Chapter 21: The Supervisor
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Phew. Sorry bout that guys. With the coming of Lent (christian fast) I though I'd hold off on porn. NSFW will come back at the end of the month (probs.) Until then chock full of innuendo. I'll continue with my other story at around the same time (Apocalypse Girls.)

I follow The Cow (That's how I mark her now.) Down the hallway toward where I assume the head supervisor will be. I have to admit that she's not actually as bad as I first thought... those teats are absolutely gigantic, even bigger then my stepmothers. It's just a shame she wasn't the four titted version of the Cow race that I'd heard about. That would be wild. 

Her behind is also decent, not amazing and not as great as it probably would've been in ages past but still nice. Smackable. The Cow stops suddenly and turns around, then looking my harem maids, she says, "I'm sorry but you'll have to leave your servants at here. The head supervisor will only see the student."

I roll my eyes toward where my women are and get a shrug from them, I shrug back and wave them away. 

The Cow turns back toward me and waves me onward. As we move down the hallway I have to admit that this building is absolutely gigantic... I had seen up in the air but inside is where I really get the feeling of grandeur. Lots of twisting halls and randomly placed classrooms. Perhaps the oddest part about the whole thing is that I don't see a single other student.

After a long minutes of walking we finally get to a huge door with the words, HEAD OF DEPARTMENT emblazoned on them, The Cow looks at me and opening the door pushes me through. I close the door behind us and take a quick look around the room.

High celings, with mosaics on them, the floor is covered in carpet made from some exotic animal, the room itself is huge and covered mostly in bookshelfs.

It's pretty much a fucking library.

In the middle of it all is a huge desk, and sitting in the middle of it is... something... a half-breed or a cursed being for sure. How else can you have the head of dracon but have blunt teeth? Not only that but she/he/it?? Has no scales except for her head.

The rest of its body is some weird mix of two human torsos that break into two arachne legs. WTF?

"Student Reg, a pleasure to have you here." It motions for me to sit, a proposition which I hesitantly take.

"Welcome to the Academy. While a month late you haven't missed anything of importance, classes have started however, so you will be starting a little bit behind. You will be in the tenth circle in dorm 3. Your grandfather is known to us and therefore you will be getting some preferential treatment, do not abuse this privledge as it can be taken away."

I nod along. The grandfather part is a bit surprising but not unexpected.

"You have some core classes to attend, here at the Academy we need all students to take some of these, nothing out of the ordinary however. Mathematics, System Understanding, and Magic Resistance/Theory, and Literacy, This means that you will be able to choose four options. Your grandfather has already chosen three of them."

WHAT THE FUCK???? SINCE WHEN???? I'm not going to lie and say I'm ungrateful but surely he could've left them at recommendations?

"He has also left a recommendation for the last class."


Sorry, if the quality isn't as good. I'm a bit rusty.