Chapter 28: Show Of Temper
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The ogre making eye contact with Q felt his instincts scream at him for being near her with a quick jump backward the monster was roughly 16 feet away. Before Q could do anything else the voice said. [Q let me talk to the two behind us for a while and judging by the number of people around us I need to be the one fighting it. You don't need to worry though you're still going to get to fight the ogre I'm just gonna be the one in the front seat.] Q stayed silent for a couple of seconds and with a hoarse and raspy voice Q said. "Al... Right then..." Reiki's right eye slowly started to turn back to normal starting from his pupil the white started to have cracks on it as it slowly spread outwards. After the cracks spread to his entire right eye, the white and black started receding to the edges slowly but surely turning back to normal. With a cough, the voice controlling Reiki's body turned his head around showing them the left eye with an inverse color, and with a dried throat and said. "Can I have all of your food and some water? I'll kill the monster but I get to keep everything." Sagyo shouted. "Huh?! Who do-." But was interrupted by Masatoshi saying. "Sure. As long as you kill the monster by yourself I won't have any complaints. Keep the body and everything I'll even give you all our food and water just like you requested." The voice using Reiki's body nodded and turned his gaze back to the monster.

Sagyo hearing this furious before she could say anything else Masayoshi dragged her towards the camp the ogre saw this but didn't react because of the new arrival. As the two of them walked and were already more or less out of hearing range Sagyo pointing her finger at him said. "What?! Do you think you're doing?! Masayoshi!? Do you have any idea what would happen if we tell everyone?! You decided to give all our rations?!" Masayoshi using the corner of his eye to look behind him with a closer look his pupils had a white circle in the middle. He said. "That... Man is dangerous. When he spoke to us it was more of a demand than a request... And his eyes... I got the feeling I was being sized up as prey and another feeling of being looked down upon..." Sagyo hearing this from him said. "Is he that dangerous?" Masayoshi instantly answered. "Very. I don't know what is it but..." Sagyo said. "But what?" Masayoshi said. "I get the feeling he can effortlessly toy me to my death..." Sagyo said. "Now I don't believe a word you said." As she started walking towards the center of the camp. Masayoshi looked behind him to see both the child-like figure and the ogre were just staring at each other not moving an inch. Masayoshi muttered. "No... Scratch that... He's much more dangerous than I first thought." As he started to walk towards where Sagyo headed. When Masayoshi arrived he saw Sagyo had already had most of the adventurer's attention. She said. "Now that most of the leaders are here Masayoshi would like to make an announcement." Masayoshi walked next to her and said. "Everyone. You've completed your part of the mission. One of my allies is here and soon others will arrive. Don't worry about payment. I will pay everyone who participated here in full with a small bonus. But on that note, one of my allies wanted our entire food provisions so you have to hunt your own on your back." The adventurers were silent for a few seconds before roaring into cheers. Masayoshi raised his hand and waited for the adventurers to settle down. He said. "Now that everyone knows what's going spread the word. The payment will be at the regular place." All the adventurers started to leave as Masayoshi went to a tent and started stacking boxes and sacks of different shapes and sizes. Sagyo walked in and said. "What would our sponsor say if they heard what you just said?" Masayoshi still stacking things said. "I'll take the entire blame. No need to sulk Sagyo-san." Sagyo let out a long sigh as she started to help with the lighter items.


On Reiki' Side Of Things

The two of them just stood apart from each other not moving a single inch. The monster was gauging how the human would react while Reiki's body was just standing in one place. The voice said. [It should be... God's Eye? Right?]

[System: Third Party has used God's Eye.]

Part of a status window appeared which the voice saw via Reiki's body and subtly shifted his vision.

NAME Black Ogre
RACE ???
... ...

Before the status window could show anything else the ogre dashed toward him and made a swift punch towards Reiki's body. Q catching the fist in time but was still pushed back inside a tree due to the momentum.

[System: The host has received 893 Damage.]

[System: The host has received 302 Damage.]

Breaking the tree to stand on his two feet Reiki's body had a few cuts and a few splinters on the robe that he stole. The voice using Reiki's body said. "Can't believe that he didn't think seeing a status during battle would be detrimental. And I forgot to tell him to steal an enchantment for his reveal spell... I'll tell him next time. God's Eye adjust."

[System: Third party has made adjustments to God's Eye.]

[System: Enemies status window will now be sent directly to the brain.]

The voice said. "Let's try this again. God's Eye.

[System: Third party has used God's Eye.]

『God's Eye Has Been Activated.

