

Although this place was a safe zone for everyone, fights would always happen and they could even kill if they were strong enough.

The old man nodded and did not continue to refuse. After all, this young man's identity was very important and he couldn't afford to make him angry, even if they were family and he was an elder of the sect.

"Mhm? They have very strong stealth techniques..." The elder raised his eyebrow in surprise when he couldn't see through their cultivation levels.

"Girls, please come with me."

Once he arrived near these women, the sect elder said with an arrogant and domineering tone. Although he disliked doing this, he still had to do it.

However, no one responded and these women who were like heavenly fairies continued to stare at the entrance of this forbidden area.

"If you don't want to be hurt, I order you to move and come with me!" The elder grew impatient and glared angrily at these young women of about 20 years of age, so young but with striking beauty.

"Get lost."

Then, almost a few seconds later, one of the women said with faint indifference but without averting her gaze from the entrance of this place.

"Ah? You know who I am?" The elder glared angrily and advanced towards them, extending his power to frighten and suppress them.

"Get lost!"

But this time, as the man was about to advance and grab one of them by the shoulder, a furious and arrogant voice spread out along with a shocking force!

The old man's face changed and a fear rose in him, sweating as his expression was horrible and full of fear looking at one of the women who had spoken and looked at him finally.

"Potential... expert of the Separation And Reunion realm..." His trembling voice filled with fear was heard faintly, feeling the breath of death blowing on his neck as a pair of beautiful eyes, but with a tinge of fury, indifference and arrogance fell upon him.

This woman is an expert cultivator more powerful than him!

The old man felt the powerful force of Potential locking onto him and crushing his internal organs, knowing that he had messed with the wrong people!

He knew about the Potential and the force in the Separation And Reunion realm! After all, his sect leader was in this realm!

But now, women as young and much younger than even his grandson were experts in this realm!

When everyone was dumbfounded looking at what was happening, a silence ruled the place even more.

"My god... is she a goddess of the Immortal World?"

"She is so beautiful and perfect!"

"How can there be such a beautiful woman in this world? Not even the ten most beautiful women ranked in this world could compare to her!"

A young woman wearing a white robe with sapphire blue came out of the forbidden area. A cold aura full of indifference could be noticed about her, as if she came from heaven and this world could not enter her eyes. A characteristic and beautiful sapphire was adorning her hair while keeping it styled at the same time.

She also had a veil and it was hiding half of her face.


Instantly, the group of young women waiting outside shouted with worry at the sight of this woman.

"Uhm?" A scowl appeared on this woman's beautiful face as she looked at the man who was pale and kneeling near these women.

* Swoosh! *

Then, to everyone's shock, a giant hand came out of this woman and grabbed the man before throwing him away. His organs were crushed and his meridians shattered, losing his cultivation.

It seemed like she knew what this man was planning to do.

"Cultivation Essence Giant Hand! Great Ascension Expert!"

But a cold breath was clearly heard as they saw this woman easily dispose of this old man.

Quickly, most of them escaped without thinking and left, opting to keep their lives safe.

"You found them?"

When almost all of them left, a worried voice from one of the women was heard as she looked at this woman in white robes with sapphire blue.

"No..." A helpless and obviously worried tone came from this cold woman's lips. Even her face changed and her gaze was filled with worry.

"But they must both be all right. If the little white fox is with them, then we shouldn't worry too much. We should keep looking for them and the others as well. I'm sure these girls must be looking for us too."

Yun Mengxin looked at her sisters and thought of Lan Yin, Qing Sha and the little white fox getting separated. The others were also not with them, but Ling Tian's disciples were with them, so there was no concern for them but only for the girls and the small animal.

Zhang Xinya, Tang Wanying, Long Yuyin, Mu Shuiruo and Shan Qingwu finally showed worried expressions and prayed for the well-being of the three girls. A trace of relief also appeared in them at the thought of the probability that the little white fox was with them, knowing about this little animal's intelligence and probably one of its abilities.

"My Husband, I hope you are well..." Yun Mengxin whispered in her heart as the image of Ling Tian filled her mind, knowing that his situation could be very complicated when she remembered him before they parted in the void dimension.


"Sis Shasha, I already want to find Master and our big sisters!"

In the middle of some ruins of an unknown place, a voice was heard as two small figures moved carefully on the place.

Qing Sha listened to what Lan Yin said and nodded as well with a worried little face, "Shasha also wants to find Master and big sisters! We also have to see if we can find our little friend!" Her expression showed a tinge of worry as she remembered Ling Tian and the others as well as the little white fox, "But first we have to get out of here and look for information to find out where we are!"

Lan Yin nodded without hesitation, having the same idea as Qing Sha. Both girls are very smart and knew that they must first look for information and then think what to do.

Lan Yin and Qing Sha had woken up together, but not knowing where they were, recognizing that they were lost and separated from the others. Now they were walking in this lonely place, holding hands not wanting to get lost.

"Mhu? Look! There's someone there!" Lan Yin spoke quietly to Qing Sha as she pointed with her hand in one direction. Both of them moved more cautiously and looked at this person.

But as if having heard Lan Yin's voice, this person turned around and looked at them.


"Another big sister as beautiful as our big sisters!"

Both Qing Sha and Lan Yin were dumbfounded when they saw this person's face, realizing that she was a grown woman and very beautiful, just like Yun Mengxin and the others. A curvaceous figure, very white and pure skin, soft and tender to the touch, long jet black hair with a unique shine in the sunlight, a sexy waist and huge but proudly standing upright breasts with an amazing shape and delineation of a black dress somewhat daring to the eye, made this woman very beautiful, exotic and hot.

"But you two are very cute and pretty, you will surely be more beautiful than me when you grow up!" This woman smiled and spoke, with a tone in her voice that brought a slightly seductive and alluring tone. Her gaze changed and her eyes glinted slyly at the sight of both Lan Yin and Qing Sha, as if she had found something valuable.

"Are you two lost?" The woman asked with a tender smile.

Lan Yin and Qing Sha looked cautiously at this woman, although she was very beautiful they were intelligent and knew they were in a different world where they might encounter danger. More so, when they both could not see this woman's cultivation level!

"Why don't we walk together? This big sister is also lost and I see that you are too." However, the woman saw that they did not respond and still spoke again, looking at the two girls with a gentle expression.

"It's okay..."

Both Lan Yin and Qing Sha subconsciously nodded, strangely feeling no danger from this woman the more they saw her, getting the feeling that they apparently knew her despite it being the first time they met her. In fact, they felt a comforting security in being at her side.

"Then come on, your Master and big sisters must be worried about you." The woman smiled mysteriously and walked with the two girls in this lonely place, the three of them moving cautiously as they searched for an exit.