Feb update and sneak peak at the new Cover being commissioned.
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Hey all! Since I mentioned before that the release of the Rewrite was going to be delayed until the end of March, I thought I'd do a quick update for you all at the end of Feb.

So far the ReWrite is going good, with both the storyboard and outline up till Book 3 mostly finished. Momentum for Book one has slowed down a bit, but mostly because I keep getting distracted writing Notes ahahahah!

So far, it looks like the Release Plan is going to be 2 chapters a day for the first week, then 1 chapter a week going forward. This could possibly be bumped to 2 Chapters a week if it gets enough support and interest.

In the same train, of though, after a lot of Suggestions and Feedback, both from other Authors and Readers, the Patreon tiers are being trimmed back. I'll release a full list closer to release, but for legal reasons I've had to scrap most of the "Creator" tiers. The higher tiers will still get something similar, but it won't be as complex as I had before, unfortunately.

That being said, the whole thing should be a smoother and easier to understand this time, so that's a plus.

Next, a notice that Beta Reading starts next week. We still have a few Spots open, so anyone interested, send me a message!

FINALLY! A Surprise for you all!

A Sneak peak of the new Cover I'm having commissioned for the ReWrite! Its still lower detail, but I really like how its coming along. Tell me what you think of the the TAWP Frame's new look!