NAME : Black Orge

LEVEL : 81

RACE : ??? 『 Mutated 』

HEALTH : 18,956/21,542

MANA : 1,286/1,286





The voice said. "A boss class variant... This might be a bit difficult but should be feasible. Hmm?" The voice stopped as Q was saying something to him. The voice said. "Yes, yes Q. I'll make sure to keep him in one piece as much as possible. The moment food is the topic your suddenly full of life." Stretching Reiki's body for a bit with a few small hops in place the voice suddenly appeared in front of the ogre. With Q's right hand with a quick uppercut, the ogre was sent roughly the same height as the trees.

[System: Third party has dealt 709 Damage.]

The voice while keeping his eyes on the monster said. "The kid did it like this right?" With a deep breath, he placed Q's left leg in front and winded up Reiki's right fist with a powerful blow as the monster was falling it was sent flying.

[System: Third party has dealt 2,371 Damage.]

The ground beneath him trembled and massive cracks spread out as he stood still in place checking on how Reiki's body is dealing with the recoil. The voice observing the abrupt feeling of fatigue he softly said. "Two more is all he can do... One more and the kid's entire body would tear itself apart." The ogre let out an enraged roar as it was charging towards him with half a tree that looked like it was ripped off the ground. With one quick swing, the tree swiped past the place where Reiki's body was the ogre looked around feeling its new makeshift club only hit the air. The voice a whistling sound and made the ogre turned his head towards it the monster saw that he was in mid-air falling. The ogre ran towards in front of Reiki's body and swiped his tree club downwards. The voice casted. Flash.

[System: Third party has used Flash. Mana Cost: 500.]

The voice teleported Reiki's body a few feet above the ogre while it was in mid-swing. The voice thought. Now, let's see how far I can push his body. Controlling the kid's movements a big wind-up with his right fist combined with a deep breath. The surrounding air turned heavy the moment Q's fist started to move it produced a small whistling sound. The ogre seeing this tried to swing his tree club again but was a step too slow the moment Q's fist hit the ogre's chest it flew back towards the ground.

[System: Third party has dealt 7,784 Damage.]

The ground started to shake uncontrollably similar to an earthquake with trees visibly shaking and all the animals escaping away in fear leaving silence as the only thing in the air. The monster was skidding across the ground leaving a trail of blood as the farther it got the deeper the trail. After a few dozens of feet, the ogre was now buried alive underground. Reiki's body was spinning in the air at a high-speed he was able to land on the ground safely thanks to Q's left leg. The voice said. "Did the two of you hold on to your end of the deal?" No one answered the voice stomped the ground using Q's left foot and a rock roughly the size of Reiki's palm jumped out and was at chest level. With a swift movement, the rock was thrown towards Reiki's left where Masayoshi walked out of a bush, and Sagyo slowly turned visible.


At The Same Time

Seijo was in front of everyone else as they made constants lefts or rights to avoid the trees. Arashi who was behind him had an indifferent expression the whole time on the way to the monster. Breaking the silence Yuko said. "Arashi you don't have to worry too much. Reiki is a smart kid he'll have dozens of ways to-." But all of a sudden an earthquake happened which made everyone stop before anything else happened the earthquake stopped and Fuitchi said. "Seijo-san look over there." Fuitchi was pointing over a medium-sized puddle of blood. Everyone gathered around it while Seijo took a sample Arashi looked to her left and saw that the trees were smashed in half. She bumped her elbow into Seijo and said. "Seijo-san... We might have a problem." Seijo turned around and saw what Arashi was talking about everyone turned their gaze towards the trail of trees that were smashed in half. Seijo looked at everyone and said. "Change of plans. Everyone brace yourselves." Seijo's eyes started to glow a light blue color as the five of them were coated with a thin layer of light blue mana around their bodies. After that Seijo started sprinting at high speeds.


Reiki's Conversation

Masayoshi pulled out a huge pallet that was roughly the size of a medium tent he said. "Here, all of our food and some water just like you asked for." Sagyo muttered under her breath. "Demanded." The voice didn't turn around and stayed silent after a few seconds of awkward silence without turning around the voice said. "Oh yeah, if you guys don't mind staying here for a few minutes after I killed this thing. A few people should be looking for... Me." Before Sagyo could say anything Masayoshi said. "Done." As he started to drag her away covering her mouth with one of his hands as Sagyo was spewing fire from her eyes. The moment the two started to walk away the deepest part of the ground started to move slightly and soon another roar reverted through the skies making all the animals flee from terror. The monster slowly clawed its way out of the ground as Reiki's body was constantly shivering with the ogre observing the kid's every move. It cautiously watched the kid with a few audible sniffs the monster stood still with its bloodshot eyes not even blinking.

