Haku (2)
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The needles pierced my body from all sides and with a thud, my body fell to the floor.

Then to the shock of everyone, (Well maybe not everyone I'm pretty sure Kakashi sensei had seen what my plan was), my body disappeared with a puff of white smoke.

"You, how is that possible. I was watching you the whole time, when did you have the chance to switch positions with a clone?" asked Haku who was now breathing hard. Keeping up the demonic ice mirrors for that long had its drawbacks and the large amount of charka it used was one of them.

I walked out from the cover I was hiding behind in the trees.

"Think carefully you should be able to recognize when I did it," I replied. While I was behind the trees I had taken the time to bandage my leg where the needles had pierced before. That was also the biggest gamble I had made when I switched with a shadow clone. If Haku had looked closely at my leg he would have seen the 2 puncture wounds made by the needles weren't there anymore. He could have easily stopped his Jutsu and saved his Chakra.

"In the smoke, is that when you switched?" Haku asked after thinking for a few seconds.

"Yea, that's right. But I didn't expect it to work as perfectly as it did," I replied.

Haku gave a small sigh of defeat as he took a seat on the ground.

"It looks like I wasn't able to avenge you Zabuza-san. But soon enough I'll also join you." Haku said while looking up at the sky.

Kakashi sensei who looked like he had somewhat managed to recover from his exhaustion stared deeply at Haku. He walked over to where Zabuza was standing and closed his eyelids before returning to us. After I saw this I also went over where Zabuza's sword was laying on the floor and placed it next to his body, it seemed like the right thing to do. It would be to heavy for me to use anyway.

"Alright, let's keep moving towards your Tazuna, there's no need to stay here longer than we need to." He told us.

"But sensei what about him? Are we just going to leave him after he attacked us?" Sakura asked while gesturing towards Haku who was still just sitting down.

Sensei looked at Sakura with an eyebrow raised, "Do you want to kill the child?" he asked her.

"Of course not!" Sakura was quick to reply. "But it feels wrong to ... just leave him there."

"Don't worry about him, he has found his peace, I doubt he will be with us for much longer," Sensei told Sakura with a light pat to her head.

As we walked away from the battlefield I could still feel Haku staring at us. Then we all heard sounds of coughing and blood splatting to the ground and knew that Haku was no longer with us.

I had known that being a weapon to Zabuza was all that Haku had lived for, but I didn't expect him to be so decisive with ending his life.

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After the fight with Zabuza and Haku, we still need to complete the mission which was protecting Tazuna until he finished building his bridge so we went to his house.

When we reached there a few hours later both me and sensei collapsed into bed due to the exhaustion from the battle and the journey.

Over the next couple of days as we waited for the bridge to be finished sensei started training us in chakra control. Of course, due to my secret training, I was already far ahead of both Sasuke and Sakura. While Sakura was naturally gifted at chakra control Sasuke again showed why he was the number one rookie in the village by pretty much-mastering tree climbing in just a few days.

While we stayed at the Tazuna house-hold some of Gato's thugs had shown up to try and kidnap his family, but since we didn't have to worry about Zabuza and Haku anymore we took care of them easily.

The day of the completion of the bridge was quickly approaching and I had one thing I still needed to do. Using the excuse of training I went out on my own to find a hench-man of Gato's. After beating him up and digging up Gato's location from him I sneaked into his hideout to deal with the tyrant. A criminal like him didn't deserve to live, especially after what he had done to the citizens of the wave country. Now that Zabuza wasn't here anymore to take care of him, I would do it my self.

I used some shadow clones to scout his base and saw that there were only 2 samurai guarding his room. I sneaked into the base and using my shadow clones I quickly took care of the guards outside Gato's room.

When I entered the room I looked around and saw that Gato was sleeping oblivious as to what was going on. I silently crept up to his bed and without hesitation put a kunai through his chest into his heart.