First Real Battle
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After a quick introduction to Tazuna, the Hokage gave us the details of the mission. We were to escort Tazuna back to his home in the wave county safely, there were supposed to be no obstacles in the mission so it was a C class.

As we kept walking Sakura asked sensei about the different countries and hidden villages, but I wasn't really paying attention to their conversation. I was on the lookout for something different, a puddle. There would be 2 shinobi hiding there waiting to ambush Tazuna and I wanted to make sure this time was different than what originally happened to Naruto.

It had been 4 or 5 days without rain in the area so hiding in a puddle was already a stupidly planned ambush, one which only Kakashi had noticed. After walking for another few minutes I finally saw it. A lone puddle with two stupid ninjas hiding inside it.

The second we passed it Kakashi seemed to get cut into pieces in a shower of blood right in front of us. Immediately I took position in front of Tazuna kunai in hand, after hesitating for a second Sakura also reacted moving to stand behind the bridge builder. I really wanted to fight the two ninjas but there was no need to reveal myself, not yet at least.

I watched as Sasuke quickly started to fight the two ninjas. He used his shuriken to pin their chains onto a tree just behind them and then with perfect aim threw a kunai to trap them against the tree. But the 2 rouge ninja quickly freed themselves from the trap and charged at Tazuna, who was behind me.

Just as they were about to reach us Kakashi appeared in front of me using the body flicker Jutsu. He caught the 2 ninjas, one in each hand, and tied them to a nearby tree.

"How did you know we were here, waiting in ambush," said one of the ninja in resignation.

"On a sunny day like today when it also hasn't rained for days, there shouldn't be any water puddles on the ground," replied sensei.

"Why did you let the kids fight if you knew they were already here?" asked Tazuna.

"I could have killed both of them instantly if I wanted to, but I had to figure something out first. Who their target was." Sensei looked coldly at Tazuna " this was supposed to be a normal C rank mission if we were told that there were ninjas after you then no way genins would also be sent."

Tazuna took a deep breath as if calming himself before he spoke up " You are right sensei, this mission isn't just an ordinary C rank, there is a very dangerous man that's after my life."


"You've probably heard of him before, the shipping tycoon Gato." Tazuna went on to explain how Gato wanted to stop him from building the bridge because it would interfere with the monopoly that he had over the business in the wave country.

To be honest, I was tempted to try and leave the mission, it was clearly a higher level than one's genins should be on. Also, I knew we would face Zabuza and Haku and there was no guarantee that it would turn out the same as the first time. The thing that worried me the most is that I might not be able to use the nine tails chakra to beat Haku this time around. While Naruto did care a lot for his teammates, with my memories also joined in I don't think my level of anger will be high enough for the nine tails chakra to leak out. I had to think of a plan to counter and make sure we take care of Zabuza the first time around, without Haku interfering.

As I continued to brainstorm ideas we slowly boated through a fog-filled lake to finally set foot in the wave country. While we talked through the Wave country I was constantly on edge I knew that Zabuza would be lying in ambush waiting to attack us, and I was doing my best to try and keep a lookout for him.

We had been walking for close to an hour already when I sensed something behind me.

"GET DOWN," sensei shouted, and we all dropped to the floor.

When I looked up I saw a wide blade, bigger than even the person that was wielding it, lodged in the tree in front of us.

Stood on the Blade was the Demon of the Mist staring down at us with his cold dead eyes.