The voice thought. [Hmmm... It looks like my hopes of scaring it off didn't work... Fine by me then. Flash.]

[System: Third party has used Flash. Mana Cost: 500.]

Both the monster and Reiki's body threw a fist at each other aiming for the other's face. Just before Reiki's fist could connect his body suddenly tensed up.

[System: The host's body is overworked.]

[System: The host's body will randomly cramp up.]

The voice could feel Reiki's body cramp up from the sudden tension giving the monster enough time to land the blow.

[System: The host has received 2,301 Damage.]

Reiki's body was sent flying smashing into a few trees as he splashed into the water with a loud wet slapping sound.

[System: The host has received 708 Damage.]

[System: The host has received 956 Damage.]

[System: The host has received 846 Damage.]

[System: The host has received 1,002 Damage.]

Reiki's body slowly stood up in the water when he was standing on his legs it reached to his chest. The voice looked around while still in the water and all of a sudden crossed his arms together to block the blow. The ogre was in the water in front of Reiki as he made another heavy blow which made the water split for a second and sent the boy flying again.

[System: The host has received 2,457 Damage.]

With another leap, the monster went after Reiki's body and appeared in front of the boy as it had both his arms above him prepared to slam the kid into the ground.

[System: The host has received 2,592 Damage.]

[System: The host arms are fractured.]

[System: Some parts of the host skeleton has minor cracks.]

The ground cracked as Reiki's body was buried under a stack of rubble as it slowly moved and a figure climbed itself out of it. The voice said. "Fine. Have it your way." With the monster charging at full speed the voice stood still and had no intention to move as it stayed its ground. With a deep breath, the ground beneath him started to lightly tremble as the cracks started to spread like wildfire reaching where both Masayoshi and Sagyo were.

[System: The host is experiencing sudden cramps.]

Forcing the kid's body to move with both arms, the voice made Reiki's body do a gentle shoving motion as both of them collided another earthquake was made as the monster was sent back flying.

[System: Third party has dealt 2,568 Damage.]

[System: The host has received 1,237 Damage from recoil.]

[System: The host has torn muscles on the left arm.]

[System: The host has multiple fractures in the ribcage.]

[System: The host has shattered bones on the left arm.]

[System: The host has popped a blood vein.]

[System: The host has tier II lethal bleeding. The host will receive 1,764 damage every 2 seconds.]

[System: Q has stopped the bleeding.]

With Reiki's left arm completely limp and drenched in blood, something black started to cover the wounds as the voice moved his body to find where the monster landed. A loud crash was made roughly to the right of where the two were watching the child-like figure appeared on top of the ogre who was bleeding from its mouth and a deformed rib cage. The monster tried to open its mouth but only a rush of blood came out. Reiki's body slowly walked towards the ogre as it stepped on top of the monster while looking straight at its eyes. The voice spoke in monster tongue saying. "Do you think this is funny?" The ogre hearing this widen its eyes in surprise and forced himself to swallow the blood in its mouth. The monster barely replied. "W-what... I-is?" The air around all of them started to become heavy as an unknown pressure became present to everyone as the voice said. "Do you think this is funny! Do you know why I can speak your language?! I was there when it was being written! If your ancestors were still alive they would grovel the ground I walk on!" The day started to get a bit darker than usual as the force only got heavier as some things started to visibly shake. The ogre meekly said. "Wh-who are y-you?"


Sagyo seeing this had her back covered in sweat Masayoshi barely able to keep themselves standing from the increase of pressure even a layer of light on both of them. Sagyo could hear gibberish from the child-like figure as the monster could only make growling by using its throat both of them had their eyes glued on the childlike figure as they couldn't look away. All of a sudden the child wearing the robe stopped talking and with a kick to the monster's ribs it let out one last roar but both of them felt it was different from the roars it made before. This roar was filled with fear and desperation.


[System: Due to circumstances The host will not gain any experience.]

The voice thought. [Q time to eat. But let me make a precaution first.] Moving Reiki's body with Q's right hand he grabbed the pouch from his pocket while gripping the pouch in hand and pointed it towards the monster. A patch of skin at the back of the hand turned black as black tendrils started aiming towards the monster and swallowed it whole

[System: Queen has used Devour.]

[System: Queen has gained 6 Hunger.]

[System: Loading.]

[System: Loading..]

[System: Loading...]

[System: Queen can once again use the skill Repair.]

[System: Queen has used Repair on the host.]

