Chapter 24: Let my luck decide
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“Hey!”, a maid cried as she saw Ji Hua, exiting the chamber.

“Who are you? Never seen you here before. Don’t you know that men are not allowed here?”, the maid spoke with her eyes wide staring at Ji Hua. It became now evident to her that if this maid is not subdued right now, things could go really bad. ‘What do I do? I can’t use my powers!’, she cried in her head. A sudden change in the atmospherical energy would have alarmed all those powerful people in the main hall, and Ji Hua would have become a fried chicken, good for her that she used her pressure point technique, and the maid became unconscious. Her next task was to get out of this place. But that was no piece of cake, as the palace was heavily guarded and…of course the biggest problem of all, she didn’t know the way out!! Even if she were to try to find the way, with so many maids roaming here and there, the task seemed impossible. In enthusiasm, she had said that she is going to make real upheavals, but now it seemed that it would be a blessing if she could get out of here. The place moreover was like a maze. “Why didn’t I think of it earlier? I am better dead now.”, Ji Hua leaned on the wall all helpless and waiting for an idea to strike her mind. It was when she was thinking gravely that she heard some footsteps coming towards her. She stretched her brows and looking at a distance, she found a man coming towards her. She just froze in her position. Her mind thinking of all the possible excuses she could make to justify her presence.


When the man first looked at Ji Hua, he knew at an instant that she was a woman, moreover, he even knew her exact true identity. How could he not have known? For he has gazed at her portrait day and night, how could he not recognise this person? And him being at the 95th level of immortality, you can’t expect for him to be so dumb as to be enchanted by the hairpin’s effect. Yeah, Ji Hua had used that transforming pin given by Mrs. Liu. Transforming herself to a man…well, she looked like a man and people will be under the delusion that she is male but physically, she is still a female. Only anyone above the 90th level will be able to recognise her true identity. But that was nearly impossible, for only in a million years, such person was born who could surpass the 90th level of immortality. So, Bao Xiang Lei had no difficulty in recognising her. But it was a little surprising for him too, to find his bride, in that attire.


“Excuse me”, Xiang Lei spoke softly, “Who are you?” Even though he knew who she was, but it seemed that he was in a mood to play a little. Added the fact that, he thought it could turn interesting somehow. As for Ji Hua, she couldn’t use neither her powers nor her skills on him. She had already sensed his enormous energy, and thinking of her being only on the 45th level, she dared not take any chances.

Xiang Lei moved his hand in front of the mummified Ji Hua, “Are you there?” Ji Hua stammered a bit and then bowing down really deep, she spoke, “I…am Tian Zhuan.” “Oh, I see.”, Xiang Lei didn’t expect this kind of answer, but he really seemed interested and went with the flow. “And Mr. Tian, what brings you here?”, he asked in a genuine manner. Ji Hua, didn’t know what to say. ‘Hey, why do you need to be so prying? And mind dear, think of something! Why are you always inactive when I need you the most?! But I didn’t expect him to be illusioned by the pin. Whatever, it’s still great for me.’, she was literally crying in her head and stammering on the surface. “Oh, I guess you are from Shen Sheng, came here with the procession, right?”

“Oh, yes-yes. You are right.”, Ji Hua brightened up suddenly. This fool had given her a good idea to start her story. Then here begins master Ji Hua’s award-winning drama. “You see I had come to meet for the last time to my sworn sister, the bride. And I was just returning back…”, she then went over and leaning over a pillar like a helpless creature and continued, “But…I found that this palace is so colossus and I don’t know the way back.”

“Then, how did you reach here?”, Xiang Lei wasn’t leaving a single opening for her. Instead he was getting interested in her fake tale. As for a person like him, his life was devoid of any kind of entertainment. This was the best opportunity for him, to enjoy it as much as he wanted.

“I came……with… a maid?”, Ji Hua spoke suddenly brightening up, then she again leaned on the pillar and continued, “But, I can’t find her now to take me back.”, and her voice turned gloomy.

“Well, that’s not something to worry about. Everyone from Shen Sheng is assembled in the great hall. I’ll take you there.”


Just hearing this Ji Hua became as pale as a dead body.  Won’t there be many people from Shen Sheng. And what if they said they didn’t know her? Won’t she become suspicious. She again froze in her place.

Xiang Lei turned back to find, Ji Hua still mummified at her place, “What? Don’t you want to go?” Ji Hua shook her head and followed him unwillingly. ‘Let my luck decide, what’ll become of me.’, she thought.