Arc 1 Chapter 8: Harlequin City
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When I approached the city not long ago, I was apparently welcomed into the city. They didn't ask me any questions. I'm quite concerned.

Once I arrived into the city, I found my estimates were woefully low. This city seems to have roughly twice the population as I originally estimated. I didn't think the population of a mere city in this world could really breach one hundred thousand residents without causing issues.

Right... Modernization is equivalent to earth's... This is city probably equivalent to my world's New York city. A lot less population, but the same bustling atmosphere. The reason for the reduction in population is probably due to the lack of High Rises.

I ask one of the Patrol Agents along the way:

"Why does this city not have tall towers that house hundreds of people at once?"

She bluntly retorted. "Huuh?! Are you new here? Dark Monsters have a history of shooting at such structures over city walls. Don't you know that's also the reason the city wall is there?! You must not be a tourist."

"That's right. I moved here due to circumstances and am curious about this city's status quo."

The lady then accepted a few more questions then walked away.

I wonder how good this world's intelligence network is?

The thought came to his mind once the lady referred to her job as an investigator. Normally that's a job you don't disclose to people right? Is she perhaps referring to me? No investigators came and interrogated me though. Not only that, I was let in the city with less hassle than normal people. I feel an ominous foreboding.

People stare at me occasionally with confused glares but generally people are too busy and head straight to work.

I asked the lady earlier about the currency, and she was truly confused. Apparently currency is common throughout the world and is based on plastic rectangles as well as coins and credit ID cards. At least that much is consistent with Earth, even though the reason for the currency being Plastic eludes me. I'll probably find the answer once I hold some for myself.

Something I've realised really creeped me out.

I was walking through town, noticing something that I've completely forgot about, and was not tempted to go to before even once.

Restaurants. What is this? Do I not have to eat or drink?

Going solely by the fact I've not eaten or drank once sort of proves that fact, though the time frame in which I would need food could have just been elongated.

If I don't get hungry, what is the fun of a restaurant?!

The plus side of supposedly not needing resources to survive is that I can remain homeless for my whole life and not need to consume anything that costs money. I'd still have to pay taxes and such though.

Also, I do want to eat. It might just be my history making me want to though. I head to a job listing center.

"Hello sir. What kind of job are you looking for today?"

"Preferably one based on labor. I have a good handle on labor with my Fabrication." Another lie. Who cares.

"Very good sir. What is the class of your Fabrication?"

I've prepared this too.

"It's Class D+ Free Strengthening. It increases my strength by about 50% passively." That's right. Abilities measured by the Monolith are given grades. For some reason, it's never directly referred to as "Racial Unique Skills." I perhaps have more information than the Monolith other than the grades. I probably have "Bargain Bin" Appraisal to thank for that, though I could just look at the MP cost. I'll find out more once I find this so-called "Monolith."

"That's a pretty good ability!"

Of course, even if a human had such an ability, they would have no way to measure exactly 50%. I had to use weasel words there.

He probably thinks my use of weasel words is annoying.

"I've found a job for you. How does this one sound?"

"I need a job that doesn't require a name. You see, I am an orphan with no recollection of my name." A pretty good excuse. It could be true, right? After all, I was reborn into a body, not given one upon birth here.

"Sorry sir, you are required to register a name. Don't you know you can register one at the orphanage?"

"Like I said, it's been years since I last used a name. I've forgotten it. I spent my time training in the mountains."

'Death Plateau no doubt.' said the job distributor.

'I ought to report this.'