Reiki's body started to move towards Masayoshi as the pressure slowly dissipated. Not bothering them the voice pointed the pouch towards the dozens of boxes stacked on the pallet.

[System: Queen has used Devour.]

Black tendrils stretched towards it as it swallowed everything in one go except for a large water bottle and a few large bags of chips. The voice thought. [Someone was dumb enough to bring chips? Rather than dried meats?] The voice walked towards it and picked it up and drank from the bottled water Masayoshi and Sagyo just stood still watching him. The voice said. "Everyone can come out now." As adventurers started to show themselves from different hiding spots and they were mages, warriors, and scouts. Both of them recognized everyone from the people who accepted the quest the voice not even being intimidated said. "If the people looking for me comes here, tell them I'm at a ramen shop. And if they don't get it one of them showed it to me... Oh yeah, and make sure to tell them to hurry the other one might get there first." Reiki's body started leaving while opening a bag of chips not caring about any of them with a small jump the voice was gone. Masayoshi looked around and said. "Didn't I tell you to go back?" The old man who was suddenly behind him said. "That's because I told them to stay." Masayoshi turned his head and said. "Osan!" The old man let out a sigh of resignation and said. "The reason they're still here because I told them to. I didn't believe it for one second that your 'allies' came here to help... But it seems you were holding back on me, aren't you kiddo?" As he rammed his elbow into Masayoshi's stomach which made him bend a bit. The old man said. "Alright, guys you know the drill fix the place up, mages fix the earth and vegetation. Warriors do the heavy lifting and scouts search for any metals around the area, rocks in bodies of water, and trees that were destroyed and tell a mage so they can fix it. The last thing we need is to piss off the elf and all of their allies." Everyone started to work with surprising efficiency as the earth was being mended and warriors that were led by scouts lifted rocks out of the water.

~1 Hour and 45 Minutes Later~

After more time passed the land that was once in ruins was restored to its former state adventurers were doing one final check. A male voice said. "Rooster was that information you got accurate?" A female said. "Yes, My sources haven't been wrong yet." All of a sudden a group of six people was in the very center of all the adventurers. Seijo said. "Well, by the looks of things Rooster is indeed correct." One of the warriors with a saber on his side stepped on something that felt similar to plastic. He squatted down to pick it up and discovered it was a steel guild card that was covered in mud and had the top left corner where the picture would be is missing. As he was standing up before he could wipe the mud off a female said behind him. "Give me that." The warrior turned around but swallowed the words he was about to say he took a good look at Arashi's well-developed proportions and lewdly said. "I'm sur-." Arashi with her right hand started to choke him and without any effort lifted the warrior off the ground and coldly said. "When I said. 'Give me that.' I was demanding you. Not asking." The warrior instantly gave her the card and the moment Arashi let him go he started to run. Arashi seeing the guild card had a look of fear on her face without knowing she walked towards everyone and only wiped off the mud on the first letter on the given and family name which revealed letter both A and R. Before anyone of them could say anything Masayoshi and Sagyo were called by the adventurers. Masayoshi said. "Are you looking for a kid about this tall? Wears a robe that's too long for him?" Masayoshi puts his hand roughly the height of Reiki. Fuitchi answered. "You got the height right. Not so sure about the long robe though." Masayoshi pondered for a bit and said. "Did he wore a black sleeve on his left with a white circle?" Arashi was suddenly in front of him and said. "Where is he?"

Before Masayoshi could answer Seijo said. "But before that. What happened here? Did any of you saw it up close... Preferably a mage." Sagyo said. "I-I did." Seijo said. "Perfect." As a 6-inch crystal was in his hand with more crystals sticking out of it. Seijo said. "Now I just need you to picture the entire fight in your head." Seijo sticks the crystal near her face without hitting her Sagyo not knowing what to do looked at Masayoshi as he gave her a reassuring nod. After a few seconds, a thin line of mana was connected to her mind, and the crystal after a few more seconds the line disappears as Seijo hid the crystal somewhere in his sleeve. He said. "We should be able to view it halfway through our route." Masayoshi being weirded out but still said. "I have a message to pass on to... Someone." Arashi's eyes brightens up and said. "What is it?" Masayoshi took a few steps back and said. "He told me he's at a ramen shop." The six of them had confused looks Masayoshi continued and said. "He told me that one of you showed it to him." Arashi coming to a realization mumbled. "I know where he is." Masayoshi not hearing her said. "And lastly he told me, you guys should hurry up or the other one could get to him first." Arashi's eyes narrowed knowing full well who the other one was. Seijo said. "We got what we came for. Tiger lead the way." The six of them disappeared from where they were standing leaving everyone